Friday, February 26, 2010

Los Angeles auto repair

Owning a car is a privilege but it is not easy to handle it if there is something to be fixed. As what I have observed here in USA, I haven’t seen anyone driving a noisy car, that smokes out, exterior that are broken and more. Cars running here are good looking. Because of insurance help everyone can get through such problem when there is anything to be fixed or repair of the car. I am quite thankful our car is still doing great as I still consider it new since we just bought it two years ago. In total the performance and functional of the car are doing great. BUT, just this afternoon hubby showed me something surprisingly. It is the windshield that cracked because of the stone thrown onto it while he was driving on the way back home. I asked him if would cost us a lot of money if we bring it into auto repair shop. He just said the insurance will pay it all off, which is really nice to hear. I have found a great place that offers the best auto repair shop at Wherever you are at this place provides the auto shop that everyone suited for their car services. Like Los Angeles auto repair shop is of the offers at This place offers excellent services at such lower prices.
One of my close friends is Honda Civic fanatic. I haven’t asked her how old is her car but yet I would like to introduce this place to her in case her car needs repair. She and her family moved here in Colorado for over a year and I assumed they don’t know the auto repair shop that serves excellent services. I want her to know about This place is fun to visit since other owners shared their reviews about their service experienced from auto shop repair they have been and they put ratings and reviews for others to learn.
I don’t know much about head gasket since I don’t drive yet. Hopefully to read more about this stuff at their site since they are providing this kind of lesson. This site is awesome since it is providing almost everything about information on how to have a safe driving experience. I sure would love to visit this site again.


It is my daughter's appointment tomorrow morning at 10:am to her Pedia. She is already in bed as well as my husband. I am just the only one left that is wide awake. I must go to bed soon. I don't want to get up late tomorrow but because of a certain thing that stopped me from going to bed early. It is the show that is very interesting, romantic and funny the "The Man Who Loves Me". I really love it and I just couldn't get enough of the drama series. For now, I have to finish whatever I have started today then head to bed. It is almost midnight. I must hurry!

Business Satellite TV, Commercial Satellite TV

One of the things that my husband I don’t agree about is, during my shopping time. As some of you know out there that I don’t drive yet, hopefully soon. Every time I want to shop I rather go with my friend than him taking me to the mall because he doesn’t like to wait that long hours. Men don’t like to shop as well as I believe. Since the nearest Mall to us putting a Business Satellite TV at the food court, gave me relief since my husband can just sit and watch his favorite game NASCAR, football and baseball games while waiting for me to get done my shopping round.
Before the Mall didn’t have Direct TV, I got to rush shopping because I worried he might get bored and get upset waiting for me. Now that the Commercial Satellite TV is up I could just stay longer at Mall browsing the stuff I really I want to get. This new high technology made such a huge difference these days since Direct TV entertains people while waiting and most I have known here in USA love to watch Sports. Direct TV is number 1 in Sports Programming. Wherever I go, it is nice to watch TV in high definition that provides interesting and exciting games on it.
Someday, if I own a business I sure would like to avail DIRECT TV Business Account for my customers to be entertained. This is what customers love the most when they go to restaurant, mall, bars, hospitals, airports, hotels, doctor offices and more for they will enjoy their time watching their favorite shows while waiting. This Direct TV Business and Commercial about are can be found at, place offers excellent services at affordable price!

Woke up late

I woke up kind of late this morning at 9 am. It has been a long time since I got out of late. Usually, I woke up at 10 AM before I watch my friend’s daughter. Since she gives me work so I have to devote myself and watch her child carefully. I guess that is how the way I watch a kid. I am quite thankful my friend’s kid is visiting us at home three times a week. It is indeed giving a fun time to my four year old daughter. She has playmate and taught her how to share her toys. It is honestly fun to have two kids around the house but it is difficult when they are fighting LOL!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Collectibles and Memorabilia

It is fun to collect something we treasure about. I really do! I collected different kind of design handbags. I guess women love handbags. Sometimes I felt my obsession kick in but as long as I can afford it and don't go beyond my limitation would be fine. I was just regretful that those handbags weren't purchase from where it offers 30,000 stores online. I could have saved hundreds of dollars if I did shop at Shopwiki. Next time I will never miss to get my stuff at this place since I can get the best deal canvassing from different stores by just a click away. In this kind of economy crisis, I need to save some money if I get something. Be practical upon shopping. While browsing through Shopwiki, thousands of Collectibles and Memorabilia are being offered and I just couldn't get enough of those beautiful products at affordable prices.

The Music Boxes is also my collection and I am thankful for Shopwiki for helping me find those through the net. I love music a lot, in fact I used to be a singer in a bad. Music is one of my passions and music boxes are a great collection and when I get older I love to pass it on to my daughter since she is a music lover as well. I can't wait another music boxes I just saw at Shopwiki.

What a DAY! Passed written test!

What a day for us as it is snowed again! Gosh! When is this going to stop! It is cold over again. I missed the sun so much though. I must look on the brighter side otherwise I am going to get crazy thinking about this white powdered stuffs around.

I have good news to tell that I was able to pass my written test yesterday. Whew! I just love it! On the way to DMV, I told my husband I have no confidence anymore might I can't pass. I thought all I have studied were forgotten in mind HAHA! Thanks goodness I passed and got my permit. They give me temporary one, and get the original one through mail. Hopefully to receive it soon. As what hubby said, I gonna get it just in a week. Now, I should practice driving!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

discount vacation packages

It has been so cold in our area and how I love to escape away from home to somewhere that the sun shining strong. At least 80 degrees Fahrenheit, I would be the happiest human on earth LOL! It is frustrating when the weather keeps dropping to below freezing and very dangerous for all drivers on the road. I always get worried to my husband when he drives on the slippery road on the way back home. I wish he could take a time off and take a vacation together to a very nice place like in Jamaica. As I browse through their page offers discount vacation packages for all individual, group, families who love to travel around the world and enjoy life to the fullest.

In my family, we are totalling of 3 people (my husband, myself and my daughter). I really would love to take a vacation before my daughter starts going to school this year. This time is the perfect time since it is very chilly here and how much I wanted to escape to a warm place and expose under the sun for an hour, enjoying outside pool and many other outdoor activities to do. The all inclusive family vacations are surely affordable to all families who have been looking for cheap vacation packages.


I have never been to Jamaica in my life yet and hopefully before we move to Philippines I can visit this wonderful place and enjoy my life what it has to offer. The Jamaica vacations are the best in the world! Whoever wanted to take a vacation soon, you guys should check out the place of where you can find very affordable Jamaican vacation packages!

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I like the weather today

I like the weather today, although it is kind of chilly but the sun is shining through. That is the most important thing of the day for me. When the sun is up this also gives me smile. It is like the whole wide world is also smiling back LOL!

My household right now is in little chaos because of these two little girls always fighting for the toys. Good thing Mikela is a good girl that would give way to Nicole when I say to her just let the toy go and I will give something to her. If Nicole getting so bad and can't stand it anymore, I will tell her she will receive time out LOL! Although some times they get along also. I need to buy more balloons since those are the ones they are figthing today.

On the other thing, I am happy Mikela is eating good whenever I'd like to feed her any food in her mouth. She is doing great and hopefully she gets bigger. I like this kind of work though. It is a huge accomplishment in my part. Seeing her getting big will make me happy!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The House Plan I wanted!

My mom has her own house plan already for their house that my husband wanted to build for her and for my younger siblings. Although, it hasn't built yet but I am happy that we already got we need. We paid someone to do it, a certified engineer back home. I would say the fee was quite pricey but it is okay. I thought I should find something affordable online that we can afford for our own house to build back home when my husband retires for good. He loves to live in Cebu Philippines and that is what I am looking forward to. I don't need such a huge house but a nice house I have dreamed of since when I was young. A nice looking, ranch style kind of house with three to four bedrooms. I have found the place I thought offers great deal at The designs of their house plans are looking fabulous. My excitement kicks in right now after browsing through their gallery. I can't wait the time my husband and I move back home and our house will be situated by the beach. I would feel living in heaven when I get to have the dream house I have ever wanted. The
house plans are very important when planning a house to build, that make the dream complete. However, we are in the middle of saving so we can obtain that pictured out in our minds.

As I am thinking living by the beach, having one of the
cabin plans are also a great idea when I need to escape from my home to relax LOL! For sure my husband would be the happiest man on earth when he stays at the place he's been waiting for. Enjoy the breeze of the fresh air without worrying to go to work. My imagination runs wild this moment and hopefully someday what's all in my mind will come true. I sure would keep these house floor plans and avail it when ready.

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Nap time

I can't wait to go to bed and take a nap. I am waiting for my daughter to finish her lunch. She's eating while watching tv on Neck. My eyes wanted to shut down already but I just can't go to bed without her. She is still small to be unattended. She likes sucking the juice out of the chicken bones LOL! I fried some and she liked it so much. I hope she will get done in 5 minutes before my friend would arrive to pick up her daughter. I need Mikela to have her nap as well with us before she goes back to her house. If my daughter doesn't go to bed yet, she won't take her nap too. These cute kiddos are silly indeed! Little one follows older's footstep LOL!