Wednesday, April 30, 2008

home improvement

I wished we have a backyard to put a swimming pool, especially summer time is coming and everyone would just love to hang in the pool to cool off the body and enjoy swimming in. One day this dream will come true. When the time we have our backyard and have a swimming pool I will always remember this website at where it gives a lot of information of home improvement. I have learned from them to save money when owning a pool is that Solar Swimming Pool Heater Saves You Money. Indeed, this website such a very informative website to learn from.

Run out

Nicole has run out of butt wipes already. Hubby forgot to bring the grocery list I kept in my bag. Anyway we might all go to the grocery store and get the stuffs he have missed to buy. I needed the butt wipes for Nicole cause without it, would be hard to clean her bottom when she does something. Anyway I better stop typing for now cause Nicole and I will take a bath while it is still morning. Good morning to you all there guys!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Amadeus Home Music School

I have been wanting to learn on how to play piano and guess what I have stumbled upon right now, it is the Amadeus Home Music School that is really good for me. Actually I have learned the news from where he extend the good news of this home music company for everyone. The Amadeus Home Music School offers a lot of great things to learn such as piano, voice, guitar, violin, cello, saxophone and any other instrument that suit every body's need.

It is cold right now

It is cold right now here in Colorado. The sun is not up yet. I just turned on the heater to make us warm around here. On the other hand I asked my sister to watch Nicole for me so I can concentrate on my work, good thing she is there to help me at anytime I need her. Since we went to sleep at 3 am, she just also got up. Nicole was sleeping with her. I wonder if Nicole was looking for me and her daddy. Oh well it is nice Nicole would separate us sleeping at times.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thank You Cards - What are you thankful for?

I believe one of the good way of running a business well is to say Thank You to your customers, clients, collegues and business associates. This way you will let them feel how happy you are to have them, thankfulness, loyalty and so much much to say as Thank You, showing how much you appreciate them. I know we could only say Thank You verbally but to extend such greetings in nicer way is to send them a nice Thank You Cards just like what I have found at where they offer such a high quality of Thank you Cards that every company loves to send out to all their customers. If, I was one business woman I would love to buy this Sophisticated SageThank You Card and let them know how I feel to have them purchasing my product, hope they enjoy what they got and hope they will come back again! The customers also feel the warm, kind-hearted how much you appreciate them. Honestly, that's what I feel everytime I receive thank you card from business company where I purchase a product. So if you are one of those who have been loving to send out Thank You Cards it is about time for you to check this website at for they are offering a great deals this time, they offer 40% off discount of Thank You Cards orders and it is free shipping ground in a fastest way. You sure would enjoy picking the Thank You greeting cards from a wide selection.


Nice nap

I was able to take a nap today when Naomi pull out some hair on my head. I guess I fell asleep for two hours something like that. When I woke up, I saw Nicole and Naomi in bed besides me sleeping. I wonder what time did they climb up and fell asleep. Oh well I just hope they have a good nap. This is nice we take our rest this afternoon cause I plan to go in the mall this late afternoon and do some shopping. It is nice to walk in the mall when you feel energetic.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Have you guys out there been looking for a Contemporary Sofa Beds? Then you are at the right place to view this website at where they offer the highest quality of SOFA BEDS at an affordable costs. I have found one that I thought it is elegant furniture for my living room. So guys, don't look no further anymore because Spacify has everything you need! Look at the gorgeous sofa beds below which you can never can find in any other place.

Starting a mess

I made a general cleaning yesterday but now the room is starting a mess. Nicole did it though LOL! I know I shouldn't complain but hey it is just normal to express out our feelings once in a while to be feeling better. On the other hand I almost done my laundry. There is one more load that is waiting, so I will do it as soon as possible as I get finish typing here. Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cheap Prepaid Phone Cards

I know how hard it is to look for the calling card because I have been there and done that, a lot of places promising how many hours you can use minutes upon calling outside country yet I was one victim before. I would never like to go through that experience again. As far as I remember I paid $20 but it only offers 2 hours and 30 minutes but as they promised it will take to 5 hours something like that. Since then I stopped buying international phonecard on that website.. Never.. Anyway since mother's day is coming, for sure a lot of us are getting ready for phonecalls next month. Since I have been using our landline a lot lately, I should be a wise caller this time buying and using this prepaid phone cards at where they offer the cheapest internation phone cards. This place can be trusted since I have known a friend who used to buy at this place and she said so far really great everytime she purchase and calling back home. If you guys are also looking, you should start checking into their website and so am I, I would stop using our landline for the moment since it cost me 25 cents a minute. But buying from would sure save me big time. So come one now and pick the card that suit you needs, they carry any kind of phonecards for all of us and upon ordering it they will deliver it us online instantly. Have a happy calling!

Nice Day

I heard last night it is going to snow today but here it is the sun is peeking through. I just love it though, might Nicole and I will go out for a walk. It is been so long since we had a walk through our neighborhood. Since I'm losing my weight I needed to determine more so to reach my ideal weight and body. Yeah, I know it is not easy to shed the pounds that just easily. Hardwork and determination should always be together. Anyway I have to go now before I keep talking here since I have tons to do around the house. Oh yeah I would like to apologize for not visiting you guys lately, I will catch up of what I have been missing. You all take care and God Bless!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Starving Me

I am getting hungry yet I don't know what to eat. Ugh! What's wrong with me? Haaay life! I need to think first before going to the kitchen otherwise I will not just eat. Nicole is asleep but I can't leave her alone even she is in bed. Anyway I will check something in the freezer might I can see something that feeds up my mouth. For now I have to finish something on the pc. Have a good afternoon to you all there!