Friday, July 27, 2007


Tonight hubby and I had a hard laugh because of our daughter. I forgot to put my lipstick back in my purse just let it sit by my computer for some reason I had to rush going to the bathroom for doing some business stuffs lol! Anyway I heard hubby of stopping Nicole of doing something. I asked what was that. So I just heard "go to your mema show it off to her" Nicole did came to me. My golly she wore my lipstic by rubbing it on her lips haha! She looks so funny and so cute. She's been imitating me again when Im making up on my face. What a girl. Since before she loves my make ups but then I had to grab away from cause it is not good on her skin. Might she'll get some rashes you know. They still have baby skin.

And the other thing we had a good time is, it's always every night she always bring her book to me or to her daddy. I always let hubby doing most of reading to her every night since Im all worn out at the end of the day. So brought her princess collection book to her daddy and I know hubby were so tired but Nicole stopped him of laying down in bed since she still wants to share something reading and pointing together what's in the book. By the time she saw Rajah in the picture she made a sound "Roar" few times. I was really laughing to know that her daddy just taught to her of Rajah's sound last before we went to California. My she really can remember things easily. Everytime she fiip the pages over she always could find something she knew hehe like Hmm nam na(yummy) like hotdogs that are sitting on the table, the pitcher, glass, the cake and some other characters like babies, Lilo, Sticth etc. We couldn't believe how she could learn that fast at her age. We just find her very funny, very cute and smart.

Hubby gave her a bath this evening. I didn't know that she's listening there for us while she's doing stuffs in the bath tub. I told hubby to get some banana tomorrow and her medicine. When she heard the banana she then pointed out the chart and said "the banana" she knew where's at hehe.

One last thing that Im going to share which I don't think would be sounded good. Lately she's been kissing me like an adult kiss of between two lovers. Although it's not bad there is something similarities. Like when she kiss me she would close her eyes and kiss my lips against her and it would take a while before she parted her lips from mine and not only that, while she is kissing she would then move her head side to side just like the lover would kiss each other. My golly! I was so shock where the hell did she follow that. I don't know if it's came from us or from tv. I don't think so she got it from me and hubby since we been being so careful because she can easily imitate. Im wondering if she got on the tv shows she's watching, but the disney channel has no kissing scene like that I saw. Maybe there is but Im not sure. OR might be when we are downstairs and hubby would watch CSI, Law and Order. Haaay ewan. Im doing my way how she could forget kissing like that although I find it so very cute and funny.

I have lots to share but my post is getting so long. Maybe next time I will continue this. Have a good night everyone!

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arlene said...

Hey Dauph, cute storyof yournicole. guess all baby girls pass that stage. that kissing thing my daugher did that too and i guess it was purely from tv as she never saw me ever doing love kiss with someone. hehehe