Friday, July 20, 2007

New Found Friend

Tonight is wonderful. We met a korean couple that runs a business here in PalmDale California. Actually hubby met them already last night as he was looking foods for our dinner. I heard lots of good things about them at their first met and I should see them in person too which is today. Hubby took me there and finally I met this lady, the husband, her son and her mother. She is from korea and so as her family, She and her family immigtrating to Canada. She went to LA during her college times and met her husband there too as korean guy lol! What a destiny though! They got one kid. She looks so much younger than her age. At 35 years old, she looks in 20's. She and her family runs a business. I didn't ask so much question how come they lived her in PalmDale though it's not a high population here around this area but something reason behind. It's a coincidence to think her husband were living in Denver before which is just closer to where we lived at. Can you believe that? Anyway we really had so much fun talking and Im so happy to know her bestfriend is filipina named Anna Rita and this korean lady is Julia. Her kid is 3 years old. She is a happy lady. She and her family helping with their business. She is fun to be with though. I told her that I know some words about korean dialects haha, she told me I spoke it well this "Anyo Sayo" lol! Im happy that we got along well together even just a short time. We exchange emails and I gave my number to her incase they want to go to Denver. She is also kinda filipino just the way she is. I have known that before that korean people have lots in common among us pinoy. She is so fun though, she said she is going to give lots of info about this korean drama stuffs like that and where to check them haha! I should have told her I could watch them at youtube, veoh and at crunchy roll, but who knows might she could share me something more. Later then we took pictures together and might I could send some to her.

Anyway Im so glad meeting a new found friend. Our night is wonderful indeed despite of my isolation inside the hotel room lol!

Anyway this is for tonight and I will tell more stories soon. I must go to bed early so I could get more sleep. Take care everyone and God Bless!

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