Saturday, July 21, 2007

Nice to be back home!

Thanks goodness despite of the flight we are here in our hometown now in Denver Colorado. All of us were so tired from the trip especially my husband. Poor hubby! From getting up early in the morning to prepare for our flight at 1:45 pm this afternoon. Actually we all got up early but his earlier than me and Nicole. Before heading to Airport we went away to Goldilocks another franchise in LA California. It was pretty fast as you can just order the food right away by just falling in line. After eating there I also brought for home in Denver haha! I thought the airport was closer to that restaurant but it was still farther away. It was a heavy traffic around Sandiego highway and also was pretty hot. Anyway just a good thing we headed to the airport early and that's why were still able to relax while waiting the airplane. The only thing hassles is going through the security system, taking off the shoes, taking off the stroller, put all the bags or purse and things for scanning. Sigh what a hassle really. Even from just the start when checking in all the luggages. Anyway I understand anyway despite of terrorism, they can't avoid to check the passengers very carefully.
Im so relieved that we are home now. I missed Denver so much, the fresh air and nice surroundings. I missed my computer, our bedroom and so many more lol! From the airport we dropped by some place to get food for our dinner. Driving through at Chick-Fil-A then went home. When gotten inside our house I smelled the so called our home lol! To tell you there is the smell of our house that we have missed though. I told hubby this is the smell when I just got here in US. Why I don't smell when Im nor around the house?, maybe because I used to the smell and when we are gone and then come back you can smell it though lol! I love to be back home once again. And our little girl she missed the recliner haha! Her tv shows the disney channel, her fav songs Hannah Montana. I hope she is not going to get afraid of our bath tub here as she was so very scared of the bath tub in the hotel. I guess not. Later on I also be heading to bed as I was really sleepy since I was in the airplane.
I wanna say goodnight for now to all of you and hope you have a great evening. I will uploa the photos as soon as possible. I started posted some pictures in friendster and there lots to share that haven't downloaded yet.
So you all take care everyone and God Bless!

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Arlene said...

Dauph -- i am familiar with the "home smell." hehehe. Happy Arrival and i hope you had a good trip.
Btw, i tagged you with "10 RAndom Facts About Your Mom."