Saturday, September 29, 2007

Health Insurance

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Confusing Night!

Tonight I was being naughty, I felt bad for it. Okay let me vent out. I don't know if I act reasonably or what. Maybe I wasn't just feeling good today and have just wanted to take my rest.

When I was downstairs this afternoon I was thinking of what to cook but I easily get frustrated when I couldn't find the recipe right away. I know they are just sitting somewhere since hubby bought all the recipe for the menus this week. I got irritated when Nicole pouring all the salt out from the can on the floor, took out some of the can soup from the pantry and made me frustrate to not to cook. I just hate to cook when nobody is watching my kid cause for me it is too dangerous while I am cooking then Nicole does something on her own as well. I can't do things both at the same time. It really frustrates me sometimes although I have a very long patience but I'm so worried of my daughter's side whatever happen to her I would he so guilty. I don't know what to do.

So this afternoon Nicole and I went back upstairs and I let her put to sleep so I can go back downstairs to cook but she just keep on playing and messing things up around. I snuggled her so she can go to sleep but instead she is playing with me. I tried to look away from her to other side of the bed but then she would change place as well. Since I was also very tired and I felt comfy in bed I fell asleep. I didn't know Nicole had touched all my jewelries from drawer and scattered them all around. I was really pissed but I couldn't do hurting her cause I'm not like that. I don't wanna hurt her also, I only good enough of murmuring and that's all. I decided not to cook since I was already mad.

Hubby got back home and I know there is no food have served on the table. I came down there he was on the reclining already talking to his friend on the phone, I was pissed again cause his attention should be with me so I could vent out all my frustrations for the day. I just hate somebody would call him and would talk forever. I know I was kinda rude today but I wasn't really feeling good cause I was also very hungry already and don't know what to eat. One most reason is I don't like to cook at all. Makes me mad thinking of what to cook for the day. There are times I love to cook which I don't even want hubby to join me cause I want to enjoy my cooking but today I don't like it. He stopped his conversation with his friend and asking me what do I want, but I was really frowning mad. Asking what's wrong with me. I told him what I felt, what did Nicole do this day. Because I was so mad I just opened the ref to get my food I was starving. Just rice and that dried fish. I ate a little. He told me to change so we can go out and eat anything I want. Huh I was kinda guilty though since I supposed to be the one who serve the food but heck it is too hard to cook while watching my daughter as well. She's always in trouble when I can't watch over her. I changed then brought me to Thai Heip then to Dairy Queen to get some ice cream. We took out the food from the resto. There I was also not liking the food so much since I have eaten already although I didn't eat that much only a little with Nicole. Haaahh! What a confusing night for me. Anyway it makes me feel better afterall I ate what I like and gone out for a while. I guess also been stuck at home which makes me isolated. And also I had my back pain and headache.

On the other side I am happy that it is hubby's day off tomorrow friday. I have to prepare a gift for the baby shower of my friend this coming Saturday and order a cake. Hmm. Hope we can do it all with some other things to do.

I have to say good night to you all guys. Thanks for listening of my frustrations lol! Just venting out! Take care everyone!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Still AWAKE!

I am still awake this kind of hour at 12:29 am. I just got done watching the korean drama "What star did you come from?". After that changing layout of my bravejournal, making my task from blogitive and roaming around to my co-bloggers. I was waiting for me to get sleepy but seems it wouldn't happen if I won't go to bed. This is really my bad habbit for staying up late. Sigh! I still hoping I could change this cause I always wake up late in the morning as well.

Anywayz I have to go now and prepare for bed. Thanks for dropping here in my blog friends. Take care and Good Night!!

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Is it Weird lol!

I'm kind of having headache right now and even got shoulder pain. Huh! I hate this but because I vacuumed to much this day so what can I expect? Pain all over lol! Anyway, I just noticed that everytime my monthly visitor is coming I usually love to do general cleaning. Whoaaah! I just realized and remembered that it same thing with my younger sister though lol! Isn't that weird? hmmp! Anyway we are both different in terms of cleaning because she only does that when she is going to have her menstrual period while me I always do cleaning but it is not as energetic when I am about to have, but when later on the following days I will mostly like to just stay in bed and go to sleep lol! Last night I been bugging hubby to bring to Dairy Queen to have some ice cream. Hmm I was craving for it. I really notice being pregnant and having PMS monthly is kinda the same feelings. But don't think too much far gusy cause I am not pregnant, I actually waiting for my PMS since it's really coming soon and I can feel it lol!
I have to go now cause I'm quite too sleepy now. I felt like a drunk woman typing here. It's like my head is dropping down not my eyes lol!
Good Night Everyone!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Catching My Cold!

My runny nose is getting better but my cough is started and I can tell it's going to be worse. I hope this won't get long and would get better soon. Since my runny nose is getting better but sadly my daughter caught it from me. She sneezed constantly and got a runny nose too. I was kind of worried but seemed she is still very active and didn't get cranky because of that. She is still the same. That doesn't bother her after all. Thanks goodness!

Hubby has gone to bed after dinner and so does Nicole in her bed. She fell asleep after having her formula milk and now I am just the only one who stayed up but soon I am going to bed also. I didn't take my nap properly cause Nicole been bugging me. I will be heading shortly.

This is my night news. Good Evening Everyone!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Feeling Like Winter

Huh! It's like already winter here around our area the wind blows so hard and it's really cold. I can feel the winter is just around the corner. This is unsual since I could feel the coldness earlier compare than 3 years ago. Today is been cold outside and never seen a sun till now. That is why we haven't gone out today since I also don't feel good. I don't want to get it worse but seems my feet wanted to bring me out but my eyes and mind were refusing and fell asleep at past 4 pm and woke up at past 6 pm this afternoon. Now I don't think we can still go like this hours because of the weather doesn't even look good. It's a hint to dig out in closet all those heavy jackets. I hate wearing them cause it's too bulky but I love the fact it gives me warm whenever I am out. I felt like summer was just too short and I just barely notice I enjoyed it much or what. I still want more lol!
Today my nose has been stuffy. Everytime I lie down the other side would clog up, that's why I have to get up and better use my pc. I fell asleep this afternoon too because hubby caress my feet. It felt so good. I couldn't imagine how the touch could heal us and put as to sleep. It's like magic. On the other hand my daughter is just walking all around our room, very active, explorer and willing to try new things wether it hurts her or not. Gosh she is really brave. Well as long as she won't bother me to put her on my lap cause that's what she is asking sometimes and just sit. Ugh it's very tiring since she is so heavy now. But as general she is good little angel of ours. She is just way inquisitive that gives us headaches because we are afraid of her sometimes for trying anything.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Joe's Birthday Party!

Tonight we just got back home from friend's house. They held a party for Joe's 60th birthday party. We were the 1st visitors who arrived at their house. I thought we are the earliest than the said time lol! We really never meant it since our planned has to go somewhere else before heading to Mai's house where birthday party held. On the way we got gift for Joe at Men's Casual and hubby thought we don't have time going to the place we wanna go since it's gonna take for 2 hours as what he said, so if would have possibly be late going to Ma and Joe's house if we went. So we changed our planned that we will go there after attending the party but seems our time run out spending with friends talking. Time run so fast and just noticed it was already late. So the other planned might will do it on monday hopefully. Everyone had so much fun but I was being so silly with anyone. I am sorry guys I was acting silly hehe. Maybe I couldn't help but to laugh for a moment while gathering so we could have lots of laughs since it's not always everyday we see each other. I was being silly though. I shouldn't have done it cause it was shameful afterall, now that I felt and realized lol! Kakahiya! From 3:00 pm in the afternoon till 10 pm we got home. So we stayed for a very long hours at Joe's house. A lot of visitors who came over and lots of delicious foods being served. Everyone had a good time and brought foods home.
Thank you Mai for the hospitality you did for us. Indeed we had a great time with you all!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Time to cook dinner again!

I was just downstairs a while ago thinking of cooking for dinner but when I heard Nicole's voice had to come back up. I thought of cooking a "Shrimp Scampi". Now I am kinda lazy to go back down since I am here upstairs. Ugh! As I have said before might I would take my nap but I guess it's impossible for now because hubby would come home soon and get hungry. I needed to prepare foods for him. It's been 2 days I didn't cook. Sigh! why lazy kicks in again? When I got back up I saw Nicole in bed sleeping from her bed on the floor. I guess she felt hot in her bed so she moved to ours.
I have to go now and head to kitchen so I can start making food, otherwise hubby wouldn't get a good dinner. Good Afternoon Everyone!


Today I been kuskos-ing (scrubbing) the wall where Nicole marked any pen on it and cleaning up the bathroom while also doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and giving bath to my daughter. Whoaah what a busy life I have this time. I got a little back pain. Haay life being mother and wife. This time Nicole is asking for milk saying she wants milk and that she is sleepy. I would stop soon so I will do what she asks for. I guess she can't wait to take her nap. Later I will take a nap too since I only sleep few hours last night cause I stayed up too late. I needed to sleep more.
Okay I have to go now. Have a Blessed Day everyone!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Thinking of getting a JOB!

I felt so bad for not updating my blog here. I am sorry guys if my blog has been quiet sometimes. I just don't know what to say in here just except visiting you all each time I checked on my blog. Even I don't update this much but I always check to those people who are leaving me a notes. Thank you guys for the time even to those who only peek in here. I am still happy. Hope you always keep coming back as I do to you. Cheers everyone!

Lately I been thinking of getting a job outside because I felt isolated just only watch my daughter. I don't know why my mind came up this thought. I want to try to work. I can do it from time hubby comes home from work and he could watch our daughter at night time. I've never work my whole life yet since when I was in Philippines till I got here in US. Hubby didn't tell me force me to do so but seems I am envy with other friends of mine they are busy working. I want to know if I can do work here in US. I have never prove that I can do a job outside since I never tried. There are stores and malls just nearby in our house. Why I felt this way. Ugh it's frustrating. Some said I am lucky that I don't work but I also got envy with others they are working. Sigh what a life! I guess because I have never done that. Ahhh HELLLLLLLP! Kalagot baya! Maybe the reason too is working at home just dealing with the mess around is not fun anymore huhu! Same thing over and over everyday.