Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Queen of the Game

Tonight I am so hooked up watching this korean series "Queen of the Game" Finally I was able to watch it through Veoh for a very long time of looking for it in youtube but no to avail. I stopped looking for it though not until today my mojo came back to look for it in the other site and luckily I found it. Yipeee! I am not in the halfway yet but almost. Anyway I was thinking of going to bed early but seems I couldn't stop watching this for a moment. I bet midnight I will hop in lol! My two beautiful life had gone to bed already. Nicole just went straight after taking her nap. She must not hungry since she ate a lot today which is I am very happy about that.

Okay guys gotta go now and do one of my task. Good night everyone!

I Rate My Day

Hello there guys, I have found a great website that we can rate our day. All you have to do is go to this website IRateMyDay.com, sign up, log in then rate yourself and also you can see how much level you got, the more you participate the more level you can get. Oh yeah don't forget to put your URL's website. This is kinda fun though. This is also great site because we could enter the contest and win a Microsoft zune media player but of course you should register first before July 31st. So guys join now with this I Rate My Day and have fun.

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Good Morning guys!

Good morning guys? How are you all? Ours is great, the weather is nice and Im hoping it's not going to be hotter. Anyway I have a good mood today lol! I was able to have my sleep early last night at 11 pm. So I have enough sleep so far. I should do this continuesly. Hubby has gone to work already and for sure by now he is in the office. He was so tired yesterday though so hope he is in a good condition right now too since he got to bed early as 10 pm. My daughter is doing pretty good now and her appetite is back to normal. Im so happy for it. For 5 days in a rown for not eating good was a worry big time. Thanks to God her appetite is good now. She eats anything she can think of especially fruits and her milk. About me I haven't taking my breakfast yet but soon. I will be having banana and that's all. I start dieting and exercising so hope my I could reach my goal to get slimmer lol! I hope my butt is not being lazy being glued on my chair. I hate to think I got big belly for being so careless of not thinking about the result of sitting too much.

Anyway may you guys have a great day and may God Bless US All!

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Friday, July 27, 2007


Tonight hubby and I had a hard laugh because of our daughter. I forgot to put my lipstick back in my purse just let it sit by my computer for some reason I had to rush going to the bathroom for doing some business stuffs lol! Anyway I heard hubby of stopping Nicole of doing something. I asked what was that. So I just heard "go to your mema show it off to her" Nicole did came to me. My golly she wore my lipstic by rubbing it on her lips haha! She looks so funny and so cute. She's been imitating me again when Im making up on my face. What a girl. Since before she loves my make ups but then I had to grab away from cause it is not good on her skin. Might she'll get some rashes you know. They still have baby skin.

And the other thing we had a good time is, it's always every night she always bring her book to me or to her daddy. I always let hubby doing most of reading to her every night since Im all worn out at the end of the day. So brought her princess collection book to her daddy and I know hubby were so tired but Nicole stopped him of laying down in bed since she still wants to share something reading and pointing together what's in the book. By the time she saw Rajah in the picture she made a sound "Roar" few times. I was really laughing to know that her daddy just taught to her of Rajah's sound last before we went to California. My she really can remember things easily. Everytime she fiip the pages over she always could find something she knew hehe like Hmm nam na(yummy) like hotdogs that are sitting on the table, the pitcher, glass, the cake and some other characters like babies, Lilo, Sticth etc. We couldn't believe how she could learn that fast at her age. We just find her very funny, very cute and smart.

Hubby gave her a bath this evening. I didn't know that she's listening there for us while she's doing stuffs in the bath tub. I told hubby to get some banana tomorrow and her medicine. When she heard the banana she then pointed out the chart and said "the banana" she knew where's at hehe.

One last thing that Im going to share which I don't think would be sounded good. Lately she's been kissing me like an adult kiss of between two lovers. Although it's not bad there is something similarities. Like when she kiss me she would close her eyes and kiss my lips against her and it would take a while before she parted her lips from mine and not only that, while she is kissing she would then move her head side to side just like the lover would kiss each other. My golly! I was so shock where the hell did she follow that. I don't know if it's came from us or from tv. I don't think so she got it from me and hubby since we been being so careful because she can easily imitate. Im wondering if she got on the tv shows she's watching, but the disney channel has no kissing scene like that I saw. Maybe there is but Im not sure. OR might be when we are downstairs and hubby would watch CSI, Law and Order. Haaay ewan. Im doing my way how she could forget kissing like that although I find it so very cute and funny.

I have lots to share but my post is getting so long. Maybe next time I will continue this. Have a good night everyone!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Malaysian Blogger

I have found a great and friendly blog site let me say our co-bloggers like us. She is a Malaysian blogger, a mother like me, got 2 adorable kids. She's looking for linky love from some of you guys and of course Im included already lol! Hope she considers me as I would love to. I have just been to her journal/blog and I just love it cause I can relate as we are the same parent, a mother and I love to share things being as a mom. Her kids gave me smile. Such a cutie indeed. So guys please check out this wonderful new friend I have found. She's looking for new friends. Please welcome her as she is there to welcome us too. I bet she she is referring this name to her daughter as little princess just like my daughter as we used to call her our little own princess. Surely Im going to visit her blog more often and exchange links to her. Once again please welcome her!


Yesterday I just have done reading the novel of "Janet Evanovich" I just love the story though and made me fall inlove again. To tell you with the 218 pages I read it for one night and a day. Wow how did I make it? It's very unsual for me to finish reading such pages cos usually I took a more than a week haha. It was a miracle indeed! I guess Nicole just gave me enough time to finish my reading. I hope hubby wasn't disappointed yesterday when we went to Nicole's pedia, while was he was driving I keep reading the novel even until we got inside the clinic but when we had our dinner at Outback he said no readings. you got to talk to me lol! Hehe I thought he wouldn't just care. I guess I had to stop since the light was so dim for me to read. Now Im getting addicted and looking for more novels to read. The title I just done reading is "MANHUNT". Indeed it's a very nice story.


Hubby has been fond of watching this game Hockey. One of his favorite show ever. Everytime the show is on I wouldn't bother him because I know he has lots of fun with it. I have found a website that surely would interest him about this nhl entry draft where he can check these 2007 Top 5 Draft Picks namely: Philadelphia Flyers - James vanRiemsdyk, LW 3 Phoenix Coyotes - Kyle Turris, Los Angeles Kings - Thomas Hickey, Washington Capitals - Karl Alzner. Seems very interesting to me too even I don't know much all of the players. For sure he is going to thank me for the website I have found since he has the source to read all this stuffs going on on hockey players and not only that this website hockeysfuture.com offering great articles or news to read such as Top Prospects, NHL Organization Rankings, ISS Top 10, NHL Entry Draft the one that I have just said above, News, HF Boards the last but not the least the Links. So guys you should check this out too. For sure you are going to have lots of fun reading and some other things that the website can offer with your favorite game hockey. A fun game to watch for everyone!

Still Exhausted

I was too tired to wake up early this morning. I even don't remember any longer if hubby kissed a good-bye kiss for me and Nicole, what I cared is to sleep more. I haven't been recovered well from the trip. This is me when I have a trip the exhaustion would last long and what I would do is just sleeping and sleeping, I don't care of I can't eat. Im just so tired though as if my body won't cooperate of getting up especially my eyes. I was so worried about Nicole since she she woke up earlier than me. I woke up not until she climbed up in bed and pulled my hair to get up haha! She just leaned on me the whole time and bother me to stop from sleeping hehe. I don't like being exhausted cause my mind couldn't think properly and sometimes I just don't care to edit my post. Anyway I gotta go for now to make another update. Have a great time everyone!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Algebra has been my first mathematics subjet during first year highschool. It was pretty interesting but quite a little hard since we had to memorize all the formula and equations something like that. Im not really good in mathematics though but atleast I passed it during my times lol! I know math can be so hard at times but you can improve your skilss if you do something about it by having a tutor with you. The Cubztutoring is there to help you out and really good of Algebra Tutoring. This is one of the the world's largest one-on-one tutoring program for all students who needed help. They also offer more subjects like English and writing skills and many more. Please visit their website to know more details and need a help now.

Tummy Upset

Hi good morning everyone! I hope your day be filled with joy and happiness and of course blessings from above.

Nicole and I woke up at past 8 am. She was fussing a bit when she got up. I gave her milk but then she vomitted them all. I really wondered what's she's been eating why she got tummy upset. It's been two days she's puking the milk out. I frantically look for wet cloth and changed her clothes, brought her down to cook some rice, noodles and fried egg since that's what she likes to eat just to let her tummy have something inside. After cooking I fed her with spoon of rice and noodles she puked again them out. Yikes! I called hubby about it and he may called her pedia for her appointment. I hope I can hear some good news that the appt. will be soon since I can't wait to know what's been happening of Nicole's tummy upset.


How are we sure we are safe and sound anywhere in this world? Yes, now a days we can't assured it's 100% safe. In our area (our houses) lots of people putting an alarm monitor if some bad guys trespassing our property and do something bad. You know robbery, homecide happens everywhere so we must be so alert and always be prepared with this kind of stuff. God forbids it will not happen in our area but we know we could only wish that. I have found a very effective security system that can assured we are going to be safe by this wireless security system can fe found at Lasershield.com. I was very impressed how it works and through this I felt relieved knowing how could this help us through when things happen. So guys you should check this wireless security system and get one for yourself. You can buy them as very low price. So what are you waiting for. Act now before it's too late.

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Hubby is home now since an hour ago. I knew it since he told me on phone when I called him this afternoon in his office. He volunteered to cook "linat-ang baka". I hope it turn out just the way I wanted. What makes him doing it? Well, when we were inside goldilocks he thought he can make the beef soup we ordered just the way they cooked it. We will see hubby if you really can lol! I guess so since the soup they served weren't a lot of veggies in it, so I guess it's pretty easy for him to cook it.
Nicole is doing pretty good but I gave her tylenol this noon. She was kinda a little hot so I gave her that right away to make the fever go back down. She's been sleeping for 3 hours already might she'll continue sleeping though. I don't bother her to wake her up cause might she will give a fit for not having a good nap.
I went downstairs to check hubby and went back up here since she was still asleep. I don't want her crying looking for me cause no one is by her side. So here I am now facing the pc while watching her sleep. It's a good thing I make an update before Im not too busy with her yet.
Guys good afternoon to you all out there. Enjoy your dinner!

Monday, July 23, 2007


Without any insurance can be so difficult situation especially for pregnant women. They should have the best care while they are bringing their babies inside their womb. Im just so happy and lucky enough to have covered by insurance as Im also one dependent of hubby. Because of it I had a smooth going through during pregnancy since they took care of me very well starting from month until I gave birth. If some of you out there is planning to get pregnant and doesn't have insurance yet there is someplace would help you guys through. And for those who are pregnant who doesn't have maternity insurance and stuffs like that you shouldn't worry guys because the MaternitySavings.com has something to offer for you as what I have just said. It won't cost you a fortune infact you can get an insurance by decreasing the cost from 0-60%. This is really a good deal, Isn't it? So you should browse the website though for more information about this Maternity Health Insurance to take care of you and your baby's health.

Cleaning up!

We just got back up from having our brunch. I also was vacuuming downstairs especially at the dinning area since lots of rice on the floor. When Nicole eats it can't be avoid to fall them on the floor. She is still so small so I have to understand that, especially she loves to use fork and spoon on her own. I also fixing the cautions and things in our sofa since it was all scattered all over. No one clean it up while were not around so it was just waiting my hands and touch to put them into it's place lol! Now Im so relieved that they all well organized. Later on I will also finish with my laundry. Still have some in the hamper but not that much. I already did most of them yesterday. So see yah a bit later guys. Have a great Day despite of the hot weather. Take care and God Bless!


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Poor Child

Good morning everyone! How are you all doing? I hope things are doing great at your end. Ours here is just fine as usual. We woke up so late today for some reason Nicole didn't go to sleep last night. She kept waking up so many times. I didn't know she had fever not until at dawn. Poor little kid. She was fussing a lot and me too I had to get up cause she didn't stop crying. I don't know what's the cause of getting her fever. I gave her tylenol in the evening and thanks goodness her fever went down. This time she is doing well while Im observing her if she's feeling weak or something. She is playing so thought she is just okay.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

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Sooo Busy!

It's a laundry day for me today. We brough back loaded of dirty clothes from business trip and vacation. I didn't do laundry inside the hotel or let them do since I thought I can make it at home anyway when gotten back home. So now Im so busy doing all these things. Not just only doing laundry but also cleaning up, organizing things, putting all the things back we brought, giving bath to my daughter and taking a peep of my tasks. Whoah! Don't you think it's a lot of multi-tasking?! Anyway Im loving what Im doing even how tiring rather than looking at those dirty things that gives me headaches if I don't do something.
I woke up late this morning like almost 11 pm. We all went downstairs to have our breakfast and got back up here again cause my daughter went ahead. Hubby told me to follow her and he will just continue doing the dishes downtairs. Thankfully he did it. And followed me later which I told him to bring his laptop back here upstairs so I can download and upload photos from vacation.
Yesterday afternoon when gotten back home, the letters and magazines were scattered on our table. My step son got them all out in the mail box, good boy he took care of them while we were not around. And not only that there was a package was sitting on the table. I asked hubby what was that. He told me to check it. I thought it's electronics things since he loves to buy them online but it was lots of cook books inside it. Well, he just gave what's my wished since I don't know how to cook lots of foods. He got them for me and now I have to flip the pages over so I can get a good menu to cook for everyday. I hope I can do it everyday or even every other day. Naa gyud hangyo. Well, if there is left over of course someone got to eat it haha!
So these are my hinanaing for today. Good Day to each one of you! God Bless! Happpy Sunday!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Nice to be back home!

Thanks goodness despite of the flight we are here in our hometown now in Denver Colorado. All of us were so tired from the trip especially my husband. Poor hubby! From getting up early in the morning to prepare for our flight at 1:45 pm this afternoon. Actually we all got up early but his earlier than me and Nicole. Before heading to Airport we went away to Goldilocks another franchise in LA California. It was pretty fast as you can just order the food right away by just falling in line. After eating there I also brought for home in Denver haha! I thought the airport was closer to that restaurant but it was still farther away. It was a heavy traffic around Sandiego highway and also was pretty hot. Anyway just a good thing we headed to the airport early and that's why were still able to relax while waiting the airplane. The only thing hassles is going through the security system, taking off the shoes, taking off the stroller, put all the bags or purse and things for scanning. Sigh what a hassle really. Even from just the start when checking in all the luggages. Anyway I understand anyway despite of terrorism, they can't avoid to check the passengers very carefully.
Im so relieved that we are home now. I missed Denver so much, the fresh air and nice surroundings. I missed my computer, our bedroom and so many more lol! From the airport we dropped by some place to get food for our dinner. Driving through at Chick-Fil-A then went home. When gotten inside our house I smelled the so called our home lol! To tell you there is the smell of our house that we have missed though. I told hubby this is the smell when I just got here in US. Why I don't smell when Im nor around the house?, maybe because I used to the smell and when we are gone and then come back you can smell it though lol! I love to be back home once again. And our little girl she missed the recliner haha! Her tv shows the disney channel, her fav songs Hannah Montana. I hope she is not going to get afraid of our bath tub here as she was so very scared of the bath tub in the hotel. I guess not. Later on I also be heading to bed as I was really sleepy since I was in the airplane.
I wanna say goodnight for now to all of you and hope you have a great evening. I will uploa the photos as soon as possible. I started posted some pictures in friendster and there lots to share that haven't downloaded yet.
So you all take care everyone and God Bless!

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Lead Dogs

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Thinking a lot of things

Hi good morning everyone! How is your day? I hope everyone of you have a great time. Our is here going to be have lots of fun I hope this coming weekend. As I have said Im hoping we can go back to LA and did the same way just like we did before. Visiting Goldilocks, jollibee, Beverly Hills and in Hollywood. Whoaah a lot of things Im thinking of but not sure if we can do all that in one day. Well, just keeping my fingers crossed.

Later this afternoon I would want to go saloon to have a hair do, trim it, hot oil and see a new style for my hair. I hope hubby can be home early this afternoon from meeting. Hope we can do it today before going back to Denver.

Coffee Directory

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New Found Friend

Tonight is wonderful. We met a korean couple that runs a business here in PalmDale California. Actually hubby met them already last night as he was looking foods for our dinner. I heard lots of good things about them at their first met and I should see them in person too which is today. Hubby took me there and finally I met this lady, the husband, her son and her mother. She is from korea and so as her family, She and her family immigtrating to Canada. She went to LA during her college times and met her husband there too as korean guy lol! What a destiny though! They got one kid. She looks so much younger than her age. At 35 years old, she looks in 20's. She and her family runs a business. I didn't ask so much question how come they lived her in PalmDale though it's not a high population here around this area but something reason behind. It's a coincidence to think her husband were living in Denver before which is just closer to where we lived at. Can you believe that? Anyway we really had so much fun talking and Im so happy to know her bestfriend is filipina named Anna Rita and this korean lady is Julia. Her kid is 3 years old. She is a happy lady. She and her family helping with their business. She is fun to be with though. I told her that I know some words about korean dialects haha, she told me I spoke it well this "Anyo Sayo" lol! Im happy that we got along well together even just a short time. We exchange emails and I gave my number to her incase they want to go to Denver. She is also kinda filipino just the way she is. I have known that before that korean people have lots in common among us pinoy. She is so fun though, she said she is going to give lots of info about this korean drama stuffs like that and where to check them haha! I should have told her I could watch them at youtube, veoh and at crunchy roll, but who knows might she could share me something more. Later then we took pictures together and might I could send some to her.

Anyway Im so glad meeting a new found friend. Our night is wonderful indeed despite of my isolation inside the hotel room lol!

Anyway this is for tonight and I will tell more stories soon. I must go to bed early so I could get more sleep. Take care everyone and God Bless!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Wow this site is so cool at BabyFaces.com where they can make a photo charm of our baby's face. Guys you should check their website. I wouldn't miss to get one for my daughter though since a I would like to have a keepsake from my daughter's face while she is still small just like her age now. I should have known this long time ago. If you haven't known this yet too please check out this website http://www.babyfaces.com/. All we got to do is pick the best picture for our child, send it to them and they will show us up the representation of our kid's face in 48 hours. We can pick whatever we want either yellow & gold or silver. So great. I would surely tell to hubby about this stuff. For sure he is going to purchase one for Nicole. For you mothers out there you shouldn't miss to visit this website. Have a keepsake of your kid's face through photo charm. Please see the samples below

Being Careless

Whoah Im frustrating right now for my grammatical erros on each of my entry. I was being so careless though to just type it so fast and it turned out hard to understand lol! Gosh now, reading them back got me headaches since I have to edit them. Well, for grabbing opps it's not also easy when you are too slow otherwise you can't catch more than what you expected for the day and also watching a child at the same time. It erks me and I should have more careful bcos now I have to review them. Sigh! Anyway I gotta do better job next time otherwise it will give me a lot of work later. As of now Im having headaches and even could hardly read my entries. I guess I been posting too much so my mind is not thinking properly. So guys pls understand of my typo error and my grammars here. I need a rest though so my mind can work good. I would be back later to edit them. Thanks for your understanding!


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It's all downloaded

Thankfully hubby was able to download all our adventure pictures here in california. So the problmem now is by uploading them in RockYou. It would take time again since Im going to upload them in photobucket before processing to sharing the files at RockYou. I hope I can do it today and share them here in my blog here in bravenet, to my own domain and to my blogspot. So for now I gotta go and make some more opp then hoping to upload right after. See yah a bit later guys!


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Looking forward

Im looking forward to go back to LA though since I would like to explore one more day before heading back to Colorado. Hubby said our flight will be on saturday but I asked him if he can change the flight since I would still love to go around in LA. He said he will try that out and Im hoping there is still a chance. Even until now I still couldn't believe I was able to drive by at the Beverly Hills were popular actors and actress lived there and also in Hollywood. It's like a dream came true to me. It's like was I just only dreaming?! Pinch me! pinch me! but please not that so hard lol! I told hubby to go back there since I would like him to take some photos of me that area because I only just taking the pictures of the views without me since hubby was driving so I only took care of it. I would like to have a picture with it. You must understand what I feel though lol!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


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Thanks goodness!

My! I almost done with the taks at PPP. I feel good though that my 2 blogs will be able to fill up with the tasks today. Sometimes it's really quit here in my blogspot for they exclude it. So meaning it's not good to take opps as one of their requirements. So Im so happy that Im able to get some opps today to fill up my two blogs. And later on I will be resting for a while then working on my other task from other site. It's not that lots though since I already done most of them. So guys see yah a bit later. Take care and God Bless!

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Fell asleep

Afer our lunch hubby took some nap since he got sleepy when coming back from half day meeting. He must be bcos he woke up early in the morning at 6 am. He seems really tired though although it's just a meeting but sure it gonna gives him boredom. He jump in bed and took some nap, after few minutes I woke him up. I felt pity on him though although I don't want to wake him up. I told him if he wants to stay and sleep more just don't go to the meeting but he has to go. I hope he is not yawning while at the middle of meeting right now lol!


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What a dismay

Thanks goodness the laptop right now is back to normal lol! By hubby's rescue he was able to fix it. He came for lunch and did it at the same time. Poor thing. I guess the lappy right now is just so sensitive and does mess thing up in the computer. Huh! thankfully I could be able to use it back now.

A while ago I gave bath to my daughter. For my carelessness I turned on the faucet and I thought the water would just come out from there to my dismay it came out from the shower. Nicole scared to death. What a poor little one. She even doesn't like that tub plus I scared her. I felt so bad as if she wanna step out the tub right away and crying out loud. I didn't notice that something wasn't put push back on to functuate the faucet not the shower thingy. I did something to just comfort her and make her calm down. She was really scared. Haaay! Now she is in bed watching Neckolodeon. Seems she is having fun watching it now. A while ago she was in my lap and I told her if I can put her down since Im getting tired and thanks goodness she is there now in bed.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Good Night

Hi good evening everyone! How are you all out there? Hope things are doing well. Ours here is just fine, not so much going on today just except staying at the hotel and eating our dinner lol! I don't have interest to go out this afternoon when hubby came from work. He asked me where to go although I had a place wanted to see and check but laziness hits me so I just stayed instead. Hopefully tomorrow will do it.

Tonight I will be heading to beed soon as Im getting a little headache. I wasn't able to take a nap and so does Nicole in the afternoon. She was just playing all day long and from the time hubby came home she took her nap until now. I bet she was too tired from playing. We just had our dinner though, we had mexican food. It's too hard to find foods around here in Palm Dale as not much choices. So we ended up having mexican instead. I never thought the burito was really good as I had a bite from hubby's. Hmm I asked him to get me that thing for tomorrow's my lunch lol! I must be silly for not trying that out since before since I was so hesitant cos I thought it's not delicous. Anyway this is all for tonight and see you again tomorrow. You all take care and God Bless!

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My trick worked well

This early morning like 7 am, the cell was ringing and so it bothered me and Nicole with our sleep. Nicole got up but I couldn't care of her on that time snce my eyes were still closed up lol! She had wanted to get out of bed, so I thought of something else to make her stay in bed. Since we bought her a new sandal for inside the room I put them on her feet and I was so glad that my tricked were working well. She stayed in bed with her slippers on and she was engrossed with it and have fun as if she is really happy and contented having them on her feet. She played it for a minute and settled down when I told her to go back to sleep. She then went to sleep by leaning on me. I was so thankful cos she's being cooperative. We both went back to sleep and woke up at past 9 am. That was so great and I love the trick I made for her haha! Afterall she loves her pair of sandal or slipper lol! Good girl! May you keep that up Nicole! So when we got up she got a reward from mommy, she got her milk and her pandisal haha!

Friday, July 13, 2007


There are times I missed to watch movies or my favorite shows on tv, especially right this time I have a small one that loves to watch her favorite show also the disney channel, so I get lost and missed some of the shows I really love. Just lately I missed to watch the Big Brother 8. So I must one step behind of what's going on. Since then I realized that I could see it more and read on actual when I want to know what's going on on creticsrants.com where they put all the articles of movie reviews, movie discussions, tv shows. Im fascinating withe website and have wanted to read more and updates of things I have missed. What's the good thing about the site is you can sign up and you can say something on your own observations or what you have been reading about. So guys check out the website now and have fun.

Our Coming Trip to California

Im kinda --- you know for our coming trip this saturday to California, for one week stay in there. Hubby had already purchased with my ticket and Nicole's. Hubby have planned our trip as our vacation while at the same time he has his meeting for that week. But we wouldn't miss to go some place to enjoy ourselves. Wowee I couldn't wait for our vacation. We planned to go to Sandiego to visit Jollibee lol! As Im craving for their foods especially the spaghetti. Hmm gadaguok akong tiyan just thinking of it though lol and go to goldilocks and enjoy the scrumptous foods. I joked at hubby that what about my work online haha, of course I gotta do it during when he is out of the hotel. Their meeting will be in Holiday in 3 blocks away from the hotel we gonna stay. Hmm not that far, love that. So me I haven't prepared all our clothes yet and I haven't done with our laundry. I hope I can finish it soon as I can tomorrow hopefully. But tonight I have to do it slowly. I know I'll get there. Hubby was asking me this afternoon but I had lots of tasks to do. Hm he was kinda disappointed to it but I promised I will finished it before he know it lol! Sorry baby I just can't leave my work just like that haha. Well, he wants me stop my work for now. But my oh my I even he would still pay me, it's still good to feel that I earn money not from him lol! Four our next vacation is in Houston Texas for one week also.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

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Digging In

Nicole and I are in downstairs now. I just been digging the freezer to see something to cook. I saw some beef, pork for tinola later and Im kinda excited to cook for it. But before that I saw a dried fish and Im also would like to cook it. I don't care if it would stink or not lol! I been missing it for not eating it quite sometimes now. Hm, if it stinks they shouldn't smell it haha! Silly me! For now I will boil some water for my noodles. I will just cook the meat later this afternoon for dinner. I already fed Nicole with the left over pizza and Im also preparing for the toddler food for her. So she will be pigged out. She is still besides me eating his fav pizza. She will be look like a kitten again haha! So cute littel girlash! Love her soooo much!

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It's Another Day!

Okay since it's another day, it's another day to deal with my daughter again with everything she gonna do lol! A while ago when she saw me having toothpick in my mouth, she would like to grab it and do the same way. Even how many times I had to push her hand away but still Im giving up. She run off to the bathroom and got that bottle of toothpick and now she's counting them randomly. I instead used the other thing that dentist gave me, darn I forgot the name of it, I just have in my mind but couldn't voice it out lol! Eh just woke up so seems everything is still asleep in my mind too haha! Instead of that I used the toothpick cos it's easier for me to used this than the other one. Ahhh it's a "Floss" thanks goodness my mind just start waking up right now lol! Yes it's true I have a hard time flossing my teeth with it. So Im contented with what I used though. Well, it's just obvious that I came from a tropical area that has coconut tree that I could just pick and make as a toothpick . Well, I don't deny that but I wasn't that fond of using it before I mean not all the time not until I got here. Of course I used it after brushing my teeth cos I still couldn't contented haha.

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My Dream last night

Whoah Im still so very sleepy but my! I just couldn't let go this opportunities that's coming my way. Just so tempting to work for it. Okay I will just make this up later taking my nap. When I woke up I remember all those dreams I had though during my sleep lol! I dreamt JennyR and her kids, my sister and family, Mexican people, Jeoriza who have won something big time lol! and the surrounding turned to chocolates (weird though). Thinking back of my dreams make me laugh though. How come I dreamt like that but you know only God knows and can answer all my dreams whatever it is.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Allan's World

You may wonder who's this guy Im going to talk about. I bumped to his Journal and he is into sports and although he loves music as well. Browsing through his blog he talks a lot more about sports. His entries are quite interesting and have wanted me to read more or visit his sites since he gives more informations about all this thing. I've never such an avid reader of sports although I love to play volleyball and tennnis lol!. So guys if you are into sports too and music you should check his website Now! He is quite kinda cool guy and his blog's name is Allan's World which his real name is Allan Cheng. I bet he is a chinese living in Canada. He is our good fellow postie. May he keep is journal up!

Good Job!

I just love what Im doing to Nicole right this time. She is cooperating well when I told her to wee on her potty. It's like every minute I have to remind her hehe silly me! For now my eyes are keep on her just incase she want's to make poop. She is being a good girl cos she would tell me the sign like"poo poo" but I knew she is going to wee lol! I know when she is about to have it cos the expressions of eyes. It's nice to see her new development. I know it would take a while and patience with it but we don't force her, it is still good when she does that although we are here for her supporting and still training her. In the long run they don't need our reminders but to do it on their own. She is getting good at it though. This morning she sat on it and wee, it's her second or third time to do it. But haven't really had poop in it. Before she will just sit in there and following me pushing hard then she would get some tissue pretending wiping her small cute butt haha! You kids are just so precious though, they are so cute, angel when they do things by following us. Hehe! So very cute indeed! Silly me cos I put her potty besides our bed or besides here while watching tv so she would always remember it when she wants to do something lol!

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Didn't Bother!

Good morning everyone! How is your day? Ours here same as usual. Hubby went to work without waking me up but I heard him when he walked out the door cos I heard when he closed it even how careful he did it. Anyway I understand he doesn't want to bother my sleep and Nicole since the two of us were still in bed. I even still kinda sleepy though even I woke up at past 8 am. I hope I can take my nap session later this afternoon. Meanwhile I have to do some assign tasks that's haven't done yet. SO guys stay tuned for more updates I have here. You all take care and God Bless!

Thanks goodness since I can focus my work here since my daughter is watching tv while playing her dora ball. See yah a bit later!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


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Monday, July 9, 2007

Time for BED!

I guess I spent too much time on pc tonight. I should have gone to bed earlier. I realized what's I have been posting earlier was just a waisting of my time. Well, life must go on and shouldn't focus on a thing that makes you really upset. Hm why not thinking about that before lol! You know when you are middle of angriness what you gotta think is mad and revengue, but I think that's not a good idea. Pray for them they gonna walk thru to the right path and God Bless Them. Anyway. Im really so sleepy now. I must prepare before hopping in to bed. Gotta get my bath first to feel refreshed. Im just the only one who stayed up and who's eyes are still wide awake. It's nice to soak in the tub right now and thinking good things. Calmed Down and think of vacationing anywhere that has fantastic sceneries lol! What a wondeful dream.
Okay gotta go now. May everyone of you has a good night sleep! Take care and God BLess!

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Quite Sleepy!

Im kinda quite sleepy right now and wanted to join Nicole taking a nap but I still have some tasks to do before due date. I don't wanna lose them so here I am still facing the pc and hopefully to make it right after my update. If I can't make all of them today will continue tonight and tomorrow morning. I will do my best otherwise I couldn't get any pay lol! On the other hand I haven't fax yet my W-9 to other site I joined. I let hubby do it but he wasn't able to do it today since he is quite busy with his meeting. Some sort he is so busy right now. Hopefully tomorrow.


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Sneaky littel girl!

Before I forgot I want to post of Nicole pix. She is a sneaky little girl. She went to her kuya's room and climbed up to bed and that's what she did. Engrossed with her kuya's laptop. Matthew should have lock his door before stepping out. This is not only what Nicole did today. She went in there first and gotten a staples. She brought a box in our bedroom and she opened it up. She is really good of opening boxes though, even like tags. Gosh I even can't do it at times. It seems she is stronger than me lol! What a girl again! Anyway, when I picked her up she didn't want to and just stayed in her kuyas room. I couldn't reach her up cos the bed was too big king size. Too big for one person lol! So I woke up hubby and let him know. So he went away to pick nicole up. At first she was shaking her head but daddy didn't let gets her way. She got scared when he dad start raising the voice haha! So then she get off of bed. But before going out of bedroom she looked around and wondering his kuyas stuffs on the wall, floor and each corner lol! She was laughing so hard. I bet in her mid was wondering something like why kuya didn't fix his things around lol! It looks different in our bedroom lol! I bet that's why she laughed so hard about, although it was not a big mess. Finally she got out and and went back to our room. It's not all the time she goes there in her kuyas room, just today she wanted to see things around and bring it back here in our bedroom lol! You know kids it's one of their fun.
There are her pics. I thought she looks so cute in her position. As if like a big girl. I would keep this pictures away so when she grows older I would show these to her so she will know how naughty she was haha! Caught in the act by mommy!

She is just sooo adorable little girl! Even though how hard to deal with her sometimes for being so curious into everything but she makes our day! Until now we still ask how come we have such a daughter like her! How much have we been so blessed!
One thing we laughed about her this afternoon was when her daddy read her princess collection book. While hubby kept going on and on Nicole kinda wanted to grab the book away from her daddy cos she wanted to do it by herself. While daddy keep on reading do you know what did she answer to her daddy? "I know dadday" We were shocked by her answer. As if she knew already the fairy tale stories in the books? Gosh what a girl. Her daddy just hugged her and amused of what she answered. I guess she was being silly this afternoon and hyper. Okay to let you know what story her daddy read her about was about Aladin. And hubby keep on pointing his finger to in the image picture of tiger and saying the name that this is Rajah who protect Princess jasmine but then Nicole just wanted to grab the book and so instead listening all the way, she answered "I know Dadday" haha it was really funny to hear. Gosh she is just so cute.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Good Night Everyone!

I was so very hungry earlier and asked favor to hubby if he can get something for me. I ate late at lunch cos I was too busy cleaning up downstairs. Wasn't able to cook afterwards since I got so dizzy after cleaning. So he asked what food I'd like to have. Went down and cook hotdog in the bun. I thought of having it with rice but I run out of left over rice already so I just let him get a bun instead. And I guess it's not good time to cook rice since it was too late at night like past 11 pm. I just stayed upstairs to watch Nicole over while she is asleep since that's what he wanted me to do just to stay with Nicole and he can do it by himself no need my help. So sweet of him. Now im in big relief cos Im full now.

I must go now though cos my eyes are hardly open. It's like Im typing without looking at my pc lol! I must say good night to you all!

What's up guys?!

Im so tired this time and wanted to lay in bed now but I have to update here before I gonna head. We just came up here for our dinner and doing the dishes downstairs. What happened to dishawasher? Well I was too lazy to put the clean ones away so I just use my hands that are sitting in the sink. I didn't bother hubby to help me bcos he was watching his favorite show the car racing. Most of the time he helps me with it. I don't know I have the good interests of washing the dishes by hands tonight. It's a miracles lol! Cos most of the time I gonna put them all inside the dishwasher although some of them I still gonna wash but just few if there is no more space or waiting for the next round lol! I had a good dinner tonight though I had pork adobo, pinakbet with rice, mango juice but I forgot my barbq. I bought them in Pinoy resto with one box of mango fruit. I would posts all about it in my domain so just gotta be checked it out later. Might tomorrow morning hopefully. For nor I can't stand to stay longer and make it cos my eyes are almost popping out lol! We had a nice day today and I will detailed them tomorrow to my domain as what I have just said.

After cleaning up hubby asked me if Im ready to go upstairs. Nicole fell asleep on his arms while they both sitting in the recliner. So now we are here upstairs. And Im so ready to go to sleep right after this.

About the opps I haven't taken good ones cos when they come out I was watching Nicole over cos she was fussing. So I took my break. She have wanted sitting on my lap or play with her, so I did. It was a happy times once again. I needed my attention to her that time cos she was roaming all around wanted to touch everything she can see. Haaay she always uplugging our phone here upstairs. So that was it. When she needed me I have to prioritize her although I was kinda have wanted to take the opps but it's okay there are more next time, there is no more important when spending time with my daughter when she needed me. She is my everything and her daddy. We had so much fun cos she have wanted me to ticke her neck or underarms. So sweet little girl.

Okay guys this is all for now, just this is? or how long is it already? lol! Sorry if I make you feel bored with my long post. I just needed to write up longer as much as possible just the way I did before I enter into paid for blogging. I will be back for fun of posting long ones lol!

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Sounding like a roboot?! lol!

Last night I was able to update my DOMAIN before I had gone to bed. If you get a chance pls visit the place. It's a nice feelings when you can leave do something to upadate my blog as if it's a relief ater all. I should keep that up since I paid for it and not just only abondoning otherwise I just only trashing my money away. I tried so hard to update as much as I can so it won't be look so boring when my visitors pay a visit everytime. I still couldn't imagine how I keep them up but thanks goodness of the power I have I make them up to date but nyak my strenght drain out at the end of the day and night lol! Im not powerful everytime and need to recharge just like the other things we used around. My! sounding like roboot? haha or the roboot won't wear out? haha!

Okay gotta go guys before I go to any other non-sense topic lol! I hope I don't get you bored though! HAVE A GREAT DAY TO YOU ALL AND ADVANCE HAPPY WEEKENDS!

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How is your day?

Good morning everyone! How are you all? Hope things are doing well for you! Mine here is fine too. Our weather is nice and it's been like this most of the time so I must be thankful with it. But I have something to wish that I know that it's impossible to happen. Do you know what is it? Wished that the weather would always be cool as the morning all day long but I know it wouldn't happen unless it if would rain or something lol! The temperature every morning is really good not that hot and not that cold. Okay mild temp that is! but when it is start from noon down to afternoon my golly that's the time you see the brightest side of the sun haha! My where my talk goes? Well that's true anyway since I could barely open my eyes when going out not unless Im wearing my shades. Anyway whatever the weather is life must enjoy and never could be the hindrance to go out to do something. Don't you just agree!

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When I feel down!

This afternoon I called hubby in his office bcos of my frustrations that Nicole did pour the milk out her bottle. It was really stinky though that I could hardly breath. I told him what she did and I sounded "nagpalaban" This is what I do everytime I get frustrated calling hubby in his office and let him know. I just love it since he would make me feel better. I know he would comfort me all the time when I needed to hear some good advices. I know I have heard him a lot the comforting words but I just couldn't get enough when I feel down. Again with his words I calmed down as I sounded like a poor baby too lol! Yeah I wouldn't hide it Im like a baby to my hubby, the way I talk to him when I feel down or frustrated or depressed. He would then say that I must go out, bring Nicole to playground and let her play there till she gets tired and go back inside the house. I should unwind outside feel the breeze, take those things off my mind. That he should fix things when he gets home. Yeah I know, I couldn't ask for more with his sweet words that lift up my spirit. I know some mom could understand me having a kid like this time Nicole is in terrible twos, actually she is been like that since she was just newly born. To tell you it's like she knows something already which I've never encountered early from other kids I took care before. That's why I get tired easily of her but my patience is very long and I can stand to it anytime. I don't like to hurt her cos I know she is just only little one that's very curious of everything. And Im not that kind of person that like to smack here and there, putting child to time out. I don't know maybe bcos they are so gentle and angel to me. That I should understand for now cos they are too young to understand things. I voice out some words that it's not good what she did but not hurting physically rather I would hug her. When I get tired I would take a deep breath in and try not to get into my nerves. I just love kids though, maybe that's why!

Move on. So hubby treat me out to eat. I thought I'd like to have monggolian foods at Jones Monggolian just nearby. But he doesn't like the foods in there. I always asked him why, Im kinda silly though since I have heard him his reasons many time but seems I just couldn't get satisfied his answer since the food is just yummy lol! I love it and I'd love to go there every weekend if I could. It's not a fancy resto, it's even kinda fun cos you can get all the veggies you want and mix with it then give to someone to grill it for you. Okay he said okay whatever as long as I like or wanted, but then I had to give in cos I know he is always giving in my wants.. poor hubby. Yeah he is always giving my way which makes me spoiled but not brat. Im also a very understanding person and would give way if I hear what he wants but then he gives more than and he would really take me even I would tell we can just go wherever you want. He is such a wonderful guy that God has given to me. I know it sounds corny but I just couldn't help saying it! Im proud to have hubby like him.

Anyway I told him we would all go to Chinese buffet otherwise I would get mad if he wouldn't cos I know that's what he likes there and besides the people can take care of Nicole when we eat lol! Since I was also thinking of crab so I go for it and no hesitation. We pigged out and went back home. I didn't come since I was already tired, maybe tomorrow hopefully cos I thowed a pack of chicken to fry. Okay then, we let Nicole played in the playground for a while then got back in.

That was our day. Lovely I would say!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Reading Tutors

Is your kids over there have a hard time dealing with Reading Skills? I know this is not easy as a mom seeing our kids having a problem. Tutoring them can take a while but if it's not helping at all there is helping hand at Escore.com. They are great in reading tutors for all the kids who needed help to improve their skills and they make it sure that things would go smoothly as they gonna make it more fun for the kids while tutoring. Me, as a mom I expect to that already whatever happens I will come to them and get a help. For sure this gonna help me and my kiddo someday.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Just Staying Home!

You must wondered why how do we celerate our 4th of July. None of us interests to go out lol! We decided to stay home and do something. Since the weekends are coming soon again and thats our time of going out. I also was kinda sleepy and not in the mood of going out to eat. We have lots of foods in the ref so why not cooking it for today lol! Natauhan ba? lol! We got back upstairs after doing household chores downstairs and doing my blog header as it was lengthy. I asked hubbys help and he was there to lend a helping hand. Just sometimes Im kinda have a short patience when I realized I can do that lol! I just want him to get up and I would just do it hahaha! what a naughty wife. Well I thought of that too not until he has his own idea how to get the things done faster lol! And on other hand I was able to visit some of my friend around. It makes me feel glad in some ways even I got disappointed for being late refreshing the PPP for tasks lol! Now Im quite happy since I got some good opps lol!

Engagement Rings!

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How is your 4th of JULY going?

I was too busy doing my stuffs around here in my pc that until I forgot to refresh the PPP but I was too late already huhuhu! But it's okay life must go on lol! It's not a big deal to ruin my mood. I guess some of them are not really meant for me it's for others. It's already gray when I opened it up! So goodluck to me next time. I hope it will rain so much more for us to do!

I been so busy doing my header. It looked so lenghty from the past times and I thought of changing it for better so that's how the look of it right now. Hope it doesn't give you tired of looking at it though lol!

So how was your 4th of July going? Ours here was just staying home and doing something downstairs. Hubby helped me with all the things arranging and stuffs and watching tv. That's all lol!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Our slideslow photos from past weekends!

Create Your Own

Finally I have done it. It's been so long I updated a slideslow here in my bravejournal. This was our photos from last weekends. It was a long weekends for us. We had so much fun and I love go out everytime. Having family quality time is the best ever to spend with. This one most favorite thing of Nicole as well going out, she is an outdoor little kiddo. Wanted to go out just like her mema lol! Well what's more fun of going out? Staying inside can be an isolation a times so when hubby has time with us we gonna make the most out of it and Enjoy life!

Math Tutors!

I know Mathematic can be so hard especially if you are not good in numbers. During my school days Math is the hardest subject among us lol! I won't deny it since it also true. Myself, already a parent and Im looking forward how my child would react when she started to learn Mathematics. I won't expect too much that she gonna restore it in her mind right away cos I know it can take time and can be confusing. Now that I have found this website the Score Educational Center makes me happy to know I could get a help from them when I have some problems in the future of my kiddo. Which they have a great math tutors. For sure my baby would have a lots of fun since they gonna make it easier and fun as they are going to tutor my kid. So guys check their website out NOW at Escore.com for your rescue! The good benifits for you and your kids!

So Tired

Haayyyyy I got so very tired. We came downstairs to eat my brunch with Nicole after giving her a bath. My day was pretty busy thought! Doing here and there. When we stepping up here Nicole had wanted me to carry her up. My gosh she is so heavy for me. I was having a hard time cos I held another thing on my other hand the cell and her talking toy. Haaaay life can be so tough at times. Don't you think? Anyway it's okay. Im just glad we came back up here and later on I gonna cook for our dinner. I guess I would take my nap before cook so I will have so much strenght to stand up for an hours in the kitchen. As hubby said he is going to help me. I hope. I won't expect so much since he would be coming from work and needed to take a rest too.

Im glad that it's holiday tomorrow so hubby will be with us. PRetty much exciting though! Don't know what's our plan for tomorrow the 4th of July. I bet everyone of you is planning where to celebrate it. Enjoy guys!

Belisi Radio

I have found an interestig music radio station that you must interests for sure just like me. It is the Belisi Fashions Radio Station that can be viewed in Pandora.com where you can hear the hottest artists and music legends and jazz. So must check them out guys and for sure you gonna have so much fun. For sure Im always going to visit this site every single day to listen my favorite music as I am a music lover. Anything you can look you can hear it this website. So look no further now rather than Pandora.com and Enjoy the music to the MAX!

My morning yaks!

Ugh what happened to my sim of my digi-cam? seems like it's not working at all when I'd like to download all the current pictures. Oh my I hope there is nothing wrong happened with it otherwise it frustrates me huhuhu!

It's already 9:14 am here. Hubby has gone to work but Im kinda naughty cos I keep on calling him on his cell while he is still driving cos I had to ask few things. I didn't like the place he is working right now cos it's kinda further away unlike before that he can only 5 minutes drive away from home. This time it takes like 20 minutes depending the traffic, they moved to a bigger building since last month. It's quite big building though and I saw his office on the first floor. Anyway it's okay. We can't do anything about that.

On the other hand my little girl is watching Little Einstein while she is building her blocks. I just like it when she's watching tv not making a mess lol! Yesterday afternoon there are additional things she can recognize on her chart, the hat, the bunny and egg. Just thankful she doesn't get bored but instead cooperating well and excites everytime. She even bring her stoll to get close to her charts but I don't trust to her at all might she pull them off. I hope next thing she would know more about colors. This time I teach her some basics yet.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Learning Time

Last weekend I put up Nicole's different kind of charts. So far so good and she is cooperating to learn all those tools. So far she knew what are some of those things like when I ask her what is this pen poiting my finger. She knows that's banana, duck, ball, fish. When she named them there is always "the" like the ball, the fish, the ball and so son lol! She likes to check the chart everytime and have fun looking at them. The most part that makes me laugh so hard is when those of them she still couldn't speak out yet she would say Nam-nam means yummy althogh she can say Yuuu---My with prolonged but the easiest to say it is nam-nam lol!, she knows what's foods like fruits and vegetables. She is just so cute though everytime we listen up to her. Now she's playing her ball counting one two three before she toss it up lol!

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Knows how to appreciate things!

Im glad I did some work here, giving a bath to Nicole, gaver her milk. After giving her a bath she's building up her blocks and everytime she succeeds she would say "WOW COOL" it is so cute to hear indeed! Even we she sees things that looks cool for her she would always say that. Seems she learned how to appreciate things now. Glad about it. I gave her laptop to enjoy for a moment and her piano before she goes to sleep and I guess she's done with them and ready to sleep. I know she is getting ready for that cos I can see it in her eyes. She would watch tv for a while and fall asleep eventually.

Anyway I gotta go now to finish all the things to be done. Have a great day to everyone and enjoy working! Take care and God Bless!

Sunday, July 1, 2007


I fell asleep in our couch afte doing some groceries and taking Nicole out in the playground and playing blowing bubbles we bought dring our groceries for a while. I was kinda disappointed that I was left alone downstairs when I woke up. So I thought Nicole and hubby had gone upstairs. I didn't know how long I took my nap though. I went upstairs right away cos it's really quiet in there. I asked hubby why he didn't wake me up so I coud go with them here upstairs but he responded he doesn't want me to be bothered since I was asleep. But I still feel bad though. I didn't buy his thoughts still the question still remains in my heart lol! Drama na ba to! Ewan I really felt bad. Am I that kinda of sensitive lol! Ewan he should have woke me up! I guess I don't use to sleep just by myself down there.

Anyway he is back out this time to send the weekly allowance to my family. He must be on the way back here pretty soon.

This morning we woke up early since Nicole woke us up asking for her milk. We decided to do groceries in the morning to avoid hot temperature but seems we were able to make it at noon time. We dropped by at Panda Express to eat our brunch. It's just near to King Sopper grocery Store. It was really pretty hot weather though. When we got back in the car it's burning my butt off. I don't like summer though cos the hotness is just unbearable. Sigh! Inside the grocery store a lot of people were shopping. One of the day that I have seen too much people around it's like we are in PI doing groceries lol bumper to bumber, avoiding to bump each other's cart and elbows. It really reminded me in PI. Hubby said it must be bcos the July 4th is coming and everyone is so busy before the holiday comes. Pretty lots of stuffs inside the grocery store but my clams wasn't displayed too bad. Anyway we got what we needed and wanted. Nicole had her horse ride inside. She had so much fun everytime. She went to the ball department again and would have like to get one but we didn't get any since we were on the way back out to unload tha cart. Good thing she didn't fight back or something.

It's always tiring when you put things away when getting home of those stuffs from grocery store. Hubby unload the trunk and I was the one who put them away. If only I had help from someone I would be happy lol! Yeah that's always in my mind everytime I put them away lol! Just sorting things where to put them. There are times I hate baggers when they don't categorized the things when puttings tuffs inside the plastic bags to make it easier for us to put them away. Well, thanks goodness they are pretty good, dli lang malikayan na naay masagol. So that was it. I fell asleep after playing with Nicole with those blowing bubbles and took her to the playground. She was really mad and cried so hard cos she didn't want to go back home. Wanted to play more but needed to otherwise she'll get sun burn og ako mapaig gyud og samot lol!

This is our day though! Althought it was tiring but fun!