Saturday, May 26, 2012


I was very disappointed of my sister when she went back home for a visit without me. We both agreed to go home together, but I felt betrayed when she turned her back on me and just went home without me knowing. How unfaithful. Well, it's over and I need to get over it. In the end, she is still my sister and just can't hold grudge forever. I forgive although I can't forget.. lol! That's life all about, move on and make things work out. Anyway, it looked and sounded her vacation was a blast together with the family back in the Philippines. She was able to attend the fiesta that was going on for days and nights in a row. She ate all the foods she had craved for and the places she wanted to see over again. She was also able to celebrate her birthday over there with her loving husband. She said that she got a lot of things for our family when she went there such as BLU cigarettes, apparels for adults and kids, shoes, soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, chocolates and many more. For sure she spent a fortune when visiting but what matters most was she was able to see my family once again and spent quality time together.
How fun that was! Hopefully, we will all go together next year!

Little Cramps

I have a little cramps from time to time today. Oh this monthly period is just annoying. My uncomfortable days of the month. What can I do, but to deal with it heartily. It is difficult being a woman. I guess I just can't complain, every woman goes through this process and pain so be it.

I can't wait to go to bed and just sleep all I want. I forgot that my daughter has no school tomorrow, friends and I have agreed to go somewhere meet some other friends. It is going to be fun once again. We are going to get together, eat some foods we crave and chit chat.