Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Good Morning guys!

Good morning guys? How are you all? Ours is great, the weather is nice and Im hoping it's not going to be hotter. Anyway I have a good mood today lol! I was able to have my sleep early last night at 11 pm. So I have enough sleep so far. I should do this continuesly. Hubby has gone to work already and for sure by now he is in the office. He was so tired yesterday though so hope he is in a good condition right now too since he got to bed early as 10 pm. My daughter is doing pretty good now and her appetite is back to normal. Im so happy for it. For 5 days in a rown for not eating good was a worry big time. Thanks to God her appetite is good now. She eats anything she can think of especially fruits and her milk. About me I haven't taking my breakfast yet but soon. I will be having banana and that's all. I start dieting and exercising so hope my I could reach my goal to get slimmer lol! I hope my butt is not being lazy being glued on my chair. I hate to think I got big belly for being so careless of not thinking about the result of sitting too much.

Anyway may you guys have a great day and may God Bless US All!

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jennyr said...

yah that's thing i worry too sitting all day in the chair and munching kaya now sus akong exercise kay magmop or manglimpyo house,maglihok2 na gyud ko like b4 kay pansin gyud nko gadako na akong tiyan!LoL!

btw dauph, gi unsa nimo pag add og links ang graphics sa sidebar for your template here? nangita sad ko nindot nga template same as where u got urs. gipaste ba nimo sa new blogger or sa classic template? gus2 na gyud nko ilisan kay dauton gyud tong dati nko nga template,dli daw ma open sa uban.thanks!