Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's Another Day!

Okay since it's another day, it's another day to deal with my daughter again with everything she gonna do lol! A while ago when she saw me having toothpick in my mouth, she would like to grab it and do the same way. Even how many times I had to push her hand away but still Im giving up. She run off to the bathroom and got that bottle of toothpick and now she's counting them randomly. I instead used the other thing that dentist gave me, darn I forgot the name of it, I just have in my mind but couldn't voice it out lol! Eh just woke up so seems everything is still asleep in my mind too haha! Instead of that I used the toothpick cos it's easier for me to used this than the other one. Ahhh it's a "Floss" thanks goodness my mind just start waking up right now lol! Yes it's true I have a hard time flossing my teeth with it. So Im contented with what I used though. Well, it's just obvious that I came from a tropical area that has coconut tree that I could just pick and make as a toothpick . Well, I don't deny that but I wasn't that fond of using it before I mean not all the time not until I got here. Of course I used it after brushing my teeth cos I still couldn't contented haha.

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