Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My morning yaks!

Ugh what happened to my sim of my digi-cam? seems like it's not working at all when I'd like to download all the current pictures. Oh my I hope there is nothing wrong happened with it otherwise it frustrates me huhuhu!

It's already 9:14 am here. Hubby has gone to work but Im kinda naughty cos I keep on calling him on his cell while he is still driving cos I had to ask few things. I didn't like the place he is working right now cos it's kinda further away unlike before that he can only 5 minutes drive away from home. This time it takes like 20 minutes depending the traffic, they moved to a bigger building since last month. It's quite big building though and I saw his office on the first floor. Anyway it's okay. We can't do anything about that.

On the other hand my little girl is watching Little Einstein while she is building her blocks. I just like it when she's watching tv not making a mess lol! Yesterday afternoon there are additional things she can recognize on her chart, the hat, the bunny and egg. Just thankful she doesn't get bored but instead cooperating well and excites everytime. She even bring her stoll to get close to her charts but I don't trust to her at all might she pull them off. I hope next thing she would know more about colors. This time I teach her some basics yet.

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