Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Such a Thoughtful Friend!

My friend in Hawaii had sent me some collection souvenier stuffs. Yes indeed she is such a generous person. She suprise me with it. I got a musical dancing hula doll, slepper key holder, handcradfted wood magnet and lots of post cards. Wow I was so amazed when I received all of them. I never knew till hubby told me that there is something package he got from our mailbox and I should look at it where it come although he knew about it already. Thank You So Much "Cherry" for being so thoughtful, generous friend. I owe you a lot. Im too shy already bcos the gift that I supposed to be sending for you have been stuck yet. Been so lazy to wrap it up. From your package it gives me lesson to move my butt for it and should be sending sooner. Once again Thank you, I just love the stuffs you sent for me! Those are lovely and gorgeous dancing hula doll hehe, for me this is imported and special since it came from hawaii. Aloha! Will call you soon!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Sleepy Head!

*Yawn* *yawn* *yawn*, Yes I am really sleepy this time as I woke up early in the morning at 6 am to prepare our breakfast, actually it's main for hubby and so I cooked also for Nicole and including me pod daw lol! It's kinda funnny cos there is a one thing that surprise me while I was cooking the egg and sausage, it was a biscuit that I supposed to bake in the oven, since it was my first time opening the can so I just started reading what's the direction and so on but one thing I missed out was that I didn't know it's going to pop after peeling it hehe! What a heck was it, to tell you it startled me and was paused for a seconds thinking what's happening lol! I thought I made something that was dangerous haha! Sigh this is what you get and meet through while you are start learning to cook. Hubby reminded me before that he will just be the one to do it and I miss his explaination since I just went downstairs and have a confidence I could do it myself. Now I know what to expect hehe! No more startled next time or meron pa? Wheeew!

I will be heading to bed soon and so as Nicole, I hope she gonna take a nap too with me even it is still morning but she woke up too early like me so probably, fingers crossed, so I can take my rest before going out and heading to North of Denver as there is a Farewell Party for our friend Suzane. It would be nice to have fun when we are vigorous otherwise I'll be lousy. Hubby would come home early today and we will go together to pick up a cake in grocery store and head to our destination. Gosh we haven't looking up the address in mapquest yet. I'll let hubby do it since seems I can't open my eyes for being sleepy head. Sigh I even still dishes that are waiting for my hands but maybe I'll wash it when I wake up later or before I go to bed.

I gotta go now friendship. May all your days be filled with fun and blessed! Take care!

Please read on my other blog as I have other update in there! See you also guys over there!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Travel Channel!

Tonight we watched the Travel Channel and guess what on the show? They shoot it in Phil, wow I was amazed and happy when I see Phil in tv show as I have been wishing before that they should have gone there and see the beauty of our country with the 7,107 islands to see. Hmm it was just kinda a bit weird since most of the show they taping about this "Unsual Food" ngeeek I said to myself how could they only shoot that why not the other good things, however Im still kinda happy those people around in the market in quiapo, I realized what a crowded people we got when I saw it on tv. The weirder foods is in Manila part since I haven't seen like unsual food like that in cebu. While watching the show my step-son asking his dad when we gonna go back to Phil, hmm seems he loves philippines so much and would love to go to Palawan as well and so as other places. Hubby just responded him back that we are still in the process of my papers to get a new gc. Fingers crossed to have a vacation in Phil this year. I miss the kaon and everything lol! just except when people are dashing coming home to meet us and always asking pasalubong aww! that hurts in the pocket lol! Yes I understand that I can give once but not over and over I can see a lot of faces everyday lol! Well, Wish Im a billionaire to give them anything they want lol!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Friday!

Whewww! Im kinda tired right now. Seems you wonder why I always likes saying it lol! Well my laundry hasn't done yet and I will be looking forward to cook for dinner this afternoon. Actually I made already a mashed potato and it was succeed hmm with the help a little bit of hubby too lol!but I did the most thing I told him everytime let me do it so I could remember all the things. Seems Im getting addicted to cooking now cos imagine I cooked the mashed potato this morning for our dinner meal lol!. It's really fun but tiring! It's okay. Doing laundry is not that so hard since Im just going to put in the washer and dryer but the tiring part is folding them and ironing some of the clothes that needed to. Im kinda getting rest from Nicole's messeng up right now too since she's taking her nap session so I could be able to do lots of things around.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Yes I made it!

Yes I made it, you wonder what is it? Hmm I woke up at 7 am which hubby almost ready to go downstairs for work. Thanks to him cos I was able to wake up by his noise while taking a bath. I knew he would have let me sleep and doesn't want me to wake up from sleeping. I got up and went straight downstairs preparing his cereal for breakfast then I got two lunch boxes for his lunch sandwiches plus just a small tupperware for his fruits since I let him bring it too, it's kind like fruit salad yummy yummy lol! It was my very first time preparing him a meal for work though. It was just sooo easy and I guess I can make it always since from this morning.

Now Im counting up the days more to go when I get the thing I like him to buy it for me. I felt so bad why I didn't do this so much. Im so happy making a meal for him and I should do this all the time. I know he doesn't force me to do meals for him and doesn't me to bother at all especially in the morning. I start this one so Im always gonna make it, it's not bcos I want the things why I do this but I should do this bcos I needed to take care of him and Im the wife and need to prepare his foods. Whoaaa Im kinda feeling guilty though while happy cos I made it this day! Hmm it makes me eager to cook more food for hime but of course Im not going to forget jotting it on the calendar how many days would left, way to go Dauphine, I know kaya ko to! He is only asking for a month cooking for meal but Im gonna this forever! I wanna learn to cook American foods and whatsoever that I can see any recipes in internet by surfing. It's time for me to know and take care of the foods. You know this is just the only thing I wasn't fond to do it's bcos I didn't feel like it and wasn't willing to learn but now "I DO". Im listing some of the recipes I got from friend and some from internet, love to get them and cook for hubby and family. Hope to keep it up! Fingers crossed!

I gotta go back to bed so I will be kicking and alive when we do groceries since a lot of aisle to walk through, needed to be vigourous lol!

Have a great day Everyone! Oh yeah before saying bye bye I would like to report our weather here, it's not so good though, the sun is not showing up and we have a cold weather today! Hmm whatever it is, it won't be the hindrance of going out shopping for groceries otherwise I couldn't cook, oh no!

Okay Have a Great Day Everyone!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Tiring and Sleepy!

Ahhh we just got back home from eating out in China Super Buffet near us. I never thought about it that we will go out to eat until hubby called me on his way home, I asked what's all about to celebrate, it's his youngest son about this prom being a prince. Oh okay, Nicole were still in deep slumber when he said that we must be prepared and telling me just don't change Nicole's clothes whatever she wears it's fine but no whatever her say I won't let it happen that just grab nicole without changing anything. So I grabbed her clothes right away out from her closet and dressed her up even she doesn't like it. She didn't fuss so much when I did it. I had to change my clothes as well. On the way to the resto Nicole was in a good mood but when we got inside the resto the chinese people met her on our way as usual they like to play and hold her up around, she didn't like it and opposing back saying NO, she cried and her dadda was in her rescue, I just told them that she just woke up and that's why gets cranky and so they understand, they just let them let go of her and give her time. When we had our food she wanted to do it on her own and with crankiness in her head. Everytime she response is shaking her head and a big NO, I call her maldita that moment. Later on she calmed down and being herself and start getting along with the people. There she had fun again playing the owner of the resto and the waitresses. After eating I got so tired I don't know why and so does hubby, he is now in bed being down snoring lol! I guess it must have something to do with our weather since it's raining. Sooner I will be gone to bed as well. Im kinda really tired as well and sleepy. I forgot to put a cover in bed, I was even thinking to do it but hubby laid their already and I can't do it this time yet maybe tomorrow hopefully.

Nicole on the other hand is playing with books sitting on the floor flipping over the pages. I hope she is going to sleep soon so I could sleep too.

I gotta end up here for now. I must be get ready to go to bed. I don't wanna be so tired when doing groceries tomorrow.

Goodnight Everyone!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Day!

What a day for me cos you know what I was so sleepy all day long for some reason I wasn't able to sleep right away last night when I have gone to bed. I kept on tossing and turning my mind didn't just settle down for 30 minutes, where in the world my mind went? I woke up at 11 am this morning which is not enough for me, I still feeling dizzy and just want to go to bed but I was just able to take a nap when Nicole did but it didn't take that long it was only an hour, I need more that that you know lol!

As I have said from my previous post last night that hubby is going to do filling the tax refund papers which is he really doing since this morning. I tried hard not to bother him but I couldn't since Nicole made a scene downstairs with her daddy while me I entertained them with the songs of hanna montana which Im singing along with the karaoke of course I used the mic so for like less than an hour I bothered hubby which I shouldn't have done it lol! Eventually he got tired of it always keep listening the music all over and over again. So Nicole and I just got back upstairs cos she keep on touching things which are not supposed for her to touch, you know documents all over the center table and the couch. Everytime Nicole gets closer I had to grab her otherwise it would all be mixed up cos she couldn't resist.

So now Im just doing the laundry while facing the pc at the same time and Nicole is on her position watching the Disney Channel, good thing.

Goodnight everyone!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Middle of Furious! Bad Hair Day daw?

Today been so busy for us to shop some new things for our house although the weather wasn't that good for us but everything went well and I had so much fun as usual. We had lunch at China Buffet before heading to Best Buy and Circuit City. We went home did some cleaning organizing things bit by bit and now it turning to be more homey than it used to be. I guess we should have done it before but bcos for some reason it was pending, but now Im kinda really eager to change things to new although some of them are not that too old like over 2 years old but I just have the urge to change them if hubby would permit me too hehe but he said it's fine lol! I know it's not easy to do all these things in a short time but I know we will get there pretty soon. I guess I just want to get it done sooner so there won't be bothersome in my mind which is lacking or whatsoever. For sure Im gonna have so much fun with my filipina friends later cos they can do disco inside hehe and hubby have planned to get a disco light since the stereo has built something for a disco lights, wow how excited it is. Im thinking that I could do dancing downstairs everyday with Nicole hehe! I felt sorry with hubby since he vacuum most of the time though I helped a little bit but I know it's not tiring as he is. There is still some stain on the carpet and thinking of calling a stainer company that would clean up cos hubby said he couldn't do anything with it just to vacuum them it needed some attention from someone.

We just got back upstairs and it's already past 2 am and still has the time to jot down something here in my blog, just to think I need to update this once in a while otherwise it would not be lively as it could be. As I was surfing and visiting my friendster page it came back to my mind what my friend told me who posted our pic in her friendster gallery during our younger photos that our neighborhood in Phil left a comment in our photo which is a bit "panaway ba" criticism about our photo especially she said it more on me. So I checked it there and read it, it really insults me deeply, I just ignored it for a while but then tonight what's in my mind that I visited back again to my friend's pic and re-read again the comment so it came up to my mind that there is really something smelly to what she said.. in her comment is like this.. "grabe naman na uy, mga local beauties, hehehehe.... bad hair days pa kaayo mo dha. labi na dauphin, heheheheh" do you think it's funny? so it hurts my ego and make me so furious. So I wrote something back there in my shoutout and in blog friendster. I guess she could read it by now so she knew what I feel and what she commented was a sarcasim and criticism. I bet she is just full of insecure of and jealous. Anyway you can ready my letter to her in my bravenet journal. Tuo tingali na dli lang ko masakitan na kong masakitan mangtas pa sa tanang mangtas, don't ever hurt me otherwise you can see dauphine can be tiger pod. Don't try me bcos Im not going to let you rest till I get revenge. BUt I guess I should have let it go since it's not worth to pay an attention for. They are just waisting my time!

Thank you ladies for coming by and read my entry in here. Im just venting all out my feelings as Im kinda exploding already and couldn't hold back it any longer.

Im not going to edit them for tonight might tomorrow hopefully. Take care everyone and God Bless You all!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yipeee snow hasn't come!

Before I go to bed I just wanna thanks for tonight that the Snow Storm didn't come. Thank you Oh Lord! cos what I have heard we would have 12 inches supposed to be today the friday and now Im so happy Yipeeee! It's nice to celebrate just a sip of juice lol! I hope it won't come tomorrow otherwise it would be a tiring day again.

Im not sure tomorrow we would go somewhere we would like to go as you know family time together outing and anything else to think of, shopping would be the best for me hehe who wouldn't love it anyway. Hubby told me this afternoon that is he going to make the paper for the tax refund, yes he has never done it yet but he promised he's gonna do it tomorrow as it's going to be due otherwise he couldn't get the refund and whatever it is. I been bugging him before but seems he hadn't enough time to do it maybe bcos I always ask him to go out and just follow what I wanted to go but tomorrow I guess there will be no excuse to go out but maybe who knows! He can't stand my lips pouting lol! Spoiled brat but not rotten ha lol! Anyway I will let him stay home tomorrow and do the tax and do the my papers at the same time. I should give him the time to do both so there will be no bothersome later. Anyway anytime I can go out anyway during weekdays. Poor hubby he must be so busy this weekends. I can't wait also to have my green card soon so we can have our vacation if time permits us. If not it still okay for me since Im quite happy of doing other things that make me happy as well.

Our update about moving to another house, unfortunately we can't do it for now. Our neighbors they are selling their houses too and if we still keep on going while they are too might the price of our house would possibly go down as it sounded bad so we will just till they get done. We don't want any competition so our top price we wanted to sell our house wouldn't change. Sometimes it's kind stressful, might I would just change my mind and stay this house for more years or a while, let see.

Okay I gotta to bed now cos the time is 1:30. It's a good time to head bed since my hair is all dry now, I took a bath at 10 pm so that's why I stayed up late before I go to bed cos I don't want to sleep with my wet hair. I still do believe of my mother's advise since Im a good daughter lol! Hala maski sa uban advise still believing. Walay mawala man pod sa atoa diba? No time to edit cos my eyes are getting so heavy now kaya pls understand

Goodnight Everyone!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Katugnaw sa kalibutan!

Hahay katugnaw naman sa among kalibutan ron. I hateeeeeeeeeeeeee it a lot already! Pls snow can you just come back on december, Im so tired nagyud. Sige nalang ta ani tikoko dri! Ma-apektohan mi sa sige nimo og snow kay walay lami sige lihok ning tugnaw permi. You are already too much. I want to get rest from you kaya pls hunong na intawn. It's been so long you showed up to us. I know you are pretty but always is not good napod. It's tiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! I just wonder why you keep on dropping us, do you just love visit us or tease us? bcos of you lots of people get stranded in the street if it's too much. Heavy jacket to wear is no fun anymore. It even makes us sick! haaaay pahuway napod intawn so para pod kapahuway mi dri sa katugnaw. We had enough and too muuuuuuuuuuuch already. Unsaman imo mi patambokon pagmaayo para sige nalang mi ani og hagok! hahay ka walay lami dli ta kagawas sa gawas para magduwa among mga anak or lilili man lang para mutan aw sa adlaw. Palihug ayaw alihi ang adlaw para kasidlak dri sa amoang kalibutan. I hope you can feel what we wanted right now and be feel sorry for us. Pls hear us!

Like today instead I want to move around but when I sat on the recliner with Nicole it made us fell asleep. Haaay muandar gyud katamaran nato aning katugnaw oi! My laundry hasn't done yet. I should finish it today hopefully otherwise mapuno napod balik among hamper. I hate seeing things that scattered around, I consider it a mess if it's overflowing, it'ts not fun to see! It's annoying that is!

Okay adto nagyud ko mulihok na og balik. Ayo ayo mo diha tanan. Mubisita pako sa inyo taud taud. See you around guys!

Friday, February 9, 2007

My Hubby's Birthday!

Hubby's birthday went great! We held it in Red Lobster, I was thankful cos the waiting line wasn't that too bad, I guess we have waited for only 5 minutes and were being able to sit the four of us while waiting someone would take us to our designated table. Hubby just let us order whatever we wanted but I was being so hesistant at first since they are quite expensive but he just told us get anything you want and just don't think about it since it's his birthday how much they all cost doesn't matter. What a generous of him, I will be the one supposed to throw out a party not him since he is the celebrant but he knew and understand hat I don't have my own income hehe! Nicole was being so good just satt in her high chair, colouring on her books and make an acting, she's really a faker she can cry fakingly with tear without any reason at all. Her brother couldn't just believe all her acting and amused by him letting him hear she counted the numbers. I guess Matthew would just always surprise of Nicole's silliness things everytime since he's always out working, hang out with friends and school. Im so thankful he loves Nicole so much as a sister, He is proud of her cos he always introduce nicole to his friends in his work place and when some of his friends come over in our house.

This afternoon I got up late from napping, actually it wasn't that long nap since I went to bed with Nicole like almost 6 pm till hubby comes home. He was kinda disappointed when I just got up at 7 om, he told me that seemed I wasn't interested of going out to eat with them with his sad face expression. Oh my I feel guilty again, I really felt bad though why I keep doing this everytime on his birthday. THe reason is the weather was cold and it was really good of just staying in bed all warm, who would like to get up! Gosh I should consider his feelings right then. I guess ometimes Im abusing him for being an understanding guy since he always let me decide what and where to eat. Im so sorry baby I really didn't mean it, it's just my body and eyes weren't cooperating to get up and I even keep on yawning that time. I had to fight it and got over it otherwise it would end up disappointing, Im glad the sleepy head gone away when I changed Nicole's clothes and preparing things hurriedly. We went out like past 7 pm. I was even thinking that if ever there are lots of people waiting around and if we couldn't find a parking spot right away would be my fault again cos for being so slack that time. Thanks goodness it didn't turn out that way. Everything went smoothly when we got there and feasting the foods we got.

At 2 oclock in the afternoon our table and chairs were delivered. Wow they are so punctual of taking them home as what they have promised that they could bring our order in their time frame from 2 to 5 pm. So impressive workers, I hope service in the philippines is just like this and everything will go smoothly and make everyone happy. Now they are in the middle of our way in the living room. Im not sure we could do it tomorrow since it's hubby's work days, might it would be finalize this coming sunday by putting things away.

Im kinda excited organizing things so new friends can come to our house. I used to be really get ashamed if our house is in totally messed. I don't used to accept visitors when things are not organized. We really didn't do major things inside our house since we are planning of moving to a new found house but seems looking for a house isn't that easy, gosh it's pretty frustrating at times cos hubby depending on the location he wanted to get but seems no to avail the one we are looking for. He doesn't wanna live in a little far away distance either from his job. Anyway time will tell when it's gonna be. I guess it's time for me to put nice things inside the house so it will not be uncomfortable to accept visitors when they are in since of couse I want them to feel comfortable as well. Most of our stuffs are kinda old so I want a new ones. Now we are starting to buy new stuffs. Before I was being hesitant since it's a hassle of buying things when you are not going to stay in permamently and the space isn't that too big to put a lot of stuffs but I guess my mind would change, you know the plan would always change.

So some of my friend out there pls give me a time to fix up things here lol! Im too eager to see you in person and would like you to come to our house someday soon but one thing that bothers me is pls don't expect me to cook ha since Im not good at it lol!. If we have get together here just have a potluck haha just kidding guys, I will just buy foods outside nyahaha! I guess you can never taste my cooking. I don't know when should I learn, but who knows I could learn from you guys. Zima pls understand una karon ha, ulaw pagyud ko karon kay maulaw gyud ko sa among agi dri karon nagkatag pa kay wala pa na arrange gyud I hope this weekend ma arrange ni during our meeting. I can't wait to see you guys!

Okay gotta go guys. Take care and God Bless! I need to go to bed now since it's getting late! I don't want to spoil again my eyes of staying up too late cos I will be the one who suffers during the day which is not a good mood if Im sleepy head lol! Goodnight Everyone!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

My Hubby's Upcoming Birthday!

Yes, it's his coming up birthday pretty soon on Tuesday but I still don't know what to get yet and I haven't bought a card for him too, might I will get them this weekends. I don't want him being disappointed again for my carelessness cos last couple years ago I forgot his birthday and he very was disappointed that time. I understand him anyway since that time I only remember other people's anniversay or birthdays, I was really guilty on that time, the only thing I did was apologizing him to death and whatever I do I couldn't turn back time even I'd like to buy a card on the following day after his birthday but it's not a good exuse it was still my fault.

Last monday when we do shopping he got an advertisement flyer which the GS (Glamour Shots). He took it out ffrom his pocket jeans when were inside the card on the way back home. He told me thats what he wants me to get for his birthday my glamour shots lol!, I jokingly responded to him that my Im still kinda chubby might my face still looks so big in the picture lol! With that thought of mine he's always opposing it and telling me that Im not fat and chubby. Anyway might this will just be the one I get for him. But I was thinking instead of him getting a pic for a pamper not on the other way around cos Im not the birthday celebrant haha! but I guess I will follow what he wanted. I thin also he would like to have a studio picture of me a close up look face or any nice pics would do and also that's what his request since I want I told him before that I haven't been to studio long time ago already since I gave birth to Nicole for some reason Im too shy to have a picture taking of my chubby looks lol!

Last couple of weeks we were talking where we gonna celebrate his birthday. It's usual for our family to have it in fancy resto during birthday's/ anniversary or any kind of occasion since Im not that good of cooking to have it at home although he understand that. I told him I would like to have it in Outback Steakhouse since I miss their steak already but he responded back oh no it's my birthday I get to pick hehe! He would like to have it in Red Lobster, so then I told him that's fine with me and I will be getting then a whole lobster haha! Anyway the two of us were just laughing each other like a kids. Well I just love it sometimes we are making fun to each other and laughing out loud. He's gonna be 53 years old coming and counting. Im thankful to God for every birthdays celebration to each one of us. I love this man so much and Im always thankful to Him for the blessings he showered him and gave this guy to me, he is not only a wonderful husband, he is kind, simple, understanding and down to earth person. He always treated me as his loving wife despite for the age gap but Im always his prioritized. Thank you my beloved Husband! You are a blessing from above! Advance Happy Birthday To You! Everyday spending with you is the best day of my life! You and Nicole are my WHOLE LIFE! Im always missing you everyday when you go to work! I love you so much!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

New Obsession!

Who couldn't resist with this new phone I found. Oh my my I just fell inlove with it from the very first time I saw it bcos of the color that looks so girly, it's really cool! don't you think?!. It's like I wanna cry of not getting it. Gosh what happened to me! Is this really the feeling being obsessed with a thing?! You know this phone is not that costly it's even free but too bad when I checked it on T-mobile they don't have that kinda model, I just stumbled it in Sprint Network when we shopped last monday at Park Meadows Mall. I couldn't resist of not touching it when we were inside the mall. I wish I could just buy the unit so I could use it anytime but for sure we gonna have to make a plan in their network but I can't do that since we have already in T-mobile. This might be the cheapest phone I gonna have but it doesn't matter to me, it's the looks I wanted and it's pretty small too. Gosh I couldn't imagine how would hubby's reactions when I would like a new one again haha! Here is the phone Im talking about guys where you can see at the left side. Don't you just fall inlove with it? Yeah I have a pink razr but why this became an obsession to me now?! For sure Im not going to get it this year since I promised hubby that I will just be getting a new one next year or so, I don't want either my promise will be broken again just like the last time when I obsessed the other one. Oh no not again! This is my problem everytime I go to the mall or store that has phones display, I find it hard to control myself otherwise I would really feel bad. I will try my best not to think about it! Hmm I just couldn't take my eyes off of it. Whoaaaa!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Feeling so sorry!

Yesterday I received a phone call from one of my friend. She is in Oregon right now together with her husband and her step-son. I never thought it was her number since it wasn't registered on my phone cos usually I don't answer the phone when the number is unknown or just being unregistered since I hate this business people keep on bugging me so I tried to avoid not answering the phone as much as I can or I give it to hubby and let him talk to them that Im not interested their products or anything cos if I will answer them back again it tends they force me to do so and keep calling back a hundred times which is really annoying.

Okay going back to my friend. They are relocating in different state from Montana. I felt very sad for her cos her husband has a colon cancer and anytime he could just die in their house. I knew this news since I got here. Both parties didn't know that one of them has kind of illness the bad part is this friend of mine would like to have a kid but rest is the history. This couple has a big business in 33 different states. While talking I was really engrossed what kinda business they have and I never thought that they are one of a millionaire here in US. I know it was hard for her to tell me might it may be sounded a brag when she tells me how much is there money. But when her thoughts was "what the money can do when the life is dying?! " added more thought "it's still useless, it can't buy a life". God is the only powerful and he is the only one can control when he can take her husband's life neither hers. I was so touch with her thoughts and ended up had a misty eye. I knew she's feeling down and devastated yet ready to accept what's the happening anytime.

Yes her thought is really true, there are some people who were suffering of poverty but still indeed healthy. Pls guys let's pray for her and her husband, I know prayer is the most powerful of all and we don't know miracle can happen anytime. Oh yeah this friend of mine Im talking about is like us a filipina. She is nice and good person inside out.

This is all for now. You all take care and God bless!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome everyone!!!

Guess who made this for me? I would like to announce our generous and kind-hearted person Juliet Boynton , who made this beautifully despite for being busy at her end but she still manage to do this. I just love it! To tell you she is one of the best person in this blogworld. A round of applause for her for being so kind. Jul, I owe you so much already. Thank you so much for being there for everyone when they are needing your help with all this stuff. Im so delightful to have known you. I couldn't thank you enough! Thank you, thank you soooo much! You are a true friend!

So guys bear with me if there are still missing about my profile and other stuffs to be fill up or edited. I was thinking of just sharing this to you all later but seems I couldn't wait for the excitement I feel being a member of blogspot. It doesn't mean I would have to say goodbye to bravenet journal cos you I have lots of keepsake in there to re-read somedays when I would like to and recalling back all those memories when I forget something. You know Im one of the forgetful person in this world lol! I guess no one can memorize each entry of their blogs since they are too many even maybe the genius once couldn't lol!

Now I could finally add more links of friends from all over the world as much as I could unlike the old one I have very limited and I just had to add them in my favorite instead. I know how it felt being not in the list, yah know what I mean guys even it's not a big deal but seeing our name in the list it makes us feel so glad being in the group. My bravenet journal is very useful for business thingy I joined for now but seems Im surrendering for advertising every task given lol! Imagine 4 taks in 48 hours, I never could tell that Im not messing up those ideas I have, whatever it takes is fine for me. It was my fault anyway for making it just in one afternoon, I should have making it for two days. Oh yeah do you know guys I received 5 dollars already in my paypal from blogvertise and I don't even know how to withdraw the money or use it online to buy some scrap just like you do over there girls, haha seems I need a lesson for that! Any ideas girls how to use paypal, it will be highly appreciated! It's my first earning since I got here haha! It feels great though when we earn our own income, don't you just agree?! even how little it is but I felt that I made it on my own. For now I felt that every penny we earn is worth to celebrate!

I guess I have to end up for now since Im getting too long. Hope it doesn't make you bored and sleepy lol! Once again thank you so much Juliet for making one for me and making it up beautifully. You don't know how happy I am.

Have a great day everyone!