Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My trick worked well

This early morning like 7 am, the cell was ringing and so it bothered me and Nicole with our sleep. Nicole got up but I couldn't care of her on that time snce my eyes were still closed up lol! She had wanted to get out of bed, so I thought of something else to make her stay in bed. Since we bought her a new sandal for inside the room I put them on her feet and I was so glad that my tricked were working well. She stayed in bed with her slippers on and she was engrossed with it and have fun as if she is really happy and contented having them on her feet. She played it for a minute and settled down when I told her to go back to sleep. She then went to sleep by leaning on me. I was so thankful cos she's being cooperative. We both went back to sleep and woke up at past 9 am. That was so great and I love the trick I made for her haha! Afterall she loves her pair of sandal or slipper lol! Good girl! May you keep that up Nicole! So when we got up she got a reward from mommy, she got her milk and her pandisal haha!

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