Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Just Staying Home!

You must wondered why how do we celerate our 4th of July. None of us interests to go out lol! We decided to stay home and do something. Since the weekends are coming soon again and thats our time of going out. I also was kinda sleepy and not in the mood of going out to eat. We have lots of foods in the ref so why not cooking it for today lol! Natauhan ba? lol! We got back upstairs after doing household chores downstairs and doing my blog header as it was lengthy. I asked hubbys help and he was there to lend a helping hand. Just sometimes Im kinda have a short patience when I realized I can do that lol! I just want him to get up and I would just do it hahaha! what a naughty wife. Well I thought of that too not until he has his own idea how to get the things done faster lol! And on other hand I was able to visit some of my friend around. It makes me feel glad in some ways even I got disappointed for being late refreshing the PPP for tasks lol! Now Im quite happy since I got some good opps lol!

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