Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tummy Upset

Hi good morning everyone! I hope your day be filled with joy and happiness and of course blessings from above.

Nicole and I woke up at past 8 am. She was fussing a bit when she got up. I gave her milk but then she vomitted them all. I really wondered what's she's been eating why she got tummy upset. It's been two days she's puking the milk out. I frantically look for wet cloth and changed her clothes, brought her down to cook some rice, noodles and fried egg since that's what she likes to eat just to let her tummy have something inside. After cooking I fed her with spoon of rice and noodles she puked again them out. Yikes! I called hubby about it and he may called her pedia for her appointment. I hope I can hear some good news that the appt. will be soon since I can't wait to know what's been happening of Nicole's tummy upset.

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