Monday, April 12, 2010

Insurance Providence RI

I felt life wouldn't be complete without insurances for our lives, home, car and business in case we are running one. It is very important to have these four major necessities in life so our lives run smoothly. I couldn't imagine without life insurance especially I have a daughter, my husband and I look forward in her brighter future, we made sure she is protected and insured just incase whatever happens to us her parents. I am quite thankful we got the insurances just what Insurance Providence RI at has to offer.

Someday when my husband retires for good, we are planning to have our own business and we will make sure to have business insurance just like Business Liability Providence RI offers to everyone out there that can be found at A place where professionals offer a wider vision to insurance solutions and will guide everyone to get the best business insurance that is at low cost. This way we could have a peace of mind while running the business.

And whoever that is looking for renters insurance, the Renters Insurance Providence, RI is there to help you. They will do anything for you to give you the best one you could ever have. They are happy to serve you in every step of the way!

Tweaking around!

Oh boy I am re-arring some stuffs around here in this blog. My eyes are getting tired looking at them. From time to time I had to close my eyes or else I already have crossed eyes LOL! (knock on the wood). I guess I am quite done for it now, if I would change my mind again for its position then I will come back and tweak it again. This time I am already so sleepy. I am waiting for my husband to come upstairs so we can both go to bed at the same time. He has been so busy with his emails on his company computer. Nicole had been to sleep few hours already. I must not need to stay up otherwise I can't get up early to watch her. Must run now!

Friday, April 9, 2010

piano lessons

I love music a lot and singing is my passion. Since when I was small I sing my heart's content. It runs through my family's blood. Anyway, aside from singing there is one thing I want to learn so much. It is learning to play piano. I used to be a choir member back home and every time my leader would play piano I felt like in heaven and have would liked to try it on my own. I only wish to be as like him that is really good of playing such music instrument. I know I can't learn piano lessons just by myself but the help of the expert I saw at I am so very impressed with the lady playing the piano as just easy as she taught. Oh boy! This got me interested and want to enroll the site so I can learn soon. I only got small piano this time which is okay but when I get better playing the piano I will start saving for bigger one to have a nice and smooth sounds. My excitement kicks in right now and I can't wait to play on my own.

Today at 11 AM was my doctor's appointment

Today at 11 AM was my doctor's appointment. It was nice seeing her once again. I missed my appointment last time and what a bummer because I had to pay it from my own account. The insurance won't cover for it. Why they if it is my fault? Anyway, when I got there I just gave her the payment first. I could have given it later after the session so it doesn't look rude but since she saw me holding the check so I just handed out to her. I hope she understood and didn't think bad about it.

Anyway, we had a nice talked, laughed together and she took care the most important business. It wasn't too long seeing her. I guess less than 15 minutes. After that we as a family went to restaurant for our lunch, then to asian store to buy grocery stuffs I have been craving. Then came back home. I would have wanted to drive around more but since hubby felt the urge to use the bathroom so we just got back home. I didn't demand to go out anymore because I already kind of tired. Hopefully tomorrow once again and hope the day will be as nice as today!

Insurance Franklin, MA

There are few important things in life to must have, the auto insurance for our car to be insured and home to protect from any natural disasters. Especially here in USA that houses here are very expensive and cars are very important as transportation for work. I can't imagine without insurace for these two major necessities in life. If some of you are looking for the lowest rate insurance online you guys should consider Insurance Franklin, MA, an independent insurance agency that provide insurance protection for the people of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and all of New England.

If you want to switch for your auto insurance then they can find you the best Auto Insurance Franklin, MA that suit your budget. We can't drive our cars if there are no insurance coverages to it and we couldn't afford to take the risk of ourselves and others not unless if we are very rich that money can easily be taken out of our account. In this kind of economy we must be wiser of picking the best quote insurance there is!

I know everyone of us can't live without our own home as our comfort from working hard on the day time. We can't afford to lose every single property we have even every thing inside it. Home Insurance is very important if owning a house incase of fire or any natural disasters would happen. The Homeowners Insurance Franklin, MA is there to help get the best home insurace from the top carriers.

So full!

I am so full right now and could hardly move, if I move I get tummy upset. I didn't know what else I ate that made me very full. To think I only had one fried tilapia and one bread and nothing else. I guess because I eat little each meal so my tummy already got used to it already. I don't want to get rest right away otherwise I gain weight again. For now I will sit facing on my computer and do something online. Right now my tummy is rambling. I guess this is the sign of going to the bathroom soon LOL!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Clean and affordable NC Apartments

While nothing to do tonight. I browsed through online and have found apartments that are really nice, clean and safe. It is not that I am looking an apartment to move in for my whole family. It is just somewhat I am curious about the looks of an aparment inside. Although I have seen couple before when I attended at my friends parties. I couldn't believe how nice the Durham, NC Apartments in North Carolina. I fell in love how clean inside and the surroundings plus not to mention every room I saw is spacious enough that you can bring guests for dance session LOL!

There are two others I also have browsed through which are the HighPoint, NC Apartments and Charlotte, NCApartments I stumbled at that everyone would like to live in. The costs aren't so bad. Oh boy! In case step son would move in to this place I already know where to find apartment for im that suit his style and budget. I have never seen such a spacious apartments that are clean and very affordable just as like I have found at

The way I grew up!

I hate talks going around aside if it is world news. Maybe because I don't trust anyone. I grew up in a family that the only person I considered trustworthy with whatever secrets I said was my sister and no one else. Some people had liked to get close to me and I was there to listen to them. Although I didn't think I need to tell my problem since I thought it was already visible. I guess my heart wasn't open enough to trust any classmates that I became friends and neighbors. I didn't care if I walk by myself rather than with someone that can't control her/his mouth. I can't dare to cause a trouble.