Thursday, May 31, 2007


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Sigh I got a little headache here. Maybe bcos I been screaming Nicole a lot for touching my pc keeps turning on and off and touching my purse, she really loves to checked what's inside in it. Last the other day she took all my things out from it and to my surprise she looks like a kitty cat cos she put a make up on her face, the most my lipstick lol!. Ugh makes me really pissed but I had to control my temper since she is just a kid. She's really curious into everything but sometimes I could run out of patience when it's too much. I don't like to hurt her or something cos later I feel so sorry for her and the guilty would kick in me. Patience is the Virtue for all time.

I guess her daddy heard us and took her out downstairs but now she's backa again hehe! Sigh! Well, mother is a hardwork but nothing we can do but to always love them no matter what.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cleaning up!

I was inda tired today since I vacuumed here upstair, dusting and and re-arranging things but it's all worth it cos it's really a nice feelings when you see it's cleaned around. It's like you can relax properly without anythings bothers in my mind. It gave me so much time when I do cleaning cos Nicole keeps on unplugging the vacuum cord. Ahhh what a girl! She just didnt like the noise and wanted to stop me of doing it. She's not scared of it at all and wanted to do it over and over but I screamed too loud to not doing it again, thanks goodness she listened then lol! I also like it cos I was sweating out a lot. I also do the laundry and took off the bedsheets of bed since Nicole made a mess on it with the polvoron she had this morning. Talking about Polvoron is what her favorite snacks. Gosh to tell you she couldn't get enough eating them as if she couldn't see any tastier goodies

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hope they get back together!

Oh what an awful news that our couple friends in the Philippines broke up. Well it's just too hard to believe since they were sweet couple. I just hope they can resolve whatever problem they got and get back together again. I know it hurts both side. I was lost in contact with my lady friend since I was quite busy and she's too.
On the other hand I got back ache my oh my! I needed massage again. Whoaaah earning money could cause us back pain and headaches? hehehe! I know now when we work hard. I didn't realized that I been working too much though, maybe bcos I enjoyed it a lot while at the same time makes me tired hehe!
Okay folks gotta go!

Gotta Go!

Gotta go down to join my hubby and my little girl. Seems hubby were start raising his voice cos I could tell Nicole is doing something bad again lol!

See yah again all guys later.

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Hi People

Hope your day be filled with happiness and blessed one!
Hubby has gone back to work for 3 days straight spent with us. It is so nice he's having with us most of the time but he needed to work for us to support financially lol! But later this week he could spend three with us again since it's his day off on friday coming. Fingers crossed he wouldn't go to his office that time as if there's needed to do.
Now Im facing on my pc looking at for more opps to take but seems most of them are taken away already. This is very interesting and enjoyable as the posties just have to grab right away hehe! It's like a fun game though. But later Nicole and I would take our breakfast and won't sit here for long cos I don't wanna have a backpain again. It's annoyingggggggggggg

So Happy to see!

Yes indeed cos my Overall Tack Rating in PPP is going up, from 3 to 4. I was amazed how I did that and not only that increasing also my Votes which is now 2. Im wondering what that means that someone votes us every post we have? I just don't get it, thus this means I only get 2 so far from zero? I guess Im glad to think it's better from nothing. How about you guys how much votes did you get. My PR is still remain 3. Im hoping it won't go down but instead going up higher as it could be. But on the other hand Im kinda sad to know that some of you out there going down especially the PR. I know how important it is for us to get some more opportunities we could get. But you know all guys I just have only one blog for now in PPP. I have seen some of you got two blogs so meaning you are not losing anything but still in a better way of earning more money than I do since I just got only one for now unless they would approve my blogspot that until now Im still waiting for it. I sent it last the other night but I haven't heard from them yet that it's approved. I stil have to wait what's their decision. I would be glad if they would include it so I could get more opps, but I know blogspot is not as good of having bravejournal since some of the requirements they excluded some of blogspot domains. I don't know why but seems interesting to me which I still don't understand yet. Well I guess I have to follow since it's their rules and I should respect for it. However my blogspot got 2-PR. I hope it will increase sooner. Fingers crossed! Wish us all the best in Luck guys! This is really good of earning money isn't it? Atleast for me Im loving what I do now. As if I have my own work as first experience in my life lol! Congratulations to me hehe! Hope I could keep this up just like you all do there! That if, if hubby won't complain that Im staying up late lol! Since I used our lights here in bedroom while doing my tasks but when he says I couldn't take it anymore, I will go downstairs using the laptop lol! But I know he doesn't like this what Im doing at night time. I would find a way I could take this at days.


Good morning everyone! Hope all is well at your end. Mind here is just fine as usual. I woke up early today when I know that I needed to some more laundry for hubby's clothes for his trip. My oh my how come some of his shirts are in the hamper? though I been doing laundry for couple of days. Hmm maybe bcos I always let him keep changing everytime we go out till I don't realize. I must prepare all his things before he comes home and before going to the airport otherwise he woud end up buying new ones for trip. His flight is in 12 oclock something like that so he must have leave hom like after 10, ugh. I was asking him why did he take an early flight sine there are some later than like in the afternoon. He responded he needed it since he gotta to have some rest when arriving to Houston since the flight is 3 hours and needed to get a strength for his meeting tomorrow. I hope time would run so fast when he is not around us. Again surely I would miss him a lot even I can see him on the cam, it's just much different when he is besides us. Anyway while Im typing now I also listening the sound of washer. Doing my multi-tasking kinda thing.
Have a great day everyone! May you have nice fabulous weather like we have today1

Memories Recap!

Thursday was my step-son's graduation day from senior high. I wasn't able to go with them as it was still so early for me to wake up. I thought they would held it at 9 pm in the evening but boy when hubby told me once again that it would start at 7 am I told him Im not sure if I could attend. And Yes I wasn't able and Nicole. We decided to stay in bed and sleep for more. I know it doesn't sounds good but there's one other reason why which I have to keep it with me. Family matter only! The venue was beautiful and it was a perfect ambiance. No wonder why the popular bands held it in there. I would show some pics after I copy from hubby's. As what I have heard my step-son had lunch with his mother. Hubby and the eldest came home to pick me and Nicole so we could have our lunch together the four of us but too bad cos Nicole and I were eating when he was calling me on my cell phone but still they came home and see to it we were both find. I told them to go out find some good for them to eat, we will just have our dinner all together later in the evening. So the father and son went out to mexican restaurant. After that everybody was home and decided the to have our dinner at 5 pm. We had to make it since the eldest would fly back to Washington. We had our dinner at Olive Garden. Their first choise was Maggianos but what the heck I don't like their spaghetti, sorry. I was thinking in Outback Steakhouse but then I had to give way the graduatee. He gotta pick. After eating we parted to our own ways. I have this two step-sons. The youngest one went to his friends and the eldest, we took him to the airport for his flight. It's kinda sad for us everytime he's leaving. THe sorrounding inside our house would be different. Nicole had so much fun with them and she's just the only small in the family which she has two big brothers who love and takes care of her.

Friday, hubby was working while Nicole and I just stayed home. I did some chores around the house and did my tasks. I thought hubby would come home earlier but he got so busy at his office work.

Saturday, we just stayed home. Most of the time taking our nap as we also stayed late at night. I wasn't regretting at all since hubby gave me some backrub massage. Ugh if I have some friends to go with me to massage envy I will but just me alone I'll get too shy. I been irritating this backpain. I guess for sitting too long in my chair is the cause. I guess sometimes Im hard headed since I just love to sit around and doing some stuffs in the net. Later that afternoon I thought we could all go out and do something. But then Nicole were fell asleep so I just didn't bother her. I just sent out hubby to send something for my family back home. He dropped by at Long John Silver for our foods.

Sunday I woke up too late. Hubby fixed our breakfast while watching Nicole. He woke me up after he fixed our food although I didn't want to get up since I still wanted to sleep more but I have pay respect. After we had our breakfast hubby reminded if I couldn't bother him since he's favorite show the car racing held in Indiana were on. So I just let him do what he wanted and must give a way since he fixed our meal lol! I got back upstairs with Nicole and do some laundry while doing stuffs in pc. Just good thing he is not forcing me to work anything in the house. Just anytime I wanted. After that I told him to order some foods from Papa John as I was tired doing the laundry lol! Well I know it's not that too hard but folding the clothes was making me tired thoug lol! He ordered some pizza and that's what we ate.
Monday, memorial day. We went to Outback Steakhouse for celebration. As usual I ordered my fav appetizer and main dish. Ugh I was pigged out and sooo full as if I look like a 3 months pregnant hehe! I was just enjoying my food though. I couldn't resist having strawberry virgin dauiquri. I love it so much. We ate anything we wanted and brought home which is the Kakaboora hot wings hehe. Well I don't care for now as long as Im enjoying I gonna for it. Diet will be later hehe! But whoah Im kinda guilty after watching the show in TLC channel as what I have said earlier. After eatign we went to King Sooper to get something we needed for the house. Hubby didn't like to shop that time cos he was so full hehe. Oh well too bad I like to walk around since I was bloated and wanted to walk around to make my digestion gets fast. We supposed to get the trash bag and told me we could do the grocery shop for tomorrow but hey don't complain cos I really wanna walk around to make my tummy slimmer hehe! I even wanted to go to Babies R US to look something for Nicole. But then the time was running so fast. So we just got back home cos we needed to put our groceries away.

We really missed watching the Miss Universe Pageant. Ugh we only saw who's winning the crown. The Japanese woman. I thought they don't make it thrill by announcing maybe bcos they run out of time.

Yeah sorry guys for my very long update. I realized that I needed to put my update as I usually do before. This is just the way I could remember things in the future when I would like to look back. Hubby got me a domain and I would use it for my personal thing only. I hope I could keep it up. I just needed to have some space for my own thoughts. Which I thought it's good so I couldn't be cut out every time I post something we are doing for the day or events.
I have no time to edit my post since Im too tired. My mind is thinking of bed now lol! Good night everyone!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

What's going on?

Now I can't wait to hear my family how's their celebration going on. I have heard from my sistah that they were going down to the beach. I just don't get it how they have done it since they said they have visitors around. I know they could held it in the beach but it's kinda unsual for fiesta. Im eager to talk to them. I saw my cousin who was online but she's gone right away. I sent her an oflline msgs but she didn't response, there must have something wrong in the pc or might she's busy chatting online and doesn't want to be bothered. My cousin she's living with my family right now.
No one can really bet the enjoyment that has in the Philippines can offer. If I could just visit them every month. How I wished the country I lived now is just closer to PI. Ugh it's just a reachable imagination but never could be happened that PI and US could be that closer to each other. It takes a thousand miles to visit my home country. Sigh! And with the work of hubby I couldn't just to go the Philippines alone with my little child as I dont want to.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Hi Guys, someone I would like to introduce you all, my sister Nina who's joining to this blogworld. Please welcome her as she'd like to be your friends. She's nice sistah of mine and love to be friended as well. I been telling her since before that she should make one so she could have fun writing and to know more people around to not get bored when he is home surfing on the net. It wasn't easy to convince her to join this site since she was too busy but now she's ready to face the blogworl lol! Pls just click her name and she's there for you to attack you lol joke lang poh! Hahaha! She's one joker too and you would just laugh out loud if you get know more. She's a good acompany cos she will never run out of jokes although she could be serious at times of course. She's always nice to be with. Healthy and Happy hehe! My giunsa na ni nako pag introduce basta guys visit here as she is waiting for your open arms. Diay she added your name already and pls if you could link back to her and would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Guys!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Good Noon Everybody!

Hi good day to you all guys. Hope everything is fine with you! I know some of you there especially mothers are taking a break from taking care of their kids for school. Yes I know how breath-taking it is after that. For sure the students were so happy that they are out of school for now.
Anyway Nicole and I just got back upstairs from having brunch. As usual did some dishes and cleaning then got back up. We actually had our breakfast too late cos I was chatting with my sister and friend in Phil while I was doing a cleaning here upstairs. Nicole was pain in the butt cos she turned off my pc and it's frustrating cos it's takes a while to get back on the screen. Ugh! She been playing with dvd in the cpu keep pushing in and out. Ugh what a girl.
I know I haven't updated yet from our weekend events but it will be soon. Just tied up here with lots of things and tasks to be done.
Okay see you all. I will make a lap to you all right after this and oh yeah a heap laundry is waiting for me too.