Thursday, December 29, 2011

I would miss it

I have work later, if only I could just stay home and snuggle my daughter. I have tried to switch time with my co-worker but then she has plan for tonight. I could have come back home earlier today if she was able to. I am going to miss the fun time with friends tonight. That's also why I would like to get my work done early as possible. I guess being with friends tonight is not meant for me. I just told to me my friend that she should go and enjoy her night time. But she's skeptical to go without me.

On the other thing , I am glad that the inspector of the water heater came at noon. Problem solved!

Enjoying with friends

I just got home from enjoying with friends. Plenty of foods were served by our generous friend ate Cristina. Most who attended the parties were ladies, and spoke cebuano, so you can only imagine how fun that was. We had another guest from Alabama that was looking for single lady who joined us tonight. It looked like he enjoyed his time with us. Tons of joking around and stories to tell. If hubby had waited a little more to pick me up I would have stayed longer to enjoy with friends around.

Well, it is too late and must finish something online as well.