Thursday, July 12, 2007

Digging In

Nicole and I are in downstairs now. I just been digging the freezer to see something to cook. I saw some beef, pork for tinola later and Im kinda excited to cook for it. But before that I saw a dried fish and Im also would like to cook it. I don't care if it would stink or not lol! I been missing it for not eating it quite sometimes now. Hm, if it stinks they shouldn't smell it haha! Silly me! For now I will boil some water for my noodles. I will just cook the meat later this afternoon for dinner. I already fed Nicole with the left over pizza and Im also preparing for the toddler food for her. So she will be pigged out. She is still besides me eating his fav pizza. She will be look like a kitten again haha! So cute littel girlash! Love her soooo much!

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