Thursday, January 31, 2008

decorative window film

I ever thought of getting a decorative window film for our bathroom, because I believe it adds up the beauty inside as my home decoration. I have found one at the, I just love it because they offer such a high quality decorative window film and in very affordable prices. It is surely a great way to add style and fashion to any home or office. So if you guys are also looking, check their website now!

Additonal Money

I chat with my mama last night. Same as usual they are asking for additional money for this week. They said they have lots of things to pay with. This money I suppose to send for them to go to Cebu City to have a check up in the big hospital in there, but seems this will be spent with the other things. I always hate when this happen though. I don't know what to do with my family anymore, even how many times I help them but since the money is not enough. I should start something that makes them think about it.

Exposed Acne Treatment

I couldn't imagine having any kind of acne though, I must be so thankful I don't have one, otherwise I will loose confident and wouldn't know what to do. Anyway for all of you guys out there who have problem with acne there is an Exposed Acne Treatment for that, which you can find it from You sure would love to get this because this an acne treatment that combines powerful scientific actives and natural extracts to get your skin clear fast. How amazing is that? So it is your chance to grab one for you now. This is sure very effective because it Unclog Pores & Renew Skin, Eliminate Acne Causing Bacteria, Regulate Oil & Sebum Production, Calm Redness & Inflammation. Have a healthy looking skin!

I had a dream

What a dream I have last night.It was seems real though, that I was being with my family back home. Anyway because of that I just woke up and make a trip to the bathroom. Our weather is still bad, so very cold as it is a snowy day for us here. I called hubby to let him know something but too bad we couldn't talk for long since he is driving on the way to work. He said the road is pretty bad to drive onto. God will protect him and other people on the road right now.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Click here for the Lowest Prices

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Cold Place

WOW I just love today because the sun is up. I'm happy that our weather temp would go even up tp 40's. Sigh! I guess our place is always cold. Back then I used to hear from people that it is always cold here in Colorado. So I already expect to that. It is really true because I'm experiencing to it since I got here. I'm just quite thankful there is no blizzard had happen last year and hopefull this year and years to come.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

High Quality Replica Watches

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Amazing Race

I always get sad and feel bad to those who lose at the end of the show especially the one I love to win. You might wondering what and who I am talking about. I just had finished watching the Amazing Race, the chinese father and daughter didn't win the million dollar but instead the newly dating couple. I always feel bad afterwards though. Even I don't watch it from the start but seems this father and daughter are really good people. Anyway I hope they could receive some consolation prize for the second placer. They had such a tough race and they deserved to have a great prize as well. Anyway Congratulations to the winner!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Earring Give Away

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frustrating weather

What a frustrating weather we got today. It is gloomy and cold outside. I know I have been complaining a lot our weather but who couldn't? It is has been like since couple of days, it is just a miracle when the sun shines for an hour and it will gone then shortly. I can't wait summer will be here so I can walk around our neighborhood and exercise. I miss that a lot so much.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Flame-grilled Chicken Recipe

Guys do you want to see afunny video to watch for the day? Then check this website at where you can watch about chicken recipes that is so delicious. I, myself love chicken a lot especially when it is grilled. You surely be so hungry when you look at that and laughing out loud. So what are you waiting for view it now! This is going to make your day brighter!

keeps pushing me to the edge

I just woke up at 8 am. I thought to sleep more but duh I don't wanna be late again for work. Whoaaah as if I am working outside haha! I mean atleast I can grab some good opps. On the other hand Nicole is still asleep. That is one reason too why I just had to get up cause she keeps pushing me to the edge haaay! what a girl.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Stylish Prescription Glasses Online

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Stayed too late

I stayed too late last night until 3 pm, yeah that's how long my eyes were opened lol! It is because I watch kdrama that I thought was fun to watch. I like it so far. Then I also woke up early at 8:30 in the morning and I thought I'm lack of sleep. When I got a chance this morning to go back to sleep for an hour. So I'm back again to get up because we are going out, we are all hungry.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

real estate software

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I love her so much

Nicole just fell asleep right on her chair while watching tv. When I turned my head a while ago I saw her climbing up on bed. My! She really is strange today for not asking to put her in bed. Hmm! Don't you think she changed and doesn't want her mema anymore? lol! She is funny kiddo though and cute. I just hugged her so tight and kissed her, that made her laugh. Now she is back to sleep for her nap time. I just love my daughter a lot.

California public golf courses

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Busy me!

Another day, another work lol! Yes, how about you all there guys? For sure you are also busy like me or not so? Oh well me I'm kinda handful here, watching my daughter and doing household chores later. What a busy life but I must be thankful because if we are busy that means God gives us another time for us to live in this earth which is a greatest gift from him. I guess whatever the standing of life is not being so busy is tiring and being busy is also tiring lol! Pick which one you like? Haha, I guess I talk non-sense here. Bear with me guys I just couldn't think straight for now lol!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

IT Instant Remote Computer Service

It is indeed frustrated when there is spam, pop-ups, viruses attacks on the computer, that makes my day miserable. I have encountered to that so many times and it is really annoying especially this pop-ups, everytime I open a page there is pop-ups that's blocking my way. It is really important to have a service that would get rid all of them just like this IT Instant Remote Computer Service at where they will protect from newest threats, provide us a security on our computer. Honestly, I just can't afford not to be protected, I needed this, I should introduce this to hubby when he comes home so he could check and get one for us to switch on. So if you guys are also having problem with your computer contact them now through online. You will ge the best and complete plan you never have had before, their Complete Protection Plan are Restore Performance Back to Your Computer, Spy Ware & Virus Removal and Immunization, Windows Security Updates, Discounted On-Site Service Calls, Access to, Emergency 24/7 Support, Unlimited Remote Service Calls and a Complete Protection for $29.95/month. Their price is way affordable though compare that we got right now. So it's best to switch this complete plan that, to run our computer smoothly and being protected. So guys, you also check out too!

still so sleepy!

I'm still so sleepy though but have to wake up cause it is time to work again. There is no necessarily to wake up but who doesn't want to earn by just looking at the computer? Anyway I will just take a nap when I get a chance this afternoon. I got headache right now for watching kdrama because it was such emotional one so yeah that made me cried and also hurt me lol! I guess I will stop watching it for now.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Pianoman [01.07.08]

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I'm getting hungry now

I'm getting hungry right now. I was just only waiting for Nicole to wake up because I get so worried to go down without her while she also still asleep. I still believe unattended kid that will lead to hazard, so we have to make sure that we always watch them all the time. Anyway she is already awake and we would go down soon.

Used Cars

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One of the reason

I guess one reason too I had tummy upset this morning it is because I ate too late last night. Yeah I ate at after 11 pm which was very late for my dinner time. This has been happening to me twice already which I shouldn't have done it. I will be more careful next time and watch the time to eat at the proper time. It's like my tummy is rumbling inside and I have been farting and I hope I have to use the bathroom soon so I will feel totally better soon. Sorry guys for sharing this in here. Please excuse my words if my gross you out.

Date Screening Website

Looking for a man is a daunting tasks atleast for me, especially if you are looking one in a thousands miles away. I'm married already and I must say I'm thankful to have found such a great guy, a husband that I could spend the rest of my life with our only daughter. I was being picky in terms of a guys, choose the best one that suit us. Anyhow, I know a lot of women this time looking for their partner and I'm hoping they can get the best guy for them, they should know the guy first before entering relationship and now how can they find it out? Guys if you are one of those you should take a look at this website at where you could search and rate guys before you date them so you may have a safe dating relationship. They called this as a Date Screening Website where you can search through the name of the guy and see if his been into fidelity before, who abused women, cheating, liar and many more. This is such a great website for you since this datebase searches and organizes a man's relationship history with an emphasis on infidelity, trust, abuse, commitment and general character. This is such a cool website to look upon because all women here are helping each other to discuss things and share their stories about their experiences about these bad guys and good guys and they will rate and bring the good guys up and bad guys to the bottom. So if you into looking for a guy this time don't hesitate to browse through their website now at which you surely would be glad to have found this website because they are in the top 15% most popular women' website in the world, number 1 most popular abused women's forum on the net, Free medical advice from a volunteer doctor, Free psychotherapy advice from a psychotherapist specializing in sociopaths and narcissists and Free custom women's cartoon comedies and women's games

It is sunny! yippeee!

I have heard from the radio that it is going to snow today start at the morning but yipeee it didn't. Infact the sun is shining. WOW I just love it though and hope this will stay all day long, you know there are times the sun is up and suddenly it will turn to gloomy which is really weird. As I have said before the weather is colorado is just unpredictable, it is hard to understand lol! I guess we should just understand the mother nature whatever she does to it and we also should deal with it. Anyway I'm just praying the weather stays good as like this. How about yours there?

Friday, January 4, 2008

Denver LASIK

Looking for the best surgical result for your eyes? Come to this place at where they offer Denver LASIK laser eye surgery for a very affordable price that would only start at $499. The place you can trust because these Icon has the best technology, the most experience, and affordable pricing compare to any other clinic. And also they are the only one who have three major lasers such as NIDEK, Wavefront and IntraLase. They have been performed over 60,000 procedures throughout in Colorado. So if you have problem with your eyes and need surgery come and approach them now because they are the biggest determiner to do surgery for you in an affordable price. There is no other place you can find the most advanced custom lasik technology than For more information browse through their website now.

I'm almost done

I just love it today because I'm almost done with my laundry and folding the clean ones. Honestly one of the things I don't like to do is folding and putting them away. It is so hassle especially for small clothes for our little one. But I just couldn't complain because we have our little angel with us. I still have tons to put away and some I already did and I felt great about that. One of the thing I accomplished today. Wohooo!

Help and Information Search Engine

Looking for the best search engine that gives us more information and tips is also hard to find but do you know guys there is one search engine can provide us what we been looking for, it is the HelpInformation that can be found at where you can find every keyword you need. While you browse through their page it is just easy to find by it's categories which is really great, pretty neat indeed for all the people whould like to search through. An example of it is this 10 Tips For Maintaining a Saltwater Aquarium, which they don't only give what's the defination of it but also the tips out of it to gain us more knowledge. It is really awesome indeed. It is really very frustrating when we search through something and it only gives us useless information, so I'm so glad to have found this website for me to look upon when I need to learn something. So if you guys are interested you should browse through their page now at where there is no better than this website.

feeling better

I felt so great right now for having a hot glass of cocoa, bread and suman. I just don't know why my tummy got upset when I woke up, maybe because of cold weather so I needed to have hot choco for morning. I don't usually do this every morning though because I just don't feel like too, but today I needed to sip something good to make my tummy feel better and I do now. So far we woke up early because Nicole cried in her dream, we had to console her until she just got cranky. Now she is okay.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

invisibleSHIELD - iPod Case

I have gadgest with me that are very important to me and one of it is my cell phone. Yeah I have cell phone case but I stopped using it because I just didn't like it, it is not easy to use like when someboday calling my phone and it is hard for me to pull out my phone out of it so I just let it sit in the corner and find a new thing that I can use easily. I stumbled this website where they offer cell phone cases, iPhone cases, ipod case and many more. It is really a great website though because they offer such a high qality cases for screen protectors, covers, and skins for our gadgets. I believe we should protet them since they are not only important to us but these gadgets are expensive and needed to protect from scratch or even fall on the ground or cemented hard floor. As we all know it is not easy when our gadget get a scracth or breaks because we don't protect it well then what if we don't have enough budget to buy another one? That must be frustrating indeed. So for us to have our gadget working all the time and looks still new we keep it protected by the cases of Honestly I can't wait to buy one for me soon. So if you guys are also looking look at their website now at, they also can make a custom design for you. They only don't provide ipod case but also to smartphones, macbooks, portable gaming consoles, etc. So come on and take a look at their website!

getting hungry now

I'm getting hungry right now yet my butt is still sitting facing on the pc. Nicole had her breakfast already but me I have to wait a little longer because I have to work with something online. It is been days I missed to work online so I also need to catch while they are still available on me. Anyway it is going to be lunch time which is usually the time I'd like to eat. I'm not a breakfast type of person, I eat good during lunch time.