Friday, July 6, 2007

Good Night Everyone!

I was so very hungry earlier and asked favor to hubby if he can get something for me. I ate late at lunch cos I was too busy cleaning up downstairs. Wasn't able to cook afterwards since I got so dizzy after cleaning. So he asked what food I'd like to have. Went down and cook hotdog in the bun. I thought of having it with rice but I run out of left over rice already so I just let him get a bun instead. And I guess it's not good time to cook rice since it was too late at night like past 11 pm. I just stayed upstairs to watch Nicole over while she is asleep since that's what he wanted me to do just to stay with Nicole and he can do it by himself no need my help. So sweet of him. Now im in big relief cos Im full now.

I must go now though cos my eyes are hardly open. It's like Im typing without looking at my pc lol! I must say good night to you all!

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