Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sooo Busy!

It's a laundry day for me today. We brough back loaded of dirty clothes from business trip and vacation. I didn't do laundry inside the hotel or let them do since I thought I can make it at home anyway when gotten back home. So now Im so busy doing all these things. Not just only doing laundry but also cleaning up, organizing things, putting all the things back we brought, giving bath to my daughter and taking a peep of my tasks. Whoah! Don't you think it's a lot of multi-tasking?! Anyway Im loving what Im doing even how tiring rather than looking at those dirty things that gives me headaches if I don't do something.
I woke up late this morning like almost 11 pm. We all went downstairs to have our breakfast and got back up here again cause my daughter went ahead. Hubby told me to follow her and he will just continue doing the dishes downtairs. Thankfully he did it. And followed me later which I told him to bring his laptop back here upstairs so I can download and upload photos from vacation.
Yesterday afternoon when gotten back home, the letters and magazines were scattered on our table. My step son got them all out in the mail box, good boy he took care of them while we were not around. And not only that there was a package was sitting on the table. I asked hubby what was that. He told me to check it. I thought it's electronics things since he loves to buy them online but it was lots of cook books inside it. Well, he just gave what's my wished since I don't know how to cook lots of foods. He got them for me and now I have to flip the pages over so I can get a good menu to cook for everyday. I hope I can do it everyday or even every other day. Naa gyud hangyo. Well, if there is left over of course someone got to eat it haha!
So these are my hinanaing for today. Good Day to each one of you! God Bless! Happpy Sunday!

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Agring said...

Welcome back Dauph. You mean 11:00 a.m. Buti nalang naay washing machine diri kon dili tagbaw ug kusokoso!`lol