Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wow this site is so cool at where they can make a photo charm of our baby's face. Guys you should check their website. I wouldn't miss to get one for my daughter though since a I would like to have a keepsake from my daughter's face while she is still small just like her age now. I should have known this long time ago. If you haven't known this yet too please check out this website All we got to do is pick the best picture for our child, send it to them and they will show us up the representation of our kid's face in 48 hours. We can pick whatever we want either yellow & gold or silver. So great. I would surely tell to hubby about this stuff. For sure he is going to purchase one for Nicole. For you mothers out there you shouldn't miss to visit this website. Have a keepsake of your kid's face through photo charm. Please see the samples below

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