Friday, July 13, 2007

Our Coming Trip to California

Im kinda --- you know for our coming trip this saturday to California, for one week stay in there. Hubby had already purchased with my ticket and Nicole's. Hubby have planned our trip as our vacation while at the same time he has his meeting for that week. But we wouldn't miss to go some place to enjoy ourselves. Wowee I couldn't wait for our vacation. We planned to go to Sandiego to visit Jollibee lol! As Im craving for their foods especially the spaghetti. Hmm gadaguok akong tiyan just thinking of it though lol and go to goldilocks and enjoy the scrumptous foods. I joked at hubby that what about my work online haha, of course I gotta do it during when he is out of the hotel. Their meeting will be in Holiday in 3 blocks away from the hotel we gonna stay. Hmm not that far, love that. So me I haven't prepared all our clothes yet and I haven't done with our laundry. I hope I can finish it soon as I can tomorrow hopefully. But tonight I have to do it slowly. I know I'll get there. Hubby was asking me this afternoon but I had lots of tasks to do. Hm he was kinda disappointed to it but I promised I will finished it before he know it lol! Sorry baby I just can't leave my work just like that haha. Well, he wants me stop my work for now. But my oh my I even he would still pay me, it's still good to feel that I earn money not from him lol! Four our next vacation is in Houston Texas for one week also.

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