Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yves St Laurent 6128

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2 more

I need to have 2 more opps so I will be done soon cause I'm getting so sleepy right now. I hope the PPP have showered opps this morning but just now. Anyway it is okay I still can keep up.

On the other hand my friend had called me. We are just living in the same city in Colorado. We talked a lot of things everytime. She said it is very cold outside. Her kids are quite excited for the trick or treat. I'm glad to hear that. Kaya and Joey must be so adorable with their outfit.

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Fell Asleep!

Finally Nicole went to sleep and soon I wil be joining to her so I can take also my rest. I still have lots of things to do inside the house but I will just do it later when my energy comes back. If I do move much I will get more headaches. So better to do it when I'm fully rested. I don't want to move that much as well cause later I gonna get cranky and complain that I'm so tired. I better do my two tasks for now and heading to bed right after that.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

In Relationship!

In a relationship we need to be sensitive to each one's need. Just like me and my husband we are open to talk to each other when we feel there is something wrong that we don't like. Through communication is one most important thing in relationship because without it relationship would never lasts and each party would never meant to each other as they parted ways and break up. Hubby and I loved each other so much and I believe we keep our relationship getting stronger everyday. Despite of misunderstanding sometimes but we don't let it ruin our relationship especially we are already in the stage of marriage. We both promise to each other that no matter what we cling and hold on tight. As we both living together everyday, we don't miss to say I miss you to prove we missed and loved each other. Love is wonderful I would say!

Sleepless Day!

I felt so sleepy this afternoon. I thought Nicole would go back to sleep as her nap session but she woke up and played. I was so tired and wanted to go to sleep but unfortunately I had to stay awake to watch her over. She would annoy me if I close my eyes or kick me when I don't pay an attention to her. It is really hard to watch a kid when you feel like to take a nap. Sigh! I guess I will just make up my rest tonight and sleep good.

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Missed her Call

I have missed my doctor's call but it's oay since she left a voice message and I'm happy to know I got another appointment date for her since she messed up the other appointment I got before. It's her fault not mine since she was the one who moved my appointment date and then she missed it and gave us the copy of the bill. How come? Anyway we gonna meet her this friday Nov.2, 2007. I needed to see her as well so she can prescribe me some more med hopefully.

Monday, October 29, 2007 - 100% Free Online Dating

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It is raining Men!

It is raining with lots of opps this time in PPP. My! The only thing I'm lacking is blog to update but seems I couldn't keep them up anymore. I'm contented with having 2 blogs already. I'm hoping PPP would approve my domain soon so I can use it too so to get 9 opps per day. That would be so nice. I know for sure you guys out there who are posties like me are enjoying the day catching the pouring opps. Enjoy!

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Going out!

Hubby and Matthew is ready to go out because to eat. Nicole and I have to stay home since I am not hungry at all. They will go to Panera since they are craving for soup and I told hubby just to bring me food from Panda Express. It is too late when they invited me eat out. I thought I will just stay and then later hubby would take me out to drive around or go somewhere to relax my mind. I'm quite busy doing my tasks this time and I thought I earned a lot today. I have still tons of tasks to do. I hope I can do them before they expire.

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Got along well!

My little girl and her kuya are playing with Tomas Train. A good time to spend each other before we will go out. They are having fun building the train. I just love they got along together well. I'm just happy Matthew the elder brother accepted and loved her as her loving sister. With their age gap they can never be fighting with the toys haha! I hope they will spend more time together though but it is okay as long as Nicole can recognize her brother. Matthew is studying while working so he could barely spend time to his little sister.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

What a lovely handbag but costly lol!

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Hotels in Melbourne

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Just stayed home

What a boring day for me because all of us just stayed home for some reason hubby couldn't drive for now since he is not feeling well. I felt isolated and that I only stuck inside the house nothing to do but to watch my little girl and facing on my pc. So I just decided to make my tasks online so I can be productive this day. Anyhow I hope you all guys have a great sunday!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Coupon Chief is here to help us!

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Got Headache

I really felt awful this time because I have tummy upset again. I hate it cause it gives me headaches too and I had vomit once already. Ugh! This is really frustrating indeed. I felt bad to say that tomorrow is sunday and most clinic are not open. I don't know what to do. I will ask hubby if we can wait till monday to see a doctor. This is really terrible for us to happen. I will just get a lot of rest and take lots of fluids. Soon I'm going to head to bed so I can take my rest and sleep good. I just hate my headache right now and my tummy upset


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Tonight is not good for me and hubby cause he vommited and also I did. Now we realized I have must gotten the virus from the mall but I don't know what kind of sickness is this when you puke. I thought it is something with the food but when hubby's tummy started upsetting he thought it must be the virus that passing onto each other. This is really terrible to happen. I hope this will be gone away so soon.

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Kinda feell good about it!

We are kinda busy this afternoon cause we took the ring back to the mall to get my money back. My money is not worth the piece of that ring which is I thought. This sales lady is tricking me. ANyway I wouldn't give so much thought about it cause it will just gives me headaches and makes me upset. I'm just thankfully I got my money back with the help of their customer service. With the help of hubby he faced them for me lol! Thank you baby! You are indeed awesome husband!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

sales training courses

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Pissed me off!

I didn't feel good today at all. Because this lady had charged me $315.00 which supposed she is not going to do that cause she have promised me to pay it bi-monthly. But what..she did? She charged my card this morning ata and hubby had asked me what was that all about. Of course he has the right to know since that's our joint account. He would have never asked or bother that if he only knew what I have purchased in the first place. I told this lady I would only use my own money and wouldn't let my husband know what I purchase. Golly she tricked me and was so mad at her. Hubby was asking me to get a copy what did I signed cause he was being curious cause sometime I just don't bother to read. I guess he was only worried about me. He didn't bother about that thing what I have signed on the paper. So I took him to the mall and she didn't like this lady being a big liar and cheater. Although hubby said get the thing you have purchased after he saw the copy. Since I didn't bring it with me yesterday for some reason it has to be resizing. Hubby gave her the look which is for the first time hubby did it. I understand him anyway since he could tell might this lady what has been thinking if we can be tricked that easily. I hope she wouldn't do this to other customer cause for sure she will be kicked out from her job if their manager would find this out. Hubby didn't talk to her when she said come on sir have a chit-chat with us something like that. On the way to the mall I have reminded hubby to don't be so reacted since might I can handle it and I don't want this lady to be embarassed inside. I guess I stil have that respect for her. Anyhow I have learned a lesson, I shouldn't trust her anymore as what I have said from my previous pot.

Free Romantic Ecards

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I'm getting so sleepy right now but I hold back to come up to bed since I saw an opps for my blogspot. I always take an advantage of it when I can for me to always update my blog as well.

This day it wasn't a good one for me the happenings that I never thought would happened. I hate someone would trick me and wouldn't do what they have promised. I could never trust this person again. Even she is just the same nationality with me but she didn't treat me any respect. I hope she will not do it again to anyone else. She is sounds scary.

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What A Feeling!

Golly I feel like throwing up which is I don't know why! I just woke up from napping with Nicol. I also felt like salivated. Whoah it is kinda strange. I must have eaten something that making my tummy upset. I don't know if it has something to do with the thing came up this morning and I didn't like the outcome. I hope I gonna feel better soon. I don't like to be being sick. I hope this will be gone away soon. I don't want to suffer this anymore.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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Going to bed so soon!

I must really go to bed soon cause it is getting late here now and I don't want to stay in bed all morning cause I don't want that to be happen again and also one thing I have visitors who are coming tomorrow, my friends around my area. We are going to have a lunch here in my house and go to the mall later that. I'm going to clean up tomorrow too before they get into my house cause that's for sure embarassing on my side if they get here and it's messed all over. I should make sure everything is clean and organized!

Back Friday!

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Still wide awake

My little girl is still wide awake. She is been playing with Tomas Train and building up the blocks. She is easy to do things own her own. Really pretty smart little kid. She would get frustrated if she can't do it but she won't stop also if she can't succeed. I might give her milk later since it's getting late now and she needed to go to sleep and I needed to head to bed soon as well so we get up early in the morning together because I don't want her do things without me knowing it. It is really dangerous of her waking up alone that no one's watching.

The Magic Loans!

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Good Evening Everyone!

Good evening everyone! How's everything in there? Ours is fine. I felt better after all cause I already accepted it that things like this happens in no time. I know I felt so bad Nicole had cut her hair since she doesn't know it yet cause she is still too young to understand. I only must be thankful that is not in serious hurt like taking a medicine that made her poison (God forbids) that will never happen. I felt better when my friends comforting me that hair grows back especially hubby that keep saying me that it will be back without knowing it. I guess he is right but I couldn't take off my mind to it cause everytime I see Nicole she looks new to me because of her hair cut lol! I have to watch her very carefully next time.

UK's Theme Park

I haven't been to UK yet I wish to be there if giving a chance. One thing I love to see most is their Amusement Park. It is indeed so lovely. Wish hubby would brought me there before we move back to PI, as he promise to tour me around to the place I wanted to go and UK is one of it. Their theme park is one of UK's biggest tourist attraction. Not to mention The Pepsi Max Big One, Infusion, Big Dipper are all world famous and attract of 6 million visitors each year. Whoah! I can't wait to go there and see the beauty and have lots of fun while there. Since before I have heard a lot of feedbacks how beautiful is their theme parks. Since Nicole is getting bigger hubby can take us there anytime. I hope he could find a time for us. If you guys been dreaming to go there as well search through now at for more information. Huh! I felt like jumping for joy because of my excitement of going there someday when time permits.

I'm Glad

I'm kinda happy right now for filling up my blogspot for 3 tasks for a day. I'm sooo glad cause it's just rare I can grab a tasks for blogspot cause most of the time they exclude this type of host. I only one more for this blog and will be finished soon. Since I have caught one I will be ready to make a post for it. So guys hope you catch a lot of opps for today as well although it is not a high paid atleast I earn bucks for today. Good luck to all of us!

French Beds

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More Handful

Golly have a kid is not that easy. I thought it will be less hassle when the kid is growing up but I'm dead wrong. While Nicole is growing up she is getting more handful each time. I don't know what to do anymore but seems it is hard to deal with sometimes cause she wants to do things on her own. How I wish I have any help from someone at day time of watching her. At her age is not afraid and getting braver as if there is no such thing is afraid of. Ugh! It really frustrates me sometimes. All I can do is long patience all the time!

Blackpool Hotels

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kinda Sad

I'm kinda sad today because Nicole had cut her hair a little bit. I don't know how did she reach and grab the scissors since I put it at the very corner of our counter tops. I felt so bad about it though but I'm thankful cause she didn't cut too much and she is not hurt. Next time I have to be very careful. I don't know where to put all these crazy stuffs around since our closet is getting full already. Nicole is just way too tall of her age so I always have a hard time keeping all those stuffs away.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Nikon D300

Indeed I had lots of fun using my digital camera. In a matter fact I can't go out without bringing it with me. I love to take pictures of my family alone, family events, nature and interesting stuffs. I got my digital camera couple years ago as my Christmas gift from hubby and I was so happy to received such nice gift and that was also my wish to have that time. I love the feature's of it since it takes very clear picture and easy to navigate. Since I got it, it's like I took picture almost everyday especially to my daughter's milestone because I don't want to miss a thing of her while growing up. These are one of my favorite collection kind of photos since I can see the difference of my daughter's feature from time to time. Unfortunately my digital camera is broken for some reason the lense won't come back in anymore. I was quite very sad about it but what can I do?! Since Christmas is coming I'm hoping hubby would get me another one and my best camera I have wanted is Nikon D300. I feel inlove with the picture right after I saw it by browsing at This is one of my top list for my wish list. Hope this wish would come true. Gusy you should also check out their website now because for sure you are going to love what they offer because they have a wide selection of cameras yet affordable ones. The best place to buy stuffs for gifts this season.

My Night!

We just got back home from doing some a little shopping at Sam's Club. I like inside the store though cause they already displayed Christmas stuffs and of course for halloween. They have Christmas Tree I really wanted to get for this year and hope will get it soon before they run out. I'm still confused if I'm going to change our 3 years old tree. When I think of our old one to change I felt sorry for it since we been using it few years already. We will see. The good thing we went out is the weather wasn't that so cold. I only wore my sweatshirt without heavy jacket. Thanks goodness!

Trusted Places

I think all of us love to travel around the world and for us to know more about the places it is a good thing we can hear some feedbacks from some other people that have been to the place we want to go that they can recommend us. There is an online community where you can meet all these people who shares their opinons or vice versa, you can search through this at I know we love to go all to London because it is one of the tourist spot and have some fun by looking at their historical buildings and stuffs that the place can offer and one of it is London bar. If I get a chance to go to London I would surely visit their bar. So guys check out the website now at for more information.

Is it true?

I guess it is really true that when we are eating peanut the zits would come out. Yeah I got them right now which is really sucks. I hate it. I don't usually have them but when I was snacking peanut here goes the zits. Look awful although they are not that big. I just don't like them. I hope these will gone away cause sometimes they are kinda itchy. I guess I should stop snacking peanut if this only gives me pimples. It's really ew!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dental and Medical Benefits

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Had Fallen Asleep!

Nicole had fallen asleep since an hour ago downstairs while I was talking to my friend on phone. I guess it was time for her nap since she already had her bath, lunch so already got full tummy so thought it's nice taking a rest. I moved here upstairs and put in bed from laying in recliner and it was quite cold downstairs. Now she must be feeling warm. She sleeps peacefully and looks like an angel. Good thing she didn't wake up when I moved her here upstairs.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Dating For Seniors

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Christmas time na naman lol!

I couldn't think of anything else right now but Christmas is coming for 2 months more to go. Is it? Gosh, time flies really fast and I'm kinda looking forward for Christmas. It is not because of the gifts I gonna receive but somewhat I love the spirit of Christmas around. People hanging christmas lights and trees. People tend to become more creative putting a lights in each yard. Tell you I love it so much infact I always bugs hubby to drive me every houses to see how they decorated their own house and I can get an idea how to decorate too. I also hope that time Nicole wouldn't sneak out to tear all our gifts under the Christmas trees haha cause she is getting big now and for sure she will be eager to see what's in it as well.

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It's raining again!

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She must have wrong!

Golly I hate my headache right now. It is just unbearably. While at the same time I got dizzy. Ahhh what a life! I hope this will gone away soon. I hate after crying cause it will just gives me headaches big time.

On the other hand I called hubby in his office asking how he was doing and stuffs then later he told me that my doctor called him and telling me that I have missed my appointments to her. I thought she must be wrong cause she moved my appointment date to Octorber the 28th from Septembter something. I called the doctor right away to inform she had moved my appointment date. It was not my fault if I have missed my appointment to her last sept. Since she didn't answer the phone I just left the message and give a call back when she got a chance. Anyway I am glad atleast I let her know because she sent a bill a 100+ to my hubby which she is not supposed to issue it for us. I hope she will contact me immidiately and hear from her so soon. She must have been so busy right now since it is Monday busy day of the week. for great coupons

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Saturday, October 13, 2007


I didn't notice I have a scratch on my right arm not until Nicole picked it. I just realized it hurts when she did it. When I checked there had the scratch and maybe it bothers to Nicole by looking at it so she tried to get rid of it lol! It hurts really. It's like 2 inches long scratch. I bet I got this when I was cleaning up here upstairs and must have tipped on sharped edge without me notice it. I felt sorry for my arm though cause I always very careful to not be cut or hurt. I hope this will gone too soon so it doesn't bother me anymore. By looking at it I told to myself I am being careless. On the other thing I also got light scratch on my right leg, I found it out when I woke up this morning cause I was just wearing short when I went to bed last night. Gosh I wonder where did I get this one. I'm just glad it is not as bad as on my right shoulder. There are just times we can't be too careful. Don't you think?

Friday, October 12, 2007

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Slowly but surely

I'm glad I got some few opportunity from PPP. Even some are higher pay and some are just small it's already fine for me as long as I can earn for the day. That's what matters to me now. Since then I tried to slow down making opps not by rushing and then later on you'll find out that we make some mistakes making the task. THis time I am taking my time no matter how long I am writing the opps. Slowly but surely. Don't you just agree. Okay guys gotta go now cause I have one opps to make before I go down to have my lunch. Have a great afternoon everyone!

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I'm Happy!

WOw how time flies so fast cause hubby would be coming back home today. It makes me feel happy that today is friday for hime to fly back in Denver. Yipee! Plus tomorrow is weekend. Another time to enjoy with my family. I just love it so much. Hubby's flight is at 3 pm and would be arrived here at 6 in Denver. For sure he is kinda excited to see her daughter again and of course me too lol! Okay guys this is all I can tell for this morning that I am so very happy. With hubby the house is not so quiet and empty because he and Nicole would fight sometimes so there is a noise hehe! Silly me!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Score Learning Center

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What an!

Gosh my head is so itchy. Ah it is really annoying I tell you. It is back again although it is not bad as before. Maybe because the weather is getting drier and cause itching me. I just couldn't find any shampoo that suited my head best. I must be having danruff though that's why also. Hope this will be gone soon because it is really annoying. It makes me pissed. Anyway I would stay be happy today and not just bothered by this little thing. Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hotel Reservations

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One More!

I'm quite happy cause I almost done my task from PPP. I only need one more to finish and take a rest. I still have something to do like eating lunch, cleaning up, giving bath to Nicole and fix the bed. Since I haven't have anything yet in my tummy I thought so much of the foods I brought home last night my pinakbet, beef steak, fish friend galonggong, menudo and atsara. Huh I can't wait to go down and taste them all with rice and juice. Yum yum indeed! So I have to hurry find one more opps so I can go downstairs.

Have a great day everyone!

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Not good anymore

I was kinda depressed lately knowing a lot of problem back home. It is like the problem is no ending. Even how much we are helping but seems it's still not enough. I been thinking lately to just ignore there txt or messages cause it will just makes me depress when I can't send some more. It is really hard being a breadwinner though. I am happy that hubby provides them what they need but seems they are asking for more. This makes me nuts and depress thinking about it. I don't know what to do anymore. My only options is just don't read and don't care after we send money to them. We send money every week but seemed they are asking for more. Sigh life! This is not good of sharing it here but I guess I have to vent out once in a while to get off out of my chest to make me feel good. I realized they should know how to use the money wisely not just spending it in anything they need then they think of me as a banker since they ask right away when they run out. I guess this is not good anymore. Haaay life!

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Being Silly!

I really don't like when hubby is on business trip because it worries me a lot of taking care of Nicole just alone. Only I could do is watch her over and most of all pray to God that we are always safe. Especially Nicole is getting more into things. Sigh! Anyway I always pray and pray and I know God is always there for me and her. Right now she is sucking her pacifier. She looks so funny and cute with it. She wanted to be back as a new born child. It is funny because when she was new born she didn't even like it and woudl give a fuss if we force it to her as her comfort but no she hates it a lot. Anyway I have found that pacifier last night and saw me while washing it and wanted to play with it and her he goes she is being silly lol!

Monday, October 8, 2007

For Child's Improvement

My child is 2 years old now and I been teaching her lately some of the lessons such as alphabetical letters and numbers and so far so good because she remember some of them. In the near future I am kinda worried might she couldn't pick up right away when I teach her how to read but I'm relieved after all knowing this which they offer the best Reading Tutors for my child. My worries had gone away since I have found this website. I felt secure for my child. So to all mothers out there if your child struggling of reading let them have a help from

Almost time to Cook!

It is almost time to cook for dinner now but seems I couldn't think what to cook. Sigh! I really don't like to do this thing especially I have my little one to watch at the same time. Very frustrating indeed cause while I cook she also do some other things which are quite dangerous or making a mess around and I couldn't concentrate on my cooking. It is really not easy cooking around for standing so long. Sigh! Wish I have my family from back home to help me out so we can assign task at home. Too hard to do things at the same time. Might I will just go down later and take a peep in the ref what too cook for dinner. To make hubby feel special cause he will be tired from working in his office. Will see!

Weight Loss Surgery- JourneyLite

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Kinda Happy!

I am kinda happy right now for posting few opps from PPP. For a long time I have been gone from their website for some reason I kinda missed making opps for the past times I never did. Yes it is kinda a waiste of time but it's okay. TOS is really important to read every now and then and ask if something we don't understand. Since a lot of bloggers this time who joined the paid blogging so they have to be also picky in terms who do well which is also good. Even me if I do run a business I would hire those only would follow their TOS and not giving headaches to them. I was kinda sad that I failed to follow the TOS from the past without knowing it. I learned from my mistake and hopefully I would do a good job this time.

Looking a present for guys? Take a look now at

Our garage this time is really a mess cause some of the tools are just everywhere since hubby's garage cabinets are full already plus lots of junk stuffs are laying there which don't look good at all. I thought of buying another present for hubby for him to fix up and clean things in there and I have found something for him already from as my gifts for him. He is for sure love my surprise and be thankful to me. He deserves to get this kind of stuff since he is a wonderful husband to me. So guys you should check out also their website at for guys present.

Fighting back!

Gosh my little girl give a fit this time. I stopped her of playing my make up and my digital camera. She must have sneaked out and grabbed my cam when I was too busy. I was just wondering why there were lights of flashing so I then realized that it must be hers who is using the cam. She ran around and trying get away from me so not to catch her but heck I also had to be stronger than her otherwise she will break it in no time. She cried a lot while rolling on the floor kicking. To make her stop I gave her some snacks and now she is settled while also watching tv "Cory in the House". She loves that too infact she keeps saying "mama the house" lol! It's lacking of name Cory. I must have shown also a pic of her later cause when she put some make up. She looked like a little kitten. Sooo cute.