Friday, July 6, 2007

When I feel down!

This afternoon I called hubby in his office bcos of my frustrations that Nicole did pour the milk out her bottle. It was really stinky though that I could hardly breath. I told him what she did and I sounded "nagpalaban" This is what I do everytime I get frustrated calling hubby in his office and let him know. I just love it since he would make me feel better. I know he would comfort me all the time when I needed to hear some good advices. I know I have heard him a lot the comforting words but I just couldn't get enough when I feel down. Again with his words I calmed down as I sounded like a poor baby too lol! Yeah I wouldn't hide it Im like a baby to my hubby, the way I talk to him when I feel down or frustrated or depressed. He would then say that I must go out, bring Nicole to playground and let her play there till she gets tired and go back inside the house. I should unwind outside feel the breeze, take those things off my mind. That he should fix things when he gets home. Yeah I know, I couldn't ask for more with his sweet words that lift up my spirit. I know some mom could understand me having a kid like this time Nicole is in terrible twos, actually she is been like that since she was just newly born. To tell you it's like she knows something already which I've never encountered early from other kids I took care before. That's why I get tired easily of her but my patience is very long and I can stand to it anytime. I don't like to hurt her cos I know she is just only little one that's very curious of everything. And Im not that kind of person that like to smack here and there, putting child to time out. I don't know maybe bcos they are so gentle and angel to me. That I should understand for now cos they are too young to understand things. I voice out some words that it's not good what she did but not hurting physically rather I would hug her. When I get tired I would take a deep breath in and try not to get into my nerves. I just love kids though, maybe that's why!

Move on. So hubby treat me out to eat. I thought I'd like to have monggolian foods at Jones Monggolian just nearby. But he doesn't like the foods in there. I always asked him why, Im kinda silly though since I have heard him his reasons many time but seems I just couldn't get satisfied his answer since the food is just yummy lol! I love it and I'd love to go there every weekend if I could. It's not a fancy resto, it's even kinda fun cos you can get all the veggies you want and mix with it then give to someone to grill it for you. Okay he said okay whatever as long as I like or wanted, but then I had to give in cos I know he is always giving in my wants.. poor hubby. Yeah he is always giving my way which makes me spoiled but not brat. Im also a very understanding person and would give way if I hear what he wants but then he gives more than and he would really take me even I would tell we can just go wherever you want. He is such a wonderful guy that God has given to me. I know it sounds corny but I just couldn't help saying it! Im proud to have hubby like him.

Anyway I told him we would all go to Chinese buffet otherwise I would get mad if he wouldn't cos I know that's what he likes there and besides the people can take care of Nicole when we eat lol! Since I was also thinking of crab so I go for it and no hesitation. We pigged out and went back home. I didn't come since I was already tired, maybe tomorrow hopefully cos I thowed a pack of chicken to fry. Okay then, we let Nicole played in the playground for a while then got back in.

That was our day. Lovely I would say!

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