Wednesday, June 27, 2007

African Safari Adventures

Being adventurous is really fun, that's for sure. Lately I been so wondering why people love to climb up high mountains but then I finally got the answer it's bcos they are adventurous and for them it's a great achievement if they can climb up the high altitude they'd like to. If you out there looking for cheap or spectacular experience adventures has something to offer for you. Where you can have lots of fun of Kilimanjaro climbing. Won't it be great having fun with these African adventure? Yes indeed Infact Im getting so fascinated with their adventures and I gonna browse more through on their website. Since hubby and I were talking about taking a break lately so why not knowing all their fun. So guys come on, you should check it out too!

More opps plsss!

Im so thankful I was able to get one of a high opps! Cool! It started raining but most of them appeard gray on my screen already. Sigh! I hope I could get two more opps so I will be finished and do something else around here in household. I still have work to do and some more also opps to be done before they expired. I wasn't able to make them all last night since my eyes were almost dropping lol! It's also nice to do more this time while my daughter is having fun watching her show the Doodle Boops!

Cordless Phones

I must say cordless phone is really great and helpful for us even how far we gonna go to every corner of our house we still can hear the phoneline who we talk to. In our house we use cordless phone cos it's very convenient and it comes with handy. Don't you just agree? I love cordless phone though! rather than corded phone you can't bring them anywhere which you'll just stay in one place just to talk with somebody else. Who wouldn't like to have cordless while you can bring it in the bathroom when you need to wee in the middle of conversation lol! Now, if you out there thinking of changing your corded phone or thinking to have a new one there is a store online for you to get them in a very affordable price it's at Where you can get almost 70% discout of their Cordless Phones You should hurry guys while it lasts! The cheapest phones on the net! You will love their phones though as I do! Pls check out NOW!

I should be glad

I guess I will take one more opps for tonight then go to bed right after. Yes Im still browsing through here hoping to get a good high opps to take lol! Am I just addicted or what? This is really fun for me though. And oh yeah I still have opps to make though before they expires. I hope Im still not late yet. I gonna check them later and see if I can do them for tonight. Seems I couldn't stand too long cos I needed to sleep and rest. Im still too tired right now from our trip and waking up early to catch some opps. I guess this is really the life and Hold on tight lol! Don't you just agree this makes you feel glad earning while blogging! Me, I do!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Looking to Move to Arizona? Let Help you!

In buying a house it would be easier and faster to have and deal with realtor. It is advantage to use experienced ones. Hubby and I been looking for a house for us to move, he explained to me that better that the realtor can do all these stuffs to save time, effort and gas to tour around looking for houses we'd like. I guess he is right. I have found a Arizona realtors where you can get a good assistance from these people. You should check out guys if you are needing help buying or selling your house anythere in the states especially if you are there in Arizona. Would be easier for you to contact them but yet they can be contacted in anywhere you are in the states. So guys don't look no further thatn cos they are there willing to help you. They are glad to help you! Just browse their website and good to call! Why put yourselves in hard time though someones is ready to help you!

Controversial Going on?

I just browsed through here after doing some work here in our household. I went through JennyL's domain and I found a couple things that are very controversial in celebrities world. Whoahh I was shock to know that Regine V and Ogie A are in relationships? And not only that Gretchen B and John E having photos together sitting on the couch very close to each other and the shock part of it they kissed each other lips to lips. My gosh! I couldn't imagine how their family reacted about these issues. I guess it's really true that We all humans are not perfect, we can commit mistakes no matter how rich and poor and, how bad and good! Hmm quite interesting!

Travelling around it's not easy if you don't know yet the places. If I have the chance to let travel alone I don't know what to do lol! Im chicken to travel just by myself, but thanks goodness for having partner like hubby I never get lost lol! I have found something that could help myself at this which they promote their affordable student travel packages with their Canada student travel tours. They offer affordable student travel packages including European student travel tours. Their educational tour and travel specialists are former educators and are highly qualified to organize the best student tours imaginable. They provide quality educational travel services with custom package modification such as Ethnic, Religious or focus tours, Handicapped students, meals for participants with special dietary needs and bilingual guides for foreign groups. So guys you should check their website NOW to get an affordable travel packages!

What a girl wants lol!

Sigh my little girl keep asking this salty fritzel. Hubby shouldn't have bought this one since Nicole just couldn't get enough snacking it. Im tricking her to play with her yellow cup that we bought from Toys America. A cup that has a printed of her name. It is just so cute. I could see it's one of her collection again those cups. She would always look for them everytime she wakes up. Her other cup is sponge bob. That's what she always bringing it to me everytime she's asking for water. So cute lol!

All Cabinet Parts Online Decorating Showroom

As a woman I really couldn't deny that I love stuffs, decorations and things that attracts me. Like our cabinet downstairs I been thinking lately to put some bling bling on them lol! to look more prettier. It's just a one thing of a lady-like, It is just so cute which makes me smile looking at them lol! I found something here which I would like to share the decorative cabinet hardware at has a tremendous selection that includes many different design styles of Cabinet Knobs, Cabinet Pulls and Drawer Handles from Contemporary, to Traditional styles. There is also a wide variety of finishes available. Im not going to miss to buy it in here after checking my cabinet downstairs and of course here upstairs. I just love to decorate them!

It's flooding of opps!

Wow the PPP right now is raining a lot of opps. Hm just kinda disappointed for not taking the big two opps for like $18 and $28. Whoaahhhh! But how should I know when Im making other opps! So I was too late to avail. But it's okay there are lots this time they poured us. On the lighter note Im happy bcos I couldn't make my update and opps rushly since it's flooding so for sure lots of posties are taking their time right now. So who wouldn't be happy like this? Yes I raised my hand here for being one of the happiest postie here lol! Thank you PPP for giving us lots this afternoon. You Rock! for your electronics supplies!

Are you there guys looking for MP3 player which is reliable and affordable ones? Well, no luck further than is a leading retailer of quality consumer electronics and appliances. Their electronics store offers the ability to shop for all your appliance and electronic product needs in one online store. I just browsed their website and I just couldn't get enough staring at those iPod and Samsung mp3 player Lots of selection for you to choose from. They are so cute indeed and I just wanted to grab one now since I wanted a new MP3 player. You should look at thier website now guys and see what you want to buy. They are very affordable ones, which you never to regret to buy it from them!

Just woke up from napping

I just woke up from napping for some reason my daughter did wake me up too. I told her to turn on the tv but she cried after I told her that. Im wondering why! She came close to my head to the other edge of the bed cos I was sleeping sideways lol! I didn't notice she brought a cup for me to get some water for her, what she did is just cried. It's her fault too why she didn't say anything instead of crying. When I turned my head there I saw the cup. I woke up and went to the bathroom to get some water but it was not much though. I wondered why again she cried again. There I understood why cos she's asking for more lol! My poor baby I should known about that though. She is just like that when she just woke up she doesn't like to talk much but just cry when asking anything. But anywhay she is happy now and flipping her books and some of the post cards.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Save 70% on Gift Cards

There is a good news for all of us guys that the has sale going on with their gift card. Can't you imagine we could get up 70% discount. Wow Im so happy to know about this since me and hubby loves to go to the finest restaurant to eat, do some shopping at weekends and some other stuffs we could do in our spare time. If you out there looking for big discount you should check out their website and purchase any giftcards and get up to 70% discount on gift cards every day. You should spread this good news to your friends as well since this is a very big opportunity for us all. Pamper yourself in a big saving discount!

Time to Have a BATH!

Im ready to bring Nicole to the bathroom for her bath time. Then later will put her to sleep and might I will too since I woke up early today. But when I check back the PPP I thought I gonna stay for a while one more time to make the one opp. Even it's not that big atleast something to get and to share you all over here.

summer projects; Upgrade your lighting!

Absolutely summer time is here and just make people warm. It's bcos of that peole don't wanna be stay doing nothing cos it would just make them hottier though lol! One of the thing for sure most people would do during summer is redecorating inside their houses. And those stuffs to decorate would be great if we would get them in Im so attracted to their 1 LT MINI CHANDELIER savoy house lights . We really needed this in our dinning room. Although we needed a bigger chandelier but this gonna be the look like as I gonna post the pic below. But at first we need to have an electrician so we could connect this one. Hubby and I planned for it already to have them in Kitchen, Living Room and in our Master's Bedroom. Our house would be so gorgeous with this stuff put on. I can't wait though!

Click to enlarge

Innovative Tutor!

It's not all parents are lucky enough to have a smart kids. Especially when they go to school and they have difficulty catching lessons up. I know this could be frustrating to them. I heard some parents they got lots of questions why but I guess asking that is not gonna help unless you gotta do something about it. If you guys have some problem with your kids is here for you to help no matter what. They are the Innovative Tutor that could lift your soul up and for your kids. They gonna makes sure that your kids have fun while tutoring them. Score Learning centers help children ages 4 to 14 make significant academic progress in an innovative tutoring environment. So guys pls browse at their Website NOW to help your kids to improve their skills!

What's Your French Name?

I just browsing and looking the Test that interests me, I came up with what my french name. Here is mine. Haha I like it though. Emilie Achard. So guys you can call me with this name would fine for me lol! If you want to know your French name get the test and go ahead. Oh yeah My name is actually french name already but I just tried to have that test and that's what it came out. Have fung guys!

Your French Name is:
Émilie Achard

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dipping In!

Last the other day when I cleaned up here I put my cell phone on top of our dresser, and I didn't know Nicole took it and brough it to our bathroom and dip into the toilet bowl since I saw it when I walked back in there. My, I was really disappointed why did she do that but what can I do, she is just a little gurl that didn't know how that things is so important for her mommy. The half body of my cell was wet and it was also the time it was getting lowbat and thinking of charging it. When I opened it up was still working but after charging it for like an hour when I opened it back the light didn't turn on even how many times I pressed the on button, so I just conclude that it's already broken. In the afternoon was ringing. Hubby and I were wondering who's cell that was, in a while I realized that was the sound of my cell phone. It works back when my sister called me hahaha! That was weird. Just the only good thing is, it is not the slidekick she put in the toilet, I would be very sad as it is very expensive one. But the Razr I switced this time, the old one since I missed typing with only one thumb. Now Im glad I still can do calling and texting with my cell and it's not broken after all. I even told to hubby might I would get a new one but not anymore.

big island hawaii luxury homes

Who says Im going to stop spreading the news about this vacation in Hawaii or live there if you want too? Yes I love to spread out the good news how wonderful life could be if giving a chance to live or vacationing in there. That's one of my plan to go there. In big island hawaii luxury homes where you can simply relax and enjoy every moment of your stay. Haven't you always dreamed about treating yourself to a little lavishness and style? Me, I always dream about this stuff. When you come to Hawaii, give yourself and your deserving family a little spoiling. Imagine taking in all the beauty, color, smells, and delights that await you in the most magnificent place on earth from a fabulous luxury homes where in Hawaii come with every amenity you could possible dream off and then some. Of course you can get a good deal if you get it in their
Hawaiian Beach Rentals.

So guys if you think or plan out there for your next vacation, Hawaiian Beach Rentals is all you need. Enjoy life to the FULLEST! Let your friends and extended family know about this website!

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Offline msgs!

My looking at the photo down below I posted is making me homesick though. Gosh I can't resist not to think of laying and swimming in the beach or pool. I know lots of people right now are having fun with their vacation.
When I opened my yahoo msgr this morning I recieved an offline msgs from my family (same as usual everyday offline msgs). They were asking me when we can go back there for a visit. Yes it's nice to know that they are quite excited to come home so they can play with Nicole and have fun in there. You know, there is no place like home. And one thing is for sure I can take my break, a lot of people there can watch over with Nicole and not only that since she is already a toddler she will be having fun playing with the kids. I couldn't imagine how happy she would be. She loves to play and play and play especially to kids. As what they have said I should make one more so she has playmate, maybe someday when Im ready.

Talking about vacation here is one of my fav fun time in PI.

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Makena Homes in Hawaii!

If you out there longing to have your next long vacation Hawaii is really one of a nicest place to go and enjoy every minute of it. For sure you gonna love it there and might don't wanna come back home lol! Yeah talking of that too, if your thinking og moving in Hawaii there are luxurious Makena homes where the place you can stay and lived in there. I would say this is perfect for family and couple out there looking for best place to live in. I, for one love to live there too, might when hubby retires who knows! If just striving hard to reach your dream or goal you can make and do it. Life is something worth to enjoy as life is wonderful and it's nicer to live in a wonderful land. Where surrounded by beautiful beaches and sceneries that you couldn't see before.

Guys if you are looking for beach rentals for your vacation, is the right website for you to click through. You can get the best package deal as you can imagine. They care of their customers too so you will have a grand time during your vacation. If you have known friends who are confused and not have found one they are looking for to have beach rental pls let them know this website. The Hawaiian Beach Rentals is there for you to help! Enjoy your vacation in HAWAII!

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Hi Peeps!

Good morning everyone? How are you all? Ours is great but we all exhausted from our trip yesterday to way up in the mountain and took a lot of pics and drove down to downtown, enjoying the sceneries. Anyway I will post all about this to my domain. It was indeed fun! I will share tons of photos in there and stuffs. All of us went to bed right away when gotten home cos everybody was dead tired. Even until now I still feel tired and still wanted to sleep more. I had to wake up cos Nicole wok up early, have to watch her while hubby is still in bed, it's not nice just let her play around that no one's isi guarding. And also Im here to catch some opps. So Im ready for the next tasks lol! For sure you out there too.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Looking for Office Supplies?

In our household Office supplies are very important for us. You know without it, something's not gonna work good and just stuck. So hubby is always making sure that we got what we needed for otherwise that's the one thing that makes us frowning lol! I have found a website that is cheaper to get this office supplies it's at With their Epson T059720 where you can buy 2 and get 1. WOW Im going to let hubby know about this site so he could save some when buying stuffs and it would be easier to shop online rahter than buying at the store miles away to avoid traffic jam on the road and not only that, he wouldn't waist his gas of just driving to buy it lol!So guys you should check out their website NOW and get a BIG discount!

My my oh MY!

Oh my, my butt is still around here sticking in the chair making my opps. I still have to be prepared for our going out today around downtown and anywhere. Sigh! I just couldn't get enough though. I still want to make some more opps. Seems like this is more fun than going around somewhere lol! I hope I could finish some more before hubby gets back home otherwise he would feel bad and disappointed for not getting ready. I must finish this faster as I could. My mind is like a machine that working so fast haha!

summer clothes

Every summer I of course would like to wear something cool clothes, for the hotness of the weather it's good to wear, t-shirts, shorts, sleeveless and anything we feel like comfortable so we may not bathing with the sweats. Now that summer has just begun Im looking at any shirts that I would like to have for this season and thanks goodness with internet cos I have found a website that has a T-shirts I have wanted to get. It's at They have wide selection of their T-Shirts and in variety of colourful ones. My I wanna grab them right away. They have color in the right size. Though they may be out of a particular color from time to time but they try to maintain as much as they can so they can get you what you need. The other consideration when ordering your t-shirt is if the design itself will be seen on the color you pick. Thats why they insist doing this part over the phone to match exactly what you need.

So guys if you are looking for nice yet affordable shirts, is the right online store for you. Hurrry grab ones for you!

Watching the Show!

Right now while making my tasks I aslo watchi this show "Push it to the Limit" I hope I got the right title. It shows in Disney Channel. I been liking this since before it came out. It's like I never get tired of watching it though. Maybe bcos you can a get a lesson behind it. I guess not all parents can conclude that not all their children just follow what they wanted for their lives. They have their own mind and wanted to be like. This is kinda sentimental show. Sigh! I love this kind of show especially that I became a mother. And on the other side this guy who's one of the main character he looks just like my x-bf lol, just except his hair that's kinky lol! But in fairness he is really cute. He is just looks like my x-bf. But hey it's just an only an admiration, no more than that haha!

Friday, June 22, 2007

For a Man's Best Friend

Yes indeed dog is man's bestfriend. In return for the dog of being bestfriend you should look for something special for them. Like dog grooming supply. If you haven't found one yet or thinking of finding one there is professional dog grooming supply store at, one if their gorgeous supplies is professional dog clippers it looks so cute though and Im thinking when you clip to your dog she must be sooo gorgeous. My, I can't wait to have my own dog so I can buy grooming supply for her. For sure my kid would have so much fun when our dog has anything on hair lol! I couldn't imagine what my daughter's reactions lol! Yes I want lady dog hehe! So guys don't look further no more than for all your dog supplies!

Tag From Witchkitten

Sure this tag has made me venting out haha! My apology guys if you can read na parang galit c mother. But Im happy loving person inside out. I've never been hard-hearted but kind-hearted as always. I still believe we can forgive and forget no matter what. We can't let the hates stays in our hearts otherwise we couldn't be happier. Let the world know that we are HAPPY GO LUCKY! Well it's the other side of me. The other, the other side me lol! In real world Im a happy person!

Have you dated someone older than you?
Sure, my x-boyfriend before who was 2 years older than me and my wonderful husband now and Im not shy to say that he is way older than me. He is the most wonderful thing that God has given me.

Unforgettable high school memory?
Mine was a bad memory when my teacher kicked me and friend out of the classroom, actually I don't have any fault on that time, it was my friend who keep on talking and when I turned my head to her our teacher caught me and she thought I been talking to my friend/classmate during class session. Actually I hate that teacher so much, she didn't listen with my explaination even we said sorry but she said that our sorry wasn't accepted. It was one embarassing moment of my life. To think I have a crush in the classrom haha! I could see it was a bad timing since she was just been from previous class and she got pissed of something and so it she hits us with her angerness beyond her control. Even until now I still couldn't forget it. Well, I guess it's time for me to forgive and forget all that thing. She is not worth my time to look back. And not only her. There had another teacher that I don't like too, before I came here in US the two of us were riding in the same jeepney as our transportation going to another town. When I was sitting across to her this is what she said "Oh changed a lot, you are prettier NOW" So what? I know it was not compliment but sarcasim. I know she didn't like me before cos I was one poor among the students, oh well tough luck. To tell you she was just staring at me the whole time the jeepney was running. I didn't talk to much to her since I still have that scar in my heart, charing lol! Well, maybe she didn't think that I have beauty back then haha! Is it just the only press powder that the beauty of a person could be noticed? Well her, she is not even pretty though even she puts lots of make up on her face pura gaba! She is one gossip teacher. I could see it on her face. Well the lighter note is I have a lots of good memories than bad. I guess life is challenging! Don't You Think?

Ever hated someone so bad?
Yep, I'm sure I have, but as what I have said I must forgive and forget and I did it already, I just still can remember when someone is asking me. And not only that there are some who look down on me and my family. But now they treated us just like others or a bit special since we came here in abroad. Can you see how the money can change people's attitude? They would treat you good though! Very unfair.

Have you ever failed a subject at school?
Yeah I had since I stopped studying when I had final exam lol! This was during college.

When was the last time you said I love you and meant it?
Yesterday. We say I love you to each other.

What's the last thing you purchased?
A shopping galore for my little girl and did some groceries, is that counts?

Longest phone conversation?
To my family back home, 4 hours and friends here in US for like unlimited talk haha!

Ever put lemon in your hair?
No, never had

Stolen anything?
I can't remember anymore. I don't know why I still don't wanna accuse someone who steal even they did cos for me that's just only a thing. Am I silly? Maybe Im not thinking properly right now haha! or maybe I just don't care since I don't have a costly thing that being stole yet lol!

Had a crush on your neighbor?
Yes haha! not here. When I was in PI when I was still single. This time NO MORE! , maybe couldn't help admiring when I can see handsome guys. Well who couldn't? It's just normal kinda thing unless if you don't have eyes lor blind ol!

Lost a friend?
Simbako pito kalawd haha! Cebuano language.

Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by?
Can't remember the exact date and time, for now I remember during my younger days when I was in elem and highschool, sitting on the swing look up high in the sky and make a wish and that wishes had come true. Thank you Oh Lord!

Felt an earthquake?

Yes I guess but it wasn't that bad, It's like unnoticiable

Touched a snake?
Ewww! NO WAY! Im afraid of snake, I get goosebump everytime I hear about this animal. I have one funny story but seems this will be too long to say. Anyway after seeing a thing on our kitchen I thought that was snake and to tell you on that time I was afraid to touch my feet on the ground lol!

Gotten in a car accident?
Knock on wood, never! Simbako pito ka lawd!

Had a party in your house while your parents were away?
NO! But bringing friends over and have karaoke

Used a fake id?
Never had to

Been lost?
Yes, this was during my first week in college. I thought I was riding the right jeepney to the right route back to my boarding house from school but heck I was really lost so I had to hop out of jeepney and didn't know what to do. I was really walking like 5 miles just to find my boarding house. I was so scared on that time and thought might I would end up sleeping in the street corner. I was still stranger in cebu city before lol!

Kissed in the rain?
Nah! I can't remember no more!

I would like to tag Juliet, Honey, Gretchen, JennyR, JennyL, Kris and whoever wants to do this assignment feel free to grab.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Think Beaches, Sandcastles & Vacations

Yes indeed I love to send e-card to my friends and family back home. I been using this for long time already cos it's just easy to use. I just made a castle right now and I got done in a few minutes. All I did was , I went to this website, create a build virtual sand castle, click to get started for building up the castle, click to select a beach, then pick and build the castle we like. That's how it's easy to do Build A Sandcastle and send it to your family and friends over. That was it, Here is mine. I hope you like it.Pls click My Castle. Do you know where I got this? It's in

So guys make it for yourselves NOW and have fun. Let the people around you how great site is this, to send a sweet msgs or any thing you wanted . This is really fun indeed and must surely good for everybody and especially for kids, for sure they gonna love this. Indeed I have so much fun making my own and I gonna make more later. By looking with my artwork a SandCastle image, I want to take my vacation NOW and have fun swimming at the beach especially it's summer time. I been thinking so much swimming lately lol!

Good Timing

WOW Im so happy to get a good opps today. I must say it should be since I missed some good opps yesterday since I was too busy in our household. I needed it and working my mind out again. Don't you just love to see opps when you see the good price? I just love it indeed and I love to keep on going on and on. As what I have said that if only I have unlimited to get tasks I wouldn't stop till I drop lol! Im also so thankful that my little girl is behaving, she only watch tv for now and doesn't want to be pain in the butt. I guess she understood that Im working so hard here hehe! She thought ops my mom has a lot of fun, so why not having fun too watching my fav show. It's okay Nicole I will buy you more new clothes when I get another paid haha! I love you baby girl for being a good daughter. Let me finish here my child. Thanks of behaving and let it continue forever haha!

Free auctions for life offer with eBid

WoW guys there's a good thing going on with their eBid Online Auctions eBid is offering its Platinum Lifetime subscription normally $99 for free until 30th of June. Coinciding with the closure of Yahoo Auctions in the US and Canada. What are we waiting for guys Hurry and Join NOW! This is Free and Easy. No fees for listing items on iBed. Join the eBid Community Now! Press Release: With the imminent closure of the US and Canadian Yahoo auction sites, US and Canadian users of Yahoo Auctions can import their feedback for free to Included in this special offer will also allow all US and Canadian citizens to upgrade to a lifetime Platinum account membership worth $99.99 for absolutely nothing giving them zero listing and zero final value fees for life. New users should register at and if they wish to import feedback email a screen grab from their log in area of their yahoo auctions account showing their feedback page. Do not screen grab the public view of your Yahoo feedback page. They can screen grab by pressing the PrtSc key on their keyboard to save a copy of their current screen to their clipboard and then paste into an email or into some photo software. This offer lasts until Yahoo closes its doors on June 30th, 2007. Users should email the jpg/gif/png/bmp image to along with their new eBid username.

Press Release:
With the imminent closure of the US and Canadian Yahoo auction sites, US and Canadian users of Yahoo Auctions can import their feedback for free to Included in this special offer will also allow all US and Canadian citizens to upgrade to a lifetime Platinum account membership worth $99.99 for absolutely nothing giving them zero listing and zero final value fees for life.

New users should register at and if they wish to import feedback email a screen grab from their log in area of their yahoo auctions account showing their feedback page. Do not screen grab the public view of your Yahoo feedback page.

They can screen grab by pressing the PrtSc key on their keyboard to save a copy of their current screen to their clipboard and then paste into an email or into some photo software.

This offer lasts until Yahoo closes its doors on June 30th, 2007.

Users should email the jpg/gif/png/bmp image to along with their new eBid username.


Hi guys how's our beauty out there? Ours here is still the same. But my Im feeling the pain of my finger-print whatever that call is, and it bothers me everytime I type. Ouchy indeed! I just started typing here now since I also just woke up. I woke up kinda late na cos I was so tired last night. But now when I opened thanks goodness a lot of opps are waiting for me. Thank you PPP. you are awesome and kind. I love working my tasks and anything. Now I don't think I would like to go back to sleep lol! And also I have to watch my little one. She scares the heck out of me crawling under the bed and when she crawl back out it's hard for her to take her head out too lol!

Okay gotta go make some opps

SAT Test Prep

I know a lot of students right now are enrolling in college, higschool, elementaries, etc for the opening school here in US or any countries. In most college to get your degree they would let you have the "Test" first before you can proceed, they will see if you can pass the entrance exam. It was kinda nervous though since you are anticipating if you could get the higher score or at least the average they required. If you out there were feeling the same me before, there is a good news that can help you out through this Expert SAT Test Prep & College Planning Advice. at You should consider them to help you since they are the experts of answering any kind of SAT prep questions. All you need to do is contact them! It's always great to be ready before taking any tests. So no worries and anxiety when it's time for you to have your SAT Test! Browse now at their website and get a HELP!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A funny Tag from Cherry Rose

I got tag from Cherry. At first I got confused if the google would really say my needs. At first attempt I wasn't succeeded but second attempt did. I thought I could only just read it in one sourceful given but you can read and find them in each googles sourceful gives you. Seems this is really kinda fun though and it makes me laugh right now what I have found. Check this out.

Instruction: Go to, write your name and the word "needs" in the google and click the Goggle Search button. Just for fun, see what comes out of your search. Write your name like this mine "Dauphine needs"

Dauphine needs to keep its weight advantages over the heavier, cars... (ha!)

Dauphine. Needs rescue... (Yes I think so if I drive, I get scared)

Dauphine needs to be stop sign on St.Philip the Dauphine traffic stops only 75% of the time... (what?)

Dauphine needs a hug... (Yes absolutely I love hugs)

The audience is not told why Dauphine needs his uncle"'"s money.. (ha! who's uncle? haha makes me laugh)

dauphine needs creation societe nord pas calais, gestion qualite entreprise.. (maybe)

Dauphine needs some rust too.. (why? where to put that rust? on my face? as my press powder? haha)

Okay I would like to tag Gretchen, Mimi, Julai, Honey, Wendy, Nina, Micamania. Emzkibabe, Emmyrose and a lot more who are on my lists.

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Frustrating Indeed!

Ugh what a frustrations cos I've already clicking the taken opportunity then when I send my post it says it's not available already. Don't you think it's fun? It is really frustrating and depressing indeed. I just don't get it. Something is unfair. How about you guys out there, have you encountered like this? Unfortunately I countered this already few times which is not really fun at all. Makes me pissed and anything but anyway it's not a good idea to ruin my mood. This is just kinda weird. It's like you gotta be faster to you can avail cos even we are already taken the opps it's not considerably you are in.

Okay guys gotta go to look for more opps. Hope I could avail some that's higher one. Goodluck everyone!

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What are you waiting for guys, browse now at their website to get anything you wanted that suits you.

Surprised Friend

Another nice weather for us here. The sun is up and keep us warm but the bothersome thing is Im sweating over here lol! It's nice to do something though but too bad it's hubby's working day. But for the other lighter news is my friends from Austin Texas are here, they came here yesterday by surprise. They didn't let me know that they are coming. My oh my! I should know that they are for me to prepare things over here.

I felt sorry for them since they keep on waiting us, how would I know that they are there? and me the silly is, I know there had someone who keeps on calling me on the phone BUT I didn't answer it for some reason my eldest sister keeps on calling too which Im not ready to answer cos she's been bugging me for something and I thought it was her so I didn't answer the phone haha. My friend's number wasn't registering on my phone. I guess it's both sides fault don't you think? for not letting us know that they are coming and the silly who didn't answer the phone then. I was just wondering why she didn't leave any msgs too cos to think she called 16x yesterday haha! So I called back at midnight here cos I was thinking might it was in PI or my brother who was seaman. Someone's answering the phone and I asked who was it calling me many times. I realized it was her haha.

Now today after my tasks I have to clean up and do something. Prepare anything I can do. Hubby said he would come home earlier so they could meet them here in our house or eat out for dinner. Im kinda happy that they are visiting us here and make some halo halo. Im glad to know that's one of her fav thing she missed back home.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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My Night was good!

Hi Good evening everyone? How are you all? My night is good. As I have said that Im going to make Halo halo and I did it again. My it was refreshing indeed. I made it after I have my dinner. My left over from my brunch I cooked eggplant with egg, I don't know how to call it though and with a dozen of clam soup. I pigged out what I cooked. It was like I was in the philippines again with my family. On the other hand my daughter is not fond of eggplant, boy she spit that out even I mixed it with rice and my trick I put the rice on top of it but seems she still can recognize it in her mouth and for the next thing she wouldn't open her mouth, she'll check first before she has to eat it.

Anyway she got back up here upstairs ahead of me while I was still making halo halo. I was alone downstairs. Hubby had gone to bed already. He had his dinner first since I took my nap when he got home. I let him watch nicole over but the Nicole is just being naughty.Yeah I brought my halo here upstairs and now she has it. She is so funny now cos everytime she hears the voice of the cow she would then say "mow mow" with prolonge hehe.

Anyway this is my night. It's a very good night

Be Dazzled by White Flash

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Missing Korean Dramas

It's been a long time I haven't visited my korean dramas that I usually watch. I guess I needed a break sometimes and watch it to make my mind and body relax and sipping juice or halo halo at the same time. Oh yeah talking about halo halo, I finally made it yesterday. It was really yummy and refreshing indeed. I gotta do it later too right after this when I get my brunch. Talking of that it makes me more hungry though haha! Okay guys I have to go for now. See yah again in a little bit later.

A Dating & Romance Website

Talk about romance and dating or relationships? Well this is the most wonderful thing to happen in our lives, Im one of those who fell inlove once even it was hurtful from my first love but of course life must go on. Trials happen in life and we can't avoid it. For the second time I fell inlove again and now that is my husband. It is so great to be inloved and to be loved, someone that shows how special you are and treasure in their life. Yes indeed life is Wonderful sharing love with each other. It's like you are always on top of the clouds feeling so heaven. Without it life is not complete. Don't you just agree? It's like life is full of inspirations lol! Yes I won't deny that I felt that way even until now. It's like you can't put all those things into words. Now if you guys are looking for romantic thoughts or ideas, well there is something for you to lean on. It's the romantic ideas in, So guys go ahead and get the perfect thoughts. Let the romance begin for you and your special ones. For sure they gonna be jumping for joy when they read your special notes to them

Frustrating Indeed!

Ugh what a frustrations cos I've already clicking the taken opportunity then when I send my post it says it's not available already. Don't you think it's fun? It is really frustrating and depressing indeed. I just don't get it. Something is unfair. How about you guys out there, have you encountered like this? Unfortunately I countered this already few times which is not really fun at all. Makes me pissed and anything but anyway it's not a good idea to ruin my mood. This is just kinda weird. It's like you gotta be faster to you can avail cos even we are already taken the opps it's not considerably you are in.

Okay guys gotta go to look for more opps. Hope I could avail some that's higher one. Goodluck everyone!

Celebrity Gossip

I, myself love to hear the news what's going on with the celebreties here in US. I been hoke up to know what's the latest news about their lives and stuffs. It's not that Im being nosey but it's they way that I would like to know how's life being a celebreties. It's one of my past time to know by reading on the net or news papers. Infact I have one site that I keep also but this one is way different where you can see all hollywood gossip through, I just browsed their site and I saw one of my favorite celeb Britney Spears. If you want to know more guys pls check out their website. The good thing of their site is just easy to browse and will give you all informations what's going on. So let's start browsing now and have fun knowing your favorite celebrities!

Thank you PPP

My my I still got headache here and my tummy is killing me. I needed to eat after making opps. I just couldn't just stay away since Im waiting for opps to rain on me. It's been a good day cos the PPP has been so good to their posties. It's one way to earn like who are staying mom like me. Im so happy to know about this site. Through this it helps a lot to my savings and not only the money I earned through this is a help to send money to my family back home as additional. Thanks PPP for your help. You are indeed awesome! Keep up giving us opps. We are always here for you catching haha!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Drug Rehabilitation Cliffside Malibu

We couldn't deny that our world this time has a bad influence with the good people around. With the weakness of each individual would try out something new which they don't realized it would make thier life miserable. I know they have heard a lot what's gonna be the result the end, I mean Im talking about this Drug addiction which supposed that people would stay that away but bcos of the curiousity of person they can't get away with it but has to learn something new. With some adults right now have been into drug addict and alcoholism which they seemed have a hard time getting one which is affordable Drug Rehabilitation for them that meet their needs, but you guys should stop worrying now cos is has something to offer for you. Cliffside Malibu is a residential drug rehab, alcohol rehab center and extended care facility for adults suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, depression, and other co-occurring disorders. Their drug treatment philosophy incorporates a variety of clinical components to create a comprehensive and effective treatment program. The components of alcohol and drug rehab include detox, individual therapy, group therapy, depression treatment, and alternative medicine. Our drug rehab program values and utilizes many philosophies to individualize their treatment plans and improve individual outcomes.

Drug Rehab Center
The clinical components and addiction recovery activities offered by Cliffside Malibu drug rehab center are specifically related to drug rehabilitation philosophy as well as the goals and objectives of the drug rehab program. Once residents have been accepted to the drug rehab center (and detoxed when necessary), they are assigned to a primary therapist who manages their care during the entire course of their treatment. Cliffside Malibu offers each patient an individualized clinical program that includes individual therapy, cognitive-behavioral groups, process groups, and a family program. Cliffside Malibu also offers various activities to support recovery such as experiential groups, yoga and outdoor activities. Group sessions are conducted onsite and also available in the community (transportation is provided). Along with these clinical activities, Cliffside Malibu meets the daily needs of patients enrolled in the drug rehab center including gourmet meals, laundry service, transportation, scheduling of appointments, Internet access and special requests (where appropriate).

If you have known someone who needed help let them call at their number 800-501-1988. They are always there waiting for your call.

What a Busy Life!

I was too busy today and even until now. My! My eyes are getting blurry facing the pc. I been so busy doing stuffs around. And now Im doing also the laundry. I even haven't updated yet my other blog. My time is just so occupied with many things. Not only in the net but have to take care of my little girl as well and as her mess hehe! But thanks goodness Im still able to manage all these. If I can't take an opps tonight might I will do them tomorrow as my head is like spinning haha! Will, see. Anyway you can just see them poping on my blog here lol! Right now Im also waiting for the dryer to finish and fold all the clothes. I gotta go now! Goodnight to you all!

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Thank you guys!

I felt sorry for my blog in here cos I wasn't able to update here for couple of days but it's okay I finally fill up here with my new updates. Im even so thankful that despite of my business my co bloggers were able to visit here. Thank you guys you are indeed awesome!

And one thing Im so happy about is Im one of the nominee of the glitter for the week. Im so glad that they include me in their list. But I don't know yet who wins since until now I haven't heard then yet. WHoever it is I would like to congratulate you! It's kinda fun to see people voting you from true friends anywhere in this blogworld. I feel happy and special. I love you guys I owe you a lot. Thanks for your generousity. God Bless your heart!

Pet Insurance

Here in US Pet Insurance is very important, as it is like a human being that needed to have coverage insurance otherwise it would be hard too since pets needed to be well taking care of too. In our household we don't take care of pets yet but in the right time and I have heard a lot of feed backs that's is really very costly when taking care of them. When I fould this site I thought of sharing this to you, this pet insurance by PetCare Pet Insurance Programs provides the most flexible and affordable range of pet insurance programs currently available in North America, offering either selected accident and illness coverage or comprehensive accident and illness coverage. They have provided you with a helpful Program Guide to help to direct you to the pet insurance program that will suits the needs of you and your pet, if however you would prefer to make the choice yourself there are some suggestions to make sure you make the right choice. Pet insurance allows you to proceed with the best course of action recommended by your veterinarian, not what you can afford. You are able worry less about the finances, and concentrate doing the right thing for your sick pet

Have wanted to grab some more

How is your father's day going on there guys? Ours here was great. Im going to jot down in my new domain after taking a tasks. Thanks goodness the PPP right now are raining some opps. I guess they heard their posties that been waiting for them to shower us some blessings through their opps. It's really fun to grab some opps and give some opinion to it. It's just so funny cos you gotta grab right away otherwise you couldn't avail it haha. I hope there are some more opps for me. Okay guys gotta go to make some more.

It is sad to know some of the women who are pregnant doesn't have any maternity Health Insurance. Eveyone women who are preggy must have gotten it so it won't be too much pain in their pocket when times they give birth. Some people are lucky enough to afford it and some are unfortunate. Buy guys listen, your worries must stop cos there is a website that can help you with your Maternity Health Insurance. is here for you to solve your problems. Reproductive Access Solutions (RAS) is a national resource network for maternity benefits, financial aid, information and advice to our community of women. Their partnership networks include select private benefits providers, non profit companies, national associations dedicated to women's health and government agencies that provide financial solutions to women that qualify based on income. Finding financial solutions can be difficult. RAS connects our community with the appropriate organizations, people and information that provide reliable solutions and support. Surely this is a great help for you so browse NOW at their website.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

My New BLOG Revealed!

NOW Im going to reveal my new BLOG, which is my own domain. I haven't done with it yet but I will share it NOW since Im quite eager lol! I hope guys you will put some more space for it . Would be highly appreciated. Pls guys visit me there and leave me a note. Thank you!
Oh yeah I have been to and Im so happy that all of you guys vote me. Im so grateful to see real friends out there. I feel so special though. Thank you guys for your support. I owe you a lot, if you can make vote everyday. THank you from the bottom of my heart! If some of you haven't voting me yet pls visit the site pls!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cell Phone Deal with T-Mobile

Still looking for phones that you really wanted to get? I know cell phones now a days is very important cos this very convenient for all of us. Calling our family just any minute we wanted and not only that this is very good for lovers. You know you can't get enough talking with your special one and even forgetting how many hours it's been lol! Yes I, for one love to collect cell phones. Infact I have few of them but I needed to stop for now since Im out of budget for that already lol! Might after a year gonna get one. Must set aside a money for that. For you out there that haven't gotten any yet get T-Mobile phones through from They are the only one who offers 1-year plans. Yes this is good to suit your budget. A1 Wireless has better prices than or other online-only competitors. And is one of the few places where you can still find phones with one-year service commitments (instead of the usual 2-year plans). Featured Deal Get a great deal on T-Mobile smartphones. The BlackBerry Pearl comes in multiple colors and is myFaves compatible. Check out our most popular T-Mobile phones. Find T-Mobile camera phones, flip phones and many myFaves cell phones. The Moto RAZR is the hottest cell phone of all time. Get a free Magenta RAZRwith any 2-year plan from T-Mobile. Free Bluetooth headset. Make an impression with the Samsung T629, a super-thin T-Mobile slider phone with stereo Bluetooth and an MP3 player. And much more to choose from. If you needed one pls browse at their webste

Doesn't want me sing?

Sorry guys if some of you I haven't visited yet Im just so very busy here. Catching up all my tasks to be done before it's due. I don't wanna lose them though. It's just nice to see when they gonna pay me so I have to get done yohooooo! Im just thankful my baby girl is being cooperative, she's watching tv right now. After this I gonna give her a bath. While doing my tasks my eyes are rolling too, here in pc and her. She's my priority of course. That's why I make my work faster as I could. She's having fun watching "Manny" right now! A while ago she screamed cos I sang along with the Wiggles, she doesn't want it to be bothered when she is concentrating. Maayo lag sya ang mukanta, kaayo jud lagpakon ang lubot hehehe! I just love her sooo much even she's naughty sometimes.

Troux Technologies

CIOs and other executives are realizing that achieving high performance from an IT perspective cannot be accomplished simply by doing the same old things better, faster and cheaper. Many executives are talking the talk of IT transformation today—a complete re-creation of IT capabilities that truly deserves to be called transformation—yet their actions are often not as bold as their words.Where IT transformation has been successful—that is, where it has produced tangible and measurable benefits to the business—executives have not just looked at familiar technology issues (consolidating servers, simplifying architectures, removing duplication), they have also focused more intensely on their people: who and where they are, what they know and can do and how different groups can be brought together and synchronized for the greatest overall benefit. Well, is what you are looking for. With their IT Transformation Troux Technologies is the leading IT Transformation software company with the industry’s only comprehensive set of solutions to mitigate risk, reduce costs, and support growth initiatives for Global 2000 enterprises and governments. Troux’s software combines tools for enterprise architecture design and creation with a new generation of information aggregation and management solutions, offering the visibility foundational to IT and Business Transformation.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Look what I got from PPP?

Yes I got a good stuff from PPP this afternoon. It surprise me when hubby telling me that there is something for me from PPP. Whoaaah! I couldn't believe when he says it. We both excited and wondering why and what they have sent me. Okay here they are:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thank you PPP from the bottom of my heart you include me in your list to give away this stuffs, you are awesome! You heard me well!

Might yours guys are on the way also.

Summer Program

Being as a mom we are always looking forward for the best of our kids especially when they are going to school. I know mom is always worrying about their kids. Who whouldn't anway? Of course because we loved them so much and for all we care. When I found this site the is a big help for all mothers like us with their Summer Camps Research shows that students lose an average of one month of learning over the summer break. Help your child retain and gain knowledge in an engaging environment with a SCORE! Summer Program. All SCORE! programs combine fun learning with serious academic progress and will help your child start the school year with confidence. Summer Programs
For families seeking the ultimate summer learning experience, our SCORE! MORE program features unlimited sessions and results in serious academic progress. The SCORE! 30 program works best for families on the go with 30 one-hour sessions to be used at your convenience, either intensively or throughout the summer. Their year-round Personal Academic Tutoring program is perfect for summer and leads to dramatic progress: your child could advance 1.5 grade levels in the course of the summer!

Catching Up!

Hmm I still don't take any medication for my headache and dizziness. Well, I couldn't blame myself since Im catching with a lot of things here. I gotta finish this first before I go. It's almost 7 pm and hubby hasn't come home yet. He must be so busy in his office. I gotta call him right after this. Ugh I haven't finish listing all the items we needed for groceries. I will let him alone do it though since I don't feel soo good for now. Maybe facing on computer too much is not doing any good for the eyes. Needed a break for sometimes. Don't you think.
Okay thanks for listening gusy and taking a peep here

time management software

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Me or You?

We bought another book for her the "Princess Collection" where it has also 200 stickers in it. I been very careful to put that thing away so Nicole couldn't see it since it's just so new and afraid shelll tear or write on it. I know she love to flip it on her own but I still want to that book to be well-cared. I don't want to seeing even a crampled page bcos of her carelessness.

When she sees me I held that book she came right to me and recognized right away that it's hers since it has a princess on the on front page cover. She cried even she hasn't get close to me yet. And wanted to grab it from me cos it's hers. My, she whinned and let me let go the book she felt it is really hers bcos of the pictures and the color of it. I told her I would want to read it for her but responded me NO! So I just let it go and she's the one who turn the pages one by one and looking at those pictures as if she is very curious and talking to herself. She amused herself by that. As if she's needing me no more. She can do it! Ugh what a girl! That time her tears falls down on her cheeks, it was not only few tears but really a lot. As if something's is taking away from her.

I don't know it's like who's going to read it for you? Me or You?

Reno 911! Miami The Movie

I only heard about this Reno 911! Miami The Movie just now but when I browsed at their page I giggled so much looking at their gallery. It makes me laugh so hard the police guy just wearing shot pant. Im not going to miss this DVD movie and it seems it's going to blow me out when I gonna watch out. Im fan of the fanatic of Comedy Movie and I should put this on my list as well. This is going to blast for me and for everyone of you out there. It's nice to watch comedy movie once in a while or even everyday to make me happy all the time, taking out all the stress. Don't you just agree? It must be so much fun and blast if lots of peope watching though. I remember way back then that everytime me and my family watching over comedy we are slapping gentle, just couldn't get to it. And for sure Im going to have a blast on my own later.

So keep your hands where we can see them because the Reno 911! Miami The Movie – The Movie Unrated DVD will be frisked from top to bottom with uncensored bonus features including outrageous footage not shown in theaters, cast commentaries (including two separate “in character” cast audio tracks), six extended scenes, four hilarious public service announcements, film premiere footage and more! Reno 911: Miami – The Movie will also be available in a theatrical rated edition presented in both widescreen and full screen versions on a flipper disc. Both Reno 911: Miami - The Movie DVD releases will be available on June 19, 2007. So don't miss out guys!


My Bro is online from China

Tonight Im just the only one who still awake, hubby and Nicole had already in a deep sleep. Im still here working around. I saw my brother a seaman online. Actually we chatted last night my time. He is in China. That's good that he still have time or get a chance to do something on his time. We talked last night and chit chatting. He wanted to pursue more studies on his course so he'll get higher position on his job to have a higher payment as well. Im just thankful he was able to recover his homesickness in my family back home since he is a mama's boy lol! Im next to him in my family and big bro who always protect his sister especially when we were still single. My you don't know how higpit my big brothers are lol! But now it's my turn to make my mouth big towards them just to be fair . But heck I can't do it unless they provoked me lol!. Their voices had change a lot and being tender when they are asking for something . Otherwise no penny . Anyway it's also good to have big brothers bcos of them we went ahead to our direction straight. We are kinda proud of that though! Just looking back being strict was kinda hard to deal with, but now I understand all about those things why? There is always reason behind the wheel. Good Bros!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Unique Website Optimization Firm Utilizes Web 2.0

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Our Afternoon!

This late afternoon we were manage to go to "Manila To Go" restaurant as I was craving for pinoy foods especially their halo-halo especial. I wasn't able to hold back getting it by this mid-week or this coming friday which is hubby's day off. I didn't dine in but have brought foods back home. As usual I love tha halo halo so much. Indeed yum yum! We planned to dropped by at Asian Store as we are planning to get more ingredients for halo halo. I didn't have interest to dig in our pantry and see if we have those ingredients. I know there must be somewhere cos I still could remember that they are sitting in the pantry and some in the ref. I just wanna make sure that I gonna have everything so I told hubby to go to Asian Store. As I love it so much for everyday since the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Just couldn't get enough of halo halo .

When we dropped by at Asian Store they are already closed. Ugh! I was even thinking to make my halo halo especial at home, getting ube ice cream or mango. My fav is ube, to tell you I couldn't trade it with anything the flavor of halo halo ube just except if they trade it with million I wouldn't hesitate to say NO . The halo halo in that resto is exactly the same taste wherever you gonna get in pinas like in chowking. Indeed very scrumptous. That's why I always love to go back there cos I still don't know how to make it just like they make. One thing why I went there today cos I want to study what's their ingredients haha! and buy it in Asian store. But whoaah it was already closed. I wanted to study the ingredients so I can make my own cos the resto is just way farther from us 20 minutes to drive. I would like to have halo halo everyday, and from that I can save some money rather than always buying it everyday in resto. It's not a good idea that I should be close to that store otherwise we couldn't save a penny cos for sure I always gonna go back there for that thing

When we learned it was closed we went back home. I told hubby we just have to do some groceries tomorrow at King Sooper. I have started making some lists of the things to buy, just for me , I guess I will jot down some more tomorrow. Im just not feeling good of listing all of them since Im already full .

That's all our afternoon.

Coupon Codes

Shopping a lot of things is fun. To tell you as a woman this one of their craziness lol! But it is more fun when we could buy things with the help of coupons so we could buy things less. Hubby and I used to do some shopping at Babies R Us obviously for our daughter's clothes and stuffs Target, Walmart, King Sooper, Sams Club and much more. Now guys let me spread the website that you could find all coupon codes you needed it's in So grab all, print and use them all as much as you want. I know it would give you smile. Me too couldn't wait to grab those.


Talking Talking!

Good morning everyone! It's another day to be thankful to God for everything. The weather is nice and healthy body and life.
I woke up at past 7 am and now facing the pc. I thought I could prepare hubby's breakfast but couldn't for some reason. We needed to go to grocery today. How I wish Im in the Philippines right now cos it's fun to do groceries in there. Lots of foods that I loved to cook and eat, the toccino, longganiza, tempura, corned beef, hotdog. Then for the salad, ice cream and anything. Sigh! How I love to do it back in PI. Here I just gotta go to hubby for the sake we have foods inside the ref hehe. I know hubby loves all foods we gonna buy cos he is american hehe. When Im in grocery store I just like to pick but Im not sure what Im doing haha! Most thing I love to get in there is frozen buffallo wings, clams, snow crab, frozen shrimps, vegetable for making tinola, fried chicken, Pineapple juice, strawberry and orange juice Haha! But for hubby doing groceries is what he loves most just pick anything he wants. For me I would rather pick the kitchen gadgets, bathroom tissues, shampoos and bath soap, make ups haha! in every isle and Nicole's toys haha! We are opposite, he loves doing groceries while me loves shopping for clothes and things I attracted.
Anyway I would want to go to Asian store this mid-week to get my stuffs in there and drop by at pinoy store for foods to bring home and halo halo! hmmm yummy! I couldn't get enough of it. Their halo halo special. Ahhh Im salivated here thinking about that again.
Better to stop now before I get too hungry otherwise I would get crazy thinking about them.
Have go to do my tasks before they expired

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Health Tips

It is nice to share some healthy tips. Dreaming to have a healthly life is one of the best dream someone could ever have. I like this to pass along so you may git some hints what to make our life long last forever as we really wanted. We should care about our health. Spread this out to your friends as well.

1 Omega 3-entich egg cost more but two of them offer almost half of the protective fatty acids as found in 3 oz of cooked salmon.

2 Buy whole melons – not precut. Once the flesh is exposed to light, it loses its nutrients.

3 To crisp lackluster lettuce stash the wash and dried leaves in the freezer for 2 to 3 minutes.

4 Substitute ground turkey or finely chopped salmon for beef to cut fat in burgers.

5 To make your own low-fat tortilla chips, cut 5 tortillas into eights to make 40 wedges. Arrange on baking sheets, coat with cooking spray and sprinkle with 1/2 tsp each salt and chili powder. Bake at 350̊̊F until crisp, about 10 minutes.

6 Pizza packs protective lycopene and just the right amount of olive oil to boost absorption.

7 Substitute calorie-free brewed tea for one-third of the oil in dressings to cut the acidity of vinegar.

8 For maximum beta-carotene, choose sweet potatoes with the brightest skins.

9 Bean soup is healthful, but some restaurants use pork fat in the base; be sure to ask.

10 Boost coleslaw’s flavor by tossing in grated lemon peel or juice.

Police Concert Memories - Past & Present

I couldn't deny that I love The Police Band, one of the few popular Hard Rock Band for all times. Infact I love their new compilation police cd that's out in the market as what I have said in my previous post. It's too hard to hide my feelings that I love to share to everyone how excited I am to see in them in person during their concert. Surely people would prepare all their gadgets just take video and pictures with their one an only favorite band, just like me. I wouldn't miss a single thing to capture those moment if they have concert here in our area in Denver. I been told to hubby that I couldn't wait to see them and we should buy their tickets and he said why not? haha seems he is one avid fan of them too. You know most of the guys love hard rock bands cos it makes them head banging. Oh yeah in terms of that my little would surely have fun head banging while listening to their music cos she is one a music lover especially rock a music haha!

As I have said Police are one of the most important, influential and versatile bands in rock history, with their greatest hits package that is most prominent and available to music fans falls so short of delivering the goods. One of other favorite music is "Every Breath You Take" Thinking about this makes my head moving haha!

So guys you should start browsing and let your feelings begin what's your favorite police cd and not only that you can give this as a gift to your friends and love ones who are fond of their music cd's. Let them feel special to you and one who could make them smile is the Police CD band music. Let's the fun time begin! It's a great thing to have fun. And for you learn more. Pls browse their website as it has a lot of things going on so you can track up everything they do.

Newly Found Friend @ FFC

While watching the shows at FFC. I met a new found friend, here name was Sandy together with her family. They are seems nice much more her husband. It's nice to learned that they speaks cebuano as well. It's just kinda funny cos everytime we meet a filipina we have to speak tagalog or english first so just incase, thought they couldn't understand us when we are talking cebuano lol! When we know that they are Dumaguete the husband and Wife from Leyte and me from Cebu, we were laughing that why we had to speak tagalog haha!. Actually these couple they've met in Cebu City during their college days in San Carlos University. I told the girl that it's their destiny hehe! They gonna be 2 years here in Colorado, but must be 7 years here in US. They based in Arizona actually and moved here in Colorado, the husband's company sent them here. I realized that's why they attend the FCC so they could meet new friends around since I have heard from the husband they don't have friends yet, maybe trustworthy friend they meant. It couldn't be that they haven't found some as they don't consider. We talked a lot and exchange phone numbers. They have 2 kids, a girl and a boy. I sure gonna call them soon and invite to my house and introduce to some friends so they wouldn't be feel bored. They should go around as well and have fun with co-filipiinas.

Police CD!

I think I should spread the Happy and Good News here in my blogpost that the new compilation police cd is out of the market already. So it means they are waiting for us to grab. As I have said before I love to collect cd's and it's one of their cd's I love to collect and buy. I can't wait to these people to have a concert here in Denver so I could watch them too. Might too soon, who knows. I can't wait to grab my husband and daughter to watch the show. I would probably kiss each one of them haha since Im one of their avid fan. Hubby knows how I love music and stuffs. Im one of a vocalist band before and I know how it felt being one. To tell you the one of my other fav song from them is "Every Breath You Take" really cool! this compilation contains essential and important music and therefore far exceeds most greatest hits packages, listeners should steer wide and clear of it for other available Police collections. Listeners who don't want or need to invest in the group's complete recordings but who take their Police collection seriously should probably opt for 1998's superior Greatest Hits. Still, the issuance of a warning about the earlier compilation is, I think, very necessary.

So hurry guys get one of their new compilation police cd which Police are one of the most important, influential and versatile bands in rock history, so it's that much more frustrating that this supposedly quintessential greatest hits package that is most prominent and available to music fans falls so short of delivering the goods.

Hurry guys let's grab of their cd's NOW and enjoy the music Hard Rock!

Attended Filipino Festival Community (Recap for the Day)

Hi guys! We been so busy today that's why I had no update here since this morning but on my other blog, my blogspot since it's already been accepted by PPP. Thanks goodness! but yeah it's really catching up my breath and my time for making opps lol!

At 11-12 am we waited the Fil-Am couple to pick up our balikbayan box. They did at almost noon time. We had a bit chikka. Later then we all prepared for we planned to go to Fil-Am Association here in Denver. It was quite farther away from us like 30 minutes to drive something like that. We left the driveway at past 1:30 pm. I thought we were really late since it had been started from 11 am, but goes to until 5 pm. My it was even traffic on the free way an hated some of the driver would cut you off made hubby pissed lol! who wouldn't anyway, me on the other hand was kinda mumbling to hit the butt haha! There are just some bad drivers everywhere but it's not as much in the other state though. I still believe here is much more organize in terms of traffick on roadways. It's neat and clean. Wide roadways and stuffs.
On the way hubby were looking for wellsfargo back to withdraw a cash, I was kinda disappointed why he didn't drop by somewhere near our house but then he didn't care about that cos he still believe he could find a back someweher on the way close to where the "kalingawan" going on. Ther we found the TFC bank.
We got at 2 oclock pm in our Destination and thanks goodness we found a good parking space rigth then.
Lots of fun going around. We headed in bought a ticket for us to get some meals. Inside the hall we pigged out an lot of filipinas, talking, chit-chatting and too noisy hehe! It's like I was in Philippines nga kasaba gyud hehe! THere I met Nely who is my friend. She is one of the member in the association, helping out some things there. She is nice but sadly she doesn't have kid. She likes Nicole so much and just grabbed here around. Introduced us to her other friends. I forgot what was their names hehe.

After eating we watched the fun different kind of dance interpretation. And one band that I don't know who they are were singing. Gosh they were too loud as in my ear drum would break down haha! Nicole had so much fun banging her head while listening the band at the same time. Haha people were watching at here cos she's a head banger little girl. As in they were laughing and find it so cute. She is really into music though! I captured some videos which Im going to share later, it was just a few seconds. There is the videor of the band sitting beside us and videoing Nicole for a while since she finds it cute and funny. Nicole really didn't get shy. She just keeps on going until the songs stops. As if her time. We put her in stroller so she couldn't go run around. Hubby's instinct was really right.

After more than half an hour hubby let her go, which after having our Halo Halo too. Nicole would like to go out her stroller and being Naughty. Gustong magpakawala. She hates being tied up haha! So then hubby let her got out and held in the arm but she wanted to be free and walk in the middle of the audience hehe! Instead the people were looking at the band, they were looking at here since she's a thick face little girl, she's dancing in between the ground. Haha people were amused. I had to grabbed her back. But then she went back ahead still. Well, my back hurt of chasing her so I gave up.

Gosh the weather was toooooo hot. Believe me I had to buy halo halo few times co I feel so thirsty. After one or two hours of watching the show I asked hubby to go home since Nicole is getting Naughty. I bet she does that it's bcos she though people always like her. But heck she should should follow us sometimes. I know she is only a child wanting to be free and look for kids to play as well. She is very sociable little girl type of person. We got home and took a nap from 6pm to 11pm. And here I am facing the pc.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Online Game Show!

Guys there is fun thing going on in cos do you know what? is offering us the chance to win a huge array of prizes in our online contests! The contest prize values range from $10 to $600 and will be displayed in each contest. These online contests are open exclusively to members of It's free to join. Just sign-up. Once we are a member, we can enter each contest once via the WhoGetsTM website. There's nothing to buy and no offers to complete. We will never receive spam e-mails. There will be hundreds of contests. The online contests take places in two phases: the semi-final round and the final round. The semi-final round will usually last for 7 to 14 days. During that time, the product to be awarded is displayed and any member can enter the contest to win it. WhoGetsTM runs continuous online sweepstakes with a twist. The twist is that on WhoGetsTM, you get to decide. Who can enter and win? Anyone! Find a prize you gotta have, and enter the contest semi-final pool. If you are randomly selected to be one of the seven finalists, tell the world why you should win, and watch what happens.

What are waiting for guys. Let's JOIN NOW!


I finally became a Disney Channel Fanatic since my kid loves it, so it became my interest already. This is fun to watch, no suspense or anything that is scary or shows. I love this way to have always fun show to watch. This is one of my break time when I don't feel good. It helps ease my feelings and come back being as me lol!

I felt like Im back to being kid and enjoy. You know kids have lots of enjoyment in life and I guess we should imitate them sometimes. Don't take problems in life seriously cos it would make us more older faces hehe!

Life is too short to sob ourselves in problems. But life is Wonderful to Celebrate Everyday and BE HAPPY!

Summer Program with the can offer!

There is a good news for us parents to help us for our kids to expand their learnings and stuffs, It's the Escore has something to offer. Research shows that students lose an average of one month of learning over the summer break. Help our child retain and gain knowledge in an engaging environment with a SCORE! Summer Program. All SCORE! programs combine fun learning with serious academic progress and will help our child start the school year with confidence. With their Summer Program For families seeking the ultimate summer learning experience, our SCORE! MORE program features unlimited sessions and results in serious academic progress. The SCORE! 30 program works best for families on the go with 30 one-hour sessions to be used at your convenience, either intensively or throughout the summer. Their year-round Personal Academic Tutoring program is perfect for summer and leads to dramatic progress: your child could advance 1.5 grade levels in the course of the summer!

This is another great help for us towards our kids. I know it's not easy to handle the stuffs with our kids so Escore is always there for us to help. So guys start browsing their site NOW and get a good help with your kids.

Still Waiting lol!

Im still here in pc sitting. I gonna prepare real soon as the couples would come by to pick up my box. It's almost 11 am now and Im still in my pajama. I gonna get my but out from my chair otherwise I could be late lol! Well, hubby is downstairs to put an address on box. I guess he found a good marker to write down the address clearly.

On the other hand my child is on her bouncer, bouncing while watching her Mickey Mouse in Disney Channel. She loves it so much infact, she doesn't want me and hubby would sing along with the mickies otherwise we would cry out loud and let us stop hehe! Silly little girl. She only wants to sing along with it and concentrate the show. This is a great help for me though while facing the pc while her is having fun the show so I could concentrate a bit here lol! I gotta give her a bath later and be get ready also for the Filipino Festival.

As I have said before that Im already a mother but my child hasn't started going to school yet since she is still small. But we, couple, parents are looking forward for her studies in the future. We believe that our kid has a brighter future if she only use that brilliant mind when she's in school cos she could easily catch up and learn things easily, great imitator as I could say. Yes we are proud to have kid like her but the worries can't be deny that might some of the subjects she couldn't be handle especially in Mathematics. Yes, Mathematics could be too hard at times if you won't give too much time with it. But now my worries has gone when I found this website the Escore where they have this Math Tutors. Yes I still do reckon that Math can be complicated, math can be hard, but once it's understood, math can also be fun. Every SCORE! math program is designed to help your child improve his problem solving skills, while instilling the confidence he needs to believe in his abilities. With the guidance and support of Escore trained Academic Directors, math can become a little less complicated, and—dare we say it—a lot more fun. So whether it's basic addition or complex algebra, at SCORE!, children can catch up, keep up, or get ahead. Im so happy to have found this website it's gonna help me and my kid a lot in the future.

If some of you out there has any problems with your kids poor in Mathematics is there to solve your problem

Waiting for the Box Picker

Hi good morning everyone! Hope things are doing well at your end. Ours here is fine. Our weather is great and would be great to go out as well.

My box will be picked up today later this morning between 11-12 am which Im very thankful so it would get there to my family back home pretty soon. I know they are so excited of the arrival of that stuff and enjoy what they gonna get inside. I can't wait the couple could pick the box up cos we are planning to go to Filipino Festival and I hope we aren't late yet. My friend is on the way there already and I told them we can meet there in the place.

I hope it's gonn be fun and let Nicole see the shows. We been there before I was still preggy on that time. Now that Nicole came out I want to bring her there and have fun. has all you need!

As what I have understand of this night vision is the ability to see in a dark environment. Whether by biological or technological means, night vision is made possible by a combination of two approaches: enhanced spectral range, and enhanced intensity range. Thanks goodness with the inventor of all these stuffs cos this is very useful for us, one of the things is night vision binoculars where we could find it in The best Night Vision Goggles and Night Vision Binoculars available on the market today - from - best brand - ATN, Bushnell, ITT, Konus Night Vision, LOMO PLC, MoroVision, NG Night Vision, Nikon - discounted prices with Free Ground shipping on all night vision goggle and binocular models. OpticsPlanet offers a variety of night vision equipment by ATN, Yukon, Bushnell, Trijicon, Weaver, Aimshot, Insight Technology, ITT & many more. Night vision for various applications, night vision goggles, night vision binoculars, night vision scope, night vision cameras, night vision monocular & night vision rifle scope, from the best gen. 1 scopes to the latest gen 4, thermal imaging and heatseekers too! Their knowledgeable customer service will be able to recommend the best night vision scope for application – neighborhood watch, hunting, security, SWAT, law enforcement and military, they have the right equipment for everyone. In addition, OpticsPlanet offers a full line of military & tactical gear, holsters, flashlights, rifle scopes, rangefinders, binoculars, hearing protection, red dot scopes, tactical gloves, safety goggles & much more.

So start browsing NOW guys with everything you need with their Night Vision, in Low Prices & Free UPS!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Tag from Honeylet

Got Tag from Honeylet!

This have been overdue. Sorry Honeylet for being so lazy of not doing this right away. Hope you have a good time vacationing back there in PI.

1. friends call you: Dauph or Phine

2. are you missing someone right now? My family back home

3. last thing you had: purse, bling, bling, blouses and pants bough in JC Penny

4. currently listening to:

5. school: none this time

6. fave line as of the moment: Obey first before you complain.

7. last thing you bought: as what I have mentioned in "last thing you had"

8. coolest place you've gone to recently: Nothing in particular

9. last good deed: Watching my daughter

10. last person you met up with: Jocely and James Gorsby. We have met in USCIS during our biometric appointment.

11. last sms received: From my husband. I asked a favor to send me the number of shipper who will pick up the package. I had the number already but I change to my old cell phone for now.

12. and you replied? Nothing cos I was late reading it lol! naka silent kasi cell ko.

13. last gift you received: From my good friend cherry from Hawaii. Hawaiian collections.

14. fave color: Pink

15. fave accessories: bracelet, necklace, earrings, rings. Yes obviously Im into jewelries but I don't wear them inside the house, but occasionally

16. one wish, right now: Hope to be in PI and go out for shopping lol!

17. fave cartoon character: Higgly Town Heroes cos it makes me laugh when my daughter imitate twinkle when she would say "Oh pickles" with action on her hand.

18. engaged in what sport? Nah! wala!

19. last time you eat out, where? "Winging It" resto had some spicy chicken wings with stuffed mushroom

20. last thing you searched for: Cell number of someone

21. last real, serious, fight which wasn't resolved: Nothing

22. last thing that made you happy: going out eat and shopping lol!

23. when down, you turn to: my husband

24. last band you saw: Haven't get a chance for now

25. last thing you looked at: Pc while Im typing

26. any stuffed toys on your bed? Yes pinky doggy

27. last download: picture

28.posters on your bedroom walls? Nothing

29. fave cookies: Nothing in particular

30. fave icecream flavor: Strawberry

31. fave myth? Nothing for now

32. fave quote: Your talent is God's gift to you.
What you do with it is your gift back to God

33 last song you heard: Hannah Montana's

34. last thing you read: Princess Collection Book of Nicole

35. last time you thought of politics: wala

36. last time you thought of school: I have no time for it yet

37. last person who IMd you: Eldest sis

38. fave song: A lot. Mention the loves songs, discos

39. first album you had: Can't remember anymore

Tag time to Gretchen, JennyR, Wendy, Arlene, Juliet and Emz