Friday, December 28, 2007

Toys for Tots urgently needs your help.

It is nice to help people around the world especially for kids who are less fortunate this holiday. Cash is a great way to help them but guys we really don't necessarily to send money to help but through sending a free ecard from month2month to our love ones, family and friends which could trigger cash contributions to Toys for Tots to help these kids who are waiting to received their toy gifts. So I would like to extend to all people out there, please visit this website at where you can get the free ecard to spread around the world, through this you could help a lot of kids. If you wonder how to do it, Here's where to get the month2month free eCards. For the last minute we should do this for the sake of the less fortunate kids to share something for them. We should act now just simple as it is and let these kids around being happy. God Bless Our Hearts!



Bill Grein
Marine Toys for Tots
V: 703-640-9433
F: 703-640-0917

Steven Marcus
V: 914-933-2638
F: 501-325-9147

Marines Toys for Tots Needs Last Minute Help
Quantico, VA. December 21, 2007 / PR Newswire – The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation is making a nationwide last minute appeal for more toys. Since time is critical as they go into their toy distribution phase this weekend the Foundation is encouraging people to make cash contributions because it allows them to purchase the toys they need to fill in gaps and match the remaining needs.
One novel way to get cash immediately into the hands of the Marines is to send lots of holiday eCards to everyone you know., a free eCard website has agreed to contribute up to $50,000 when their cards are sent and received.
Bill Grein, Vice President for Marines Toys for Tots, said: "Cash contributions are critical for us at this time because we can purchase the toys we need and can place them where they are needed most at the last minute. It will help us close a gap in many areas where the economy, toy recalls and even bad weather have caused us to come short of our goals so far. We urge everyone to take advantage of this wonderful offer from Month2Month."
John Aslanian, CEO of said: "We are expecting to have 1 million cards sent in the next few days that could result in a contribution of up to $50,000. We know that for some the economy might be putting a crimp in their generosity. But what this can do is to save them the cost of buying cards and the postage. We are asking everyone to send these cards, even if they already sent other cards, to help make this a merry Christmas and happy holiday for many more needy children." cards are all produced by top-notch artists working in a loft studio just outside of New York City. The cards show great care in design and detail and often take weeks or months to complete. They are all professionally animated often requiring hundreds of frames to get the motion to look smooth and flowing. is a privately held online greeting company founded in 2005. The site offers free high quality online greeting cards and can be found at
This year marks the 60th anniversary for the Toys for Tots tradition of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. In 2006, Toys for Tots delivered more than 19.2 million toys to over 7.6 million children.

was reading for her

I was reading for Nicole. It is kinda a bit hard when I read a books for her cause she wants to hold the book. All she wants to do is pointing all those characters and name who they are. She would imitate the looks of them thouh lol! She is quite funny girl. She loves books though, where I believe she got it from her daddy. For now I won't force her to do reading since I know she is still too young for it. When I see that she's interested with a thing I will support her, that's the time I would do something. I still believe watching tv help her a lot also. She knows different kind of animals.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

CompuCram - Exam Prep Software

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I have a friend that her husband wanted to be a real estate broker, this might help so I would surely send this to her so her husband can check this website.

Just feeling good

I felt good that I almost done with my laundry. If you only knew how high my dirty clothes sat in our hamper, it was overflowing itself and I just couldn't stand looking at it. It was from holiday dirty stuffs, for being so busy I wasn't able to do them all not after Christmas. Yeah that's how busy I am today actually since yesterday. I also vacuumed and our room looks very clean now. Oh I just feel good about it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

EarthFrisk.Org - First Meta Social Search Engine

For most bloggers out there including myself, for sure we are longing to have a page rank or highter and wanted always be on top in search engine. Yeah, a lot of us waiting to get their page rank back. If you guys are one of it come to this website now at where this is the People's search engine where the communities votes and comments to give you a rating that anyone can check by looking at the toolbar, this is so called CV Rating. This is cool indeed to get the page rank we have been waiting for. Now if you are interested come to this website now at for more information. This is the largest and first rating systmer in the internet.

Kinda blurry

Ugh my eyes are kind blurry this time. Oh well from being so busy from the last week this is what I gonna get, busy and lack of sleep, especially we just celebrated Christmas day yesterday and last night. It was really fun indeed. Have you remember I received two bottle of gold medal wine? Yeah the two grown up men drank of the bottle. I teased them if they want to get drunk haha. It's nice to see hubby drinking alcohol once in a while cause usually he doesn't drink alcohol, it is so rare but last night I was happy he had a good time drinking with his son.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mohmad Zein's Channel

Guys you should know that there is great website you can look upon any kind of videos in Mohamad Zein's Channel that can be found at You can watch any kind of fun videos in here, infact I had just browse through Santa Clause video. It was indeed cool and especially the website. So come on now check it out. You can see the Top Videos and many more.

Just watched Mulan

I have just watched Mulan. I really love this show though. It breaks my heart when she was crying in the middle of the snow when the captain found out she's a woman. I guess there is nothing wrong for being woman if she can do just like other men to protect their country. One of the best thing too is she helped her father since he's already old and disabled, so how her father can help protect their countrymen. I guess she did the right thing she saved everyone.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Biotene can help

It is really difficult when we get gum bleeding and bad breath. Yes, I don't deny that I been through it but the help of my going to dentist every 6 months help. This time I don't get my appointment yet and I notice my lower gum is bleeding especially when I brush it a little harder or it justs bleed in no time without me knowing it. I have told hubby to get me a toothpaste that would treat my gum to stop bleeding,and not only that I get sensitive teeth that when I drink cold water it hurts or it felt aweful but now I'm glad to have found this website at where they offer a great product of biotene for sensitive teeth. Since it is holiday and I just couldn't get the early time for me to have appointment to my dentist I would use this biotene for the maintime. I have heard a lot of feedback how this works really good though, that is why I can't also wait to grab one for me when I get to the store. I also would love to get plenty of these to send to my family back home since they don't really go to dentist often. I'm so worried about them since I have heard from dentist that if you don't take of your teeth really well when you reach at the age of 40 your teeth will be gone. So I'm thankful to have this website and I would gladly to purchase this sensitive toothpaste. It is hard to smile and talk when you do have gum bleeding and bad breath. It is really gross! Anyway I have found out from this website that causing of gum bleeding and bad breath is because of dry mouth. So guys, if you needed some for yourself come to this website at, their product is very cheap, good to treat any kind of problems if you teeth such a sinsivity when you drink cold water because that is what I encountered before, gum bleeding and bad breath. Indeed, BIOTENE can help!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Felt Disappointed

I felt so disappointed when I deleted my post accidentally. It was such a frustrating indeed to me. I hope I can hear their response regarding about that and let me put it back. On the other hand we are still here downstairs. I just got done vacuuming on the floor again and cleaning the kitchen and living room. I reminded Nicole to not get a mess since I'm tired following her mess and doing the same work over and over. I even wanted to go to sleep but how can I since she is wide awake and invigorating.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The New Michael Vick Dog Toy!

To all those who have dogs out there, you might want to check this website guys at where they offer such a strong and durable "A Michael Vick Dog Toy for all of our dog's greatest revenge fantasies"! Yeah this website has just been releasing this kind of toy which is Vick Plush Dog Toy not a chew toy. This is the way to show how dog can give a revenge to all the people who do cruel things to do them and being abusive to animal. You should know guys that when your purchase one for you, some of the money will goes to charity to help the dog being abused. For more information go click their website now.

My feet are cold

It is so cold here again. Whoah! my feet are cold. I even put the heater closer with me lol! The sun didn't just show up though unlike yesterday it was such a perfect one even there are still snow on the ground but atleast it helps to melt the snow away. How about you there guys? I just have wondered yesterday that at my friend's area they have thicker snow compare ours here. Anyway they are in North and we are in South of Denver, it must been snowing a lot to them.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

How Works

Do you know guys that the has revolutionized the way borrowers obtain mortgage loans online? Yeah they made and online morgage auction for all people who are seeking to have the best deal of loan that offers through auction. This is really great indeed for all borrowers ou there. So this is such a great chance for everyone out there. You shoudl know guys it is just so easy to apply, all you have to do is complete the short application online and they don't even need your social security number. Then these lenders competer to each other to bid the lowest price to work for you and process your mortgage loan. How nice of them though! So guys if you are really looking don't hesitate to check out their website now at and check yourself How Works. This is the best way to get the best deal of getting a mortgage.

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Funny one

Nicole is such a funny little girl. She wants to be half naked I mean topless since her daddy goes to sleep for topless. Golly she always wants to be like her father. I couldn't believe how come they can stand to this cold weather. Me, no way I always wanted to have thick clothes and thick blanket on me to make me warm otherwise I'll shivers lol! Anyway I thought kids are really fun to imitate what we do. I guess that's how they learn from though. They are so cute indeed. Grocery Coupons

Do you guys looking for a brand coupons online? Then come to this place now at where they offer tons of brand Grocery Coupons that you can never find in any other website. They will send out direct coupon mailers to all shoppers, and create online coupons to distribute on the Internet. Yes this is how great they are to help people doing groceries. To save a lot of money and buy things cheaper because of their coupon codes. So if you guys are looking start browsing through their website now at for all the coupons you needed. I really needed this badly since I have a toddler, I needed to save some money especially she still having her formula milk and some other foods as her intake. Atleast it could help me save some of my budget and instead spend also to other important things that we needed. We actually do grocery like every week or every other two weeks. Since I have two grown up men who are living with me here, plus me and my daughter so we consume a lot of food. I'm so glad to have found this website the because it is going to save me from buying a full price of grocery items. Guys you should also browse through their website now for your help. Enjoy shopping while also saving!

Have gone to bed

Nicole and hubby are gone to bed right now. Hubby needed to since it his work day tomorrow. Actually it is already late for him though, I pity on him. We should have came back home early so we could also done things early as well. Poor him! Anyway he is already gone to bed and hoping he will get the good rest and wake up with no headaches at all. I don't want him to go work with headaches since it bugs his work.

FREE online greeting cards

I haven't send out snail mail Chritmas greetings to my friends around the globe for a very hectic schedule but I'm glad to have stumbled this website at where it offers FREE online greeting cards that I can send to them through online. This is also the cheapest way I can greet my friends to extend my best regards, wishes and happy Christmas. If you guys haven't sending one to your friends come to this website now at because they have tons of ecards to send out to your family, friends and love ones especially this season. They have almost everything, even you are in other countries.

Just got back home

We just got home from partying with friends, a Christmas party. We had lots of fun though, eat a lot since lots of foods too. Lots of people were attended. It was such a blast indeed. I was disappointed that my camera died on me. I just took some few pictures, I didn't know that I needed to charge before we had gone to the party. I borrowed my friends' camera. Anyway we feasted the lechon baby, it was really tasty infact it's the main food I keep coming back to puknit haha! I will post some pics when I can.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The best surf, skate, bikini, & fashion news site

My stepson loves skateboarding infact he does it with his friends especially during summer. I thought that is too dangerous but I have realized it is a fun thing to do because usually he skateboarding after his school. Who know it's one of his relaxation time from being so busy studying. Anyway I have bumped to a website that is for sure he is going to love at because this is the best surf, skate, bikini, & fashion news site. Might he can find some interesting news about his hobby. And for all girls like me lol! This is also the best thing to read for the news of what's the latest trends fashion. As we all know ladies loves clothing, style and a new style that comes out. It is one of women's passion. How can we be beautiful without those? So it is a must for us ladies. I'm just glad to have found this website as the source for all news such as latest Surfing News, Skateboarding News, Wakeboarding News, Resort News, Kiteboarding News, Snowboarding News, Fashion News, Swimwear News, Gift News, Souvenir News, Boutique News, Beach Lifestyle News, and Youth Culture News. Might your hubbys can be found in here too. So guys check out their website now for more information. I also would like to share what is the show they held in Florida, Surf Expo hold two show each year in Orlando Florida, but the news they cover is worldwide, with California, Hawaii, The East Coast, Europe, and Australia particular hotspots. So guys you should watch this out. So keep looking the website so you can track it up.

Kinda quiet

It's kinda quiet right now in my household since my little one had fallen asleep since 15 minutes ago. I bet the weather makes her feel sleepy though lol! I'm also have wanting to go to bed and join and snuggle her. For now I'm making my tasks online, so far the PPP didn't give so much big opps. I'm waiting for the good ones, I hope it will come out right soon. Anyhow, I will be enjoying for now but if I can't keep my eyes open I will head to bed lol!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

It is so important to have insurance

Having any kind of insurances do really make a big difference to our lives. Some of the insurance I know are Life insurance, Home insurance, Car insurance and Health insurance. Those things are the most important to have a secure life when something's happen, as we all know life is unpredictable. In our part, hubby made sure he got it all. It is hard for me to hear him when he said about death but what can I do, he is just reminding and giving me lesson so whatever happen (God Forbids) he said me and Nicole will be taking care of. It's really awful to talk about this but I guess we should be open minded. Anyway if you guys looking a cheap quote of life insurance, Home insurance and Car insurance come and visit now at since they can provide you all that. They can give you the best quote you never have had before. So start browsing throug now. This is your chance to get the insurances you needed that suit your needs.

Just had a good time here

I'm having fun right now listening to the songs I have recorded at Well, for now but later on I have to stop this since it's bothering me while posting a new entry lol! On the other hand I'm cooking rice right now and might I will also fry some dried fish. I will look at my pantry if there still corned beef that's left. Im miss to eat it already. Even I don't have corned beef just like they way back home but it is okay. I will just make it up when we go back to Philippines for a visit.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Send fee eCards and raise money for Toys for Tots

Holiday is here and I believe during this season is time for giving, showing the love and the care to others especially who are less fortunate living in this world. I have found such a great way to help this children living in poverty is by sending an eCard to friends, family, love ones as the way to raise money for Marines Toys for Tots. Might you have wondered what is Marine Toys for Tots all about, It is 60th anniversary for the Toys for Tots tradition of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves this year. In 2006, Toys for Tots delivered more than 19.2 million toys to over 7.6 million children. Unfortunately, with over 13 million children living in poverty, Toys for Tots needs our help so they can reach their goal of delivering a toy to all children in need. For all we care to this kids all have to do is just send an eCard from, so Here's where to find Toys for Tots free eCards, just click the page and send eCards to anyone for free, no need to sign up or register, no subscriptions. This is totally FREE to send eCards. We are not only saving money from buying a card to greet anyone but also we can help children in poverty by having a free toy from Marine Toys for tots. So guys let's help them by spreading this eCards whole wide world!

Why why why?

It makes me feel bad after eating peanut cause it gives me little bumps on my forehead just like pimples. This frustrates me big time. Why why why! It is too temting to eat peanut but what can I do? I'm touching my bumps on my forehead and I can feel it. Whoaah! I hope this would gone away. I'm so envy with hubby cause he eats peanut in regular basis and so does Nicole but they don't get any bumps on their forehead. Sometimes I like to pick it though cause it's bothering me a lot. If only I could just scrape it lol! but it's going to be ouch!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dial Flight

I couldn't wait to go to Florida again to have a vacation and visit my sister-in-law. I always have fun with their beaches even I just look at them by far and of course the hotel we are going to stay. When hubby would announce to me that we will be taking our vacation in there I would surely introduce this website since it offers flights to Florida USA, since their company offers flights, hotels & travel ideas worldwide. It would have been nice to go there since it is holiday. Hmm! What if I would suggest to him to take our holiday vacation this time. Dialflight give me such a good idea.

Running back and forth

My golly! When does she gets to finish her food? Nicole keep going back and forth eating and watching tv. Since the Manny and the Tools is on show she keeps running over on the recliner and watch it, then later she would come back again on the table to eat. I got dizzy of looking at here running back and forth. Too bad we still don't replaced her broken tv upstairs yet since the two big guys are still thinking of the will get the flat screen tv. But I have suggested to have hubby he better spend the money with the other things that is more important than that since we already have tv. He only needs to buy small tv for Nicole.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Spain, Barcelona and Alicante Hotels

I saw Spain in a movie when I watched Cheetah girls. It such a beautiful place I could say, the architectural building, Tappas and the bullfighting as an entertainment, especially that Spain has become a much more diverse place to enjoy a holiday with the cities of Madrid, Seville and Barcelona offering sophisticated dining and entertainment to balance the beach going holiday makers from Europe’s North. How nice to go there this time, it is just the perfect place to celebrate this season and we would surely stay at spain hotels as the accomodation of me and my family. Within the place Barcelona is good to visit as well, to check their La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's architecture, Zoo in Parc Cuitadella, markets and many more. This is one of my dream to see the place and it has to offer and there is no problem where to stay at because the barcelona hotels is just right there for us. And when we are done in Barcelona, we get to move to see the Alicante place with it's historical buildings-Castillo de Santa Barbara, Guadalist Monastery and many more. Huh this should be seen when we visit in there in the near future because we have been dreaming to tour around the world and we wouldn't miss seeing this place and if confused where to stay at, well they have the best place to have an accomodation at alicante hotels for us to stay. It is such an affordable hotels that the has to offer.

What a cold weather we got today

What a cold weather we got today in our area. Since I'm waiting for hubby here downstairs so I deal with the coldness. Nicole looks fine to me. I don't know why she seems couldn't feel cold at all or it is just kids things. Anyway I just wear back my long jacket since the coldness is just unbearable. It even makes me sleepy though and wanted to take a nap. Maybe because I also just had done having my lunch with my family at Chinese Super Buffet. Seems my eyes couldn't wait to shut down lol! But have to open them wide because we still have some important matters to do outside.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Have you guys looking for a discount coupon codes? You should look no further than getting them at where they provide tons of discount code for you to have a big discount to shop at the branded name merchandise including Dell,, Eddie Bauer, and Sephora and many more. WOW! I can't wait to grab a coupons code from them since I haven't purchase any yet for the Christmas present of my family. Just indeed the perfect place and website to grab those discount code to save money from shopping online and any other store. So guys if you haven't gotten any yet browse through the website now at for your service because this website is an an e-commerce search site specializing in coupons, rebates, sales, etc. which you couldn't find in any other website.