Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Still Exhausted

I was too tired to wake up early this morning. I even don't remember any longer if hubby kissed a good-bye kiss for me and Nicole, what I cared is to sleep more. I haven't been recovered well from the trip. This is me when I have a trip the exhaustion would last long and what I would do is just sleeping and sleeping, I don't care of I can't eat. Im just so tired though as if my body won't cooperate of getting up especially my eyes. I was so worried about Nicole since she she woke up earlier than me. I woke up not until she climbed up in bed and pulled my hair to get up haha! She just leaned on me the whole time and bother me to stop from sleeping hehe. I don't like being exhausted cause my mind couldn't think properly and sometimes I just don't care to edit my post. Anyway I gotta go for now to make another update. Have a great time everyone!

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