Saturday, July 31, 2010

Surviving Mesothelioma

My home town back home was nice and peaceful place not until recently plenty of neighbors died because some of them got any kind of cancer. It's really freaking me out wondered what made them got such illness that have caused them died. I just could remember how happy people were, enjoying life and were healthy but lately I heard from my collegues, classmates and my family that someone died after the other because their diseases weren't cureable. It is heartbreaking to hear though. Even my family didn't want to live in my old town anymore because for them it is already creepy. Lately, one of the neighbors got colon cancer and fighting to survive. I know how hard it is to hear and see someone suffers any kind of illnesses like the Mesothelioma Cancer. The cause is exposure to Asbestos. There is one person who was Surviving Mesothelioma Cancer name Paul Kraus. He created his own regimen to heal his mesothelioma and twelve years later he survived and enjoyed a good quality of life. He wrote a book "Surviving Mesothelioma" for the world's cancer patients to learn what survival behavior is about. In fact his book became the best selling mesothelioma book in the world.

This Surviving Mesothelioma Book is really inspiring for the ones who suffered this kind of cancer that there is still hope and miracle if only they believe it and read. It is indeed a moving story book about a person struggling to survive Mesothelioma Cancer. I think anyone can have this book as preference and to be kept to learn ways on how to survive, share to the family and friends regarding this kind illness.

If you guys are interested to know more about Mesothelioma Cancer you should check at it at, it has everything you need to know.

Quite HOT Today!

It's quite hot today... thus, I am here drinking cool drink. I don't how hot is the temperature as of today as I didn't care to check. My husband and daughter took a nap. I got envious and I will soon. It is pretty quiet because my daughter didn't make any noise LOL! It is a quiet time and I must enjoy it because I know that as soon as she gets up my world would be different again HAHA! We don't have plan to go out today, I already went to the get together with my few friends... It is my rest day. I am not sure if hubby would want to go out later for dinner when he wakes up. Will see that! We must also go to grocery store to fill up our fridge. We almost run out of foods. Since the time we decided to lose weight, almost of the things we buy are fruits and vegetables.. we buy less meat this time.. except household products and other things. I like it this way so I will not get tempted to cook those meats at home. We are both doing fine.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dish Network

I have noticed I have new neighbors filling up the empty houses. They are very busy unloading their things for the move in. It is amazing how the house was pretty fast sold out next to ours. It was only up for sale in two months. Just the other day I saw Dish Network truck for the installation. The owner must be lucky to get free subscription for 5 months as the starter. She must be overjoyed to know she can watch 285 channels, plus the HD for life. Where else can you get such deal? She must have found the site of, where she found the greatest deal.

It is really enjoyable to see different channels at affordable prices especially for free as trials. I am inviting to all my viewers here that you guys should check packages right away for availability. Hubby should know about this site to know more about programs offering of

To know more about details for TV service guide just click the link and it will take you directly to the page. Don't you just love watching different channels at the comfort of your home? So come on now check the package deal! If only there is Disn Network offering back home my family will be happy and enjoy to see different programs on TV. The channels they have are just very limited. They will be amazed how many programs that can be seen on TV, might they will forget to do house works as their eyes can always be glued on the screen HAHA! Honestly, finding so many interesting things to be seen on TV are the best option for my siblings as their entertainment so they don't have to go out looking for friends to have some fun. I just realized now because they couldn't watch more channels on TV that is why they like to go out of the house more often and my mom worries so much of them.

Woke up at 7 AM

I woke up early today at 7 AM. A really good thing. I usually wake up very late but today is different. I woke up without headache and pain as I took a long nap yesterday night and went to bed at 12 AM. I am happy and I should be doing this always! Thanks God for this wonderful day, another sunny and bright day. Hopefully, it will not get very hot just mild! I will be doing laundry as it is piling up again in the hamper. I still have some underwears to fold waiting in the dryer. My day must be productive, that is! Right now my daughter is asking for her breakfast. We are going down soon. She is waiting for me while watching TV.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

real life insurance

We always pray to God that we are protected, away from any harm. If ever I would die, must be that I am very old. Hoping and praying that all what I have asked will be granted by God's grace and guidance. However, life is unpredictable... anything can happen in just a blink of an eye. It is unbelievable how can some other parents keep creating babies without thinking of their kid's future. The things they must prepare for the sake of their children's protection and security are having life insurance and cheap funeral insurance so there is no burden in case whatever happens. Parents should work hard for their children, not the other way around.

It is too much of losing someone how much more when expenses occur during funeral session. The funeral insurance is a must, so the kids who are left behind wouldn't run around where to get budgets for the funeral expenses. It is always good to be prepared in times of crisis, emergency and when things get worse.

If ever you guys are looking for the place to get any kind of insurace the real life insurance at is always there to serve you. They provides all the quotes you need to know by comparing the prices that suit your budget.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Being silly

Today, I was being silly to hubby putting my head onto his lap for rest while he was eating.. haha! It is just have been a long time since I did it. I was being clingy this afternoon as I was very tired.. tired of watching drama haha! I also tried putting my head to my daughter's lap and she complained as she was busy with something. It is really nice to being clingy with your better half or even your daughter. It is a fun time and a great quality time together. I joked at hubby that I should gone back upstairs and rest in bed but he refused as he wanted me to just sit beside him watching show on TV together. I guess I rested for 30 minutes and back upstairs as the rain was getting harder. I opened the window for fresh air. My daughter followed me, I didn't mind to go downstairs as I had gone back watching the drama I started since yesterday.

Monday, July 19, 2010

extreme workouts

I have been complaining how big I am since my body is expanding widely. I gained so much weight after I gave birth and how much hard work I put on just to be able to shed some fats and thankfully I lost 22 pounds. However, I still didn't hit the goal of 100 lbs. the least. Dieting is not enough especially I don't exercise constantly. I do jogging around neighborhood and stop because of my menstruation that all I did within those days sleep and eat. It was really frustrating to think I didn't get rid some lbs. I have been thinking it is better to have exercise at home and try extreme workouts I have found at, a place that offers wide selection of body workouts for those who wanted to lose weight and gain great shape.

I need to have this extreme body workout for my own good health. How much I dislike to see my bulging tummy that I just can't get to wear those sexy outfits. I need to lose 10 more lbs. to be satisfied with my body. I can't wait to get one for myself and ready for my exercise adventure. My other friend is also frustrated to lose some weight. I will introduce this place that offers great ways on how to gain the body she wants. Actually, she is alreday slim but she wanted to have body just like the way it was before she gave birth.

Who knows she might like turbo jam and be contented with the result later on. I need to tell her this very soon.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fun at the Party

We had so much fun at the party today at my friend's house. She threw a together party for her foster kid who stayed at her house for only two weeks. Her foster child is teenager from China. So many visitors came and kids were just having fun sliding into the water. It was nice seeing Ate Joy and so as other friends of mine at her house. I have another upcoming birthday to attend next month. My other friend who was also invited at Joy's house invited me for her son's birthday. I am looking forward to that! I told her I will not miss it since she is such a great cook!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

home security

We don't have a home security at our household but some of my neighbors are. I thought this is very needed especially that the surroundings these days aren't safe anyomore even if we live in a safe community. Who knows intruders/burglars will just come any time. Knock on the wood that will not ever happen but as we already know we can't predict the future. The only thing we could do to be safe is by having a Home Security System. Before that my husband used travel for his business trip I thought a lot of bad things that could happen and I only prayed none would intrude us. Thanks God, my daughter and I were safe of the times my husband wasn't home. This time we are thinking of getting it soon.

I actually have a friend who's her husband goes on business trip every week. I told her to look for home security at so she will have a peace of mind during day and night. Especially she has a small kid that need to be safe all the time. It is always nice to feel secured because no matter what you do, up or asleep someone is guarding you every minute.

Therefore, to you all guys that are planning to get any kind of home security you should check the sites now I have given above and you might also want to see the consumer reports on how to keep your home safe always wherever you go! I shouldn't miss to read the articles. It interests me very much!

Let us see

Why do I have to suffer headache and dizziness when my monthly period is coming? How much I dislike it! I could hardly concentrate facing on the computer and my eyes are kind of blurry. All I want to do is sleep all day and night. It is a little bit hard being a woman. Ugh! I took a long nap today and now my eyes are just wanting to shut down as early as 11 PM. I know it is not early for anyone out there but for me who took a four hours nap today my eyes should have stayed wide awake. I still have some works to do! I have to hang on for now, we will see who wins, mind or eyes LOL!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Parental Controls on the Net

Guest post written by Stacy Vaughn.

When we had hughes net packagesinstalled, I learned how to use parental controls and read-up on safety advice to ensure I had control of what my child would be able to access or be exposed to on the Internet. Perhaps my friends gave their children carte blanche on the Internet, but my child is my responsibility. I wanted to protect my daughter from online predators and materials she was too immature to understand.

My daughter just turned ten and was eager to have home access to the Internet. She claimed all her friends had Internet and couldn’t wait to join them. Before allowing her one minute access, we sat at the computer to review my firm rules. I explained that many areas of the Internet would be closed to her for her protection and as she got older and more responsible, more areas would be available.

We agreed she could have time to do homework, research subjects for school and her favorite subjects such as horses. When she asked whether she could make a space on Facebook and chat with friends, I said not now because I didn’t believe she was ready. She protested, but I explained that I wanted us to become familiar and responsible on the Internet and we could decide whether Facebook can be opened. She is still waiting for that day.

Walking in the dark LOL!

Oh gosh! I got headached right now from walking a little bit in the dark. Yeah, after I had some of my dinner after 9 I decided to do it as it is not good to eat after 6 PM. The digestion process is very slow eating at late night. Outside is pretty windy, I was kind of a little scared HAHA I might could see something else while walking and jogging. After few minutes I had to get inside the house and just finish what I do. That is when I thought I needed to stop because I could feel the headache. Hubby said my walking doesn't help me as it gives me aches. I guess for tonight. I hope I am going to have a good night sleep after walking some even just few minutes.