Friday, November 30, 2007

Changing a new layout

I'm changing my layout in here to a new look. I got bored with my layout before so it's time to change. I couldn't pick so much from their theme but it is okay as long as I can change the old one. I just don't know yet how to put another background color or blog skin. So instead I just choose the one that suits my time for now. Anyway if I could find looking better than this might I will change it but I will use this temporarily. So guys bear with it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

LapBand by JourneyLite

Obesity is one most problem of people who become one. I know how frustrating it is since I can feel it. I felt so sorry for them. If you guys happened as one of those obese you may come to this place at where they can do a LAPBAND procedure as surgical treatment for you. They are a los angeles lap band doctor where they will do the best they can so you will lose some weight and at the same time eating less food. This is indeed a great help to you guys to stay fit and healthy. If you decide just click the page away at and they are just there for you to help.

Able to use it!

I'm kinda happy that I'm able to use my blogspot this time despite the PR has gone down to zero. It has been frustrating indeed for the past days since there had no opps for this blog but today I got another one. So I'm glad PPP has throw out for zero PR and including blogspot. It is nice to fill up some opps in here too.

Hotel Reservations for you all!

Do you guys have planned for your next vacation? You should consider Hotel Reservations, which are offering such a great deals of hotels, motels, resorts, vacations rentals, etc. For any destinations you go you'll get up to 70% discount. Yes, that's how competitive their price is, they are not only offering to few places but whole wide world. So this is the great chance for you all guys for booking anything during your vacation. The place you can save a lot of money for your vacation. Since me and my family are planning to get a vacation next year, we are for sure to book our reservation at them. So guys start browsing also their site at, they are just a click away.

Another snowy day!

HUH! It is snowing here again in our area. I didn't know about this not until I turned my head onto the window and I just saw the white thing scattered all over on the roof. It seems like it is just in our place has been snowing this month a lot. I don't know what's in Colorado why it snows a lot. Right now I'm still so sleepy and have wanted to stay more in bed but I just heard my little one calling my name and saw she messed up the clothes I have folded last night. So I had to get up for her.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

100 FREE blogger cards by

I have found such a great website that offers a very COOL thing for all bloggers like me. WOW! I would surely get custom business card 2.0 from them at which they can print my blog on it and share outside digital world since I have lots of friend that haven't known my blog yet so this is the best way they can take a peep on my blog especially Christmas is coming I surely would send out to all of my friends and relatives. What I like about this website at is they offer a 100 FREE business cards to put the URL of my blog and it's important keywords. This is indeed awesome. I can't wait to purchase some from them with my 100 free business cards to receive lol! Who wouldn't like it anyway? For sure all of us! So guys grab it now. This is your chance to promote your blog to other people too.

Like a kitty cat

My little girl is like a kitty cat this time. Touching things here and there haha! I bought her clothes last the other night and that's what she got busy about. Taking all off the tags is having fun with it. Well, I just love rather than she is doing things hazardous. Now I can see her that she would try to take her clothes off so she can fit the new ones on her lol!

Friday, November 23, 2007

I just love Photography

I love taking pictures a lot and it one of my hobbies. Digital gives me a great infact of doing capturing photos since I came here in U.S. I used hubby's digital camera and soon after he bought one for me as my Christmas present couple years ago. That was I used when I gave birth to my child. It was the most precious time when hubby took picture of me all through out my labor and when my child came out from me. I just couldn't forget that moment and I have kept a lot of photos since then and it is almost every day taking pictures of my little one to see her milestone, I can see how getting big she is. And also I used it when hubby graduated from Master's degree of Science and a lot to mention. Both of us love photography and we also make sure we pick the best camera so it also has a good capture. But unfortunately I broke mine, I felt so bad for it but what can I do? I can't return it any longer so this is what one of my wish list this coming Christmas the new digital camera or cam corder since I would like to record all events or mileston of my lovely daughter and hoping hubby can give it to me and I have found a website that offers wide selection of those prodcuts, the one I'm peeking right now are these Sony HDR-UX7 HighDefinition Carmcorder and Sony DSLR-A100K alpha Digital SLR Camera W/18-70MMF/3.5-5.6Lens at Yes digital Camera or Camcorder can help me a lot to keep all the pictures to look it back later. This website not only offering digital cameras and camcorders but also they offers vast of digital picture frame just they way I have wanted. I sure going to purchas some from them since I have tons of pictures I kept of my daughter that haven't pictured framed yet. I just got the right place at the right time.

Thanks for keep visiting here

I'm so thankful for the people who keep visiting me here. Guys I owed you a lot and I appreciate all your visits to me. To all people who are wanting to exchange links, I will visit you soon and add you to my list. I believe that it is really not that hard to keep up the blog but it is up to us if we determine to work for it because sometimes I'm too lazy except when I don't have enough time. So guys bear with me for now. I will visit you real soon. You all take care and God Bless! Hoping you had such a wonderful thanksgiving celebration with your friends and family!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

First Friday Weekend Artwalk in the Oldest City

I would like to visit Florida again. It is one of my plans to return to that place for a vacation, for refreshment from the stresses of work and a busy life. It just so happens that I have stumbled onto this website at, where they have an offer for an ArtWalk of St. Augustine, the oldest city in America. This is so cool, since I love to see the art exhibits, and hear the music entertainment. This place offers over 20 participating galleries. How cool is that? These events happen on every first Friday and Saturday of every month, when they are open from 5 to 9 pm. This is really an awesome place for sightseeing, that everyone should visit. This is especially true during this holiday season, a great chance to visit the place and join the fun of St. Augustine Artwalk. Just to let you know, they have on-going the 14th Annual Nights of Lights celebration, where lots of events are happening right now. It started November 17, 2007 and continues until January 31, 2008. It will still be going on for a long time, so there is plenty of time to go witness these events. They offer such things as tours of ancient buildings, rollicking train and trolley tours through the narrow brick streets, art walks, a dazzling regatta, Florida ice skating, holiday concerts, and a Christmas parade. They have so much to offer. Golly, there is so much to mention. Everything they offer is just what I would love to see. I have never been to St. Augustine yet, so I should start telling to my husband about this and for sure he is going to love this news. So guys, this is your chance to visit St. Augustine and witness their monthy events and to see their entertainment such the First Friday Weekend Artwalk. Since I love music so much, that is for sure what I'm going to take advantage of when I get there. Live band music is what I love the most. I just can't wait to go there soon this coming December. So guys, check their website now for more information.

Still wide awake

I'm still wide awake right now because the PPP has rained so much opps but unfortunately I didn't grab so much since I was already too late when I checked their page. I got some and I will let hubby review my work tomorrow. Anyway I'm just thankful that they produce opps tonight despite how busy these people are. Atleast my day is productive by earning some of their opps. Anyhow I might be headed to bed soon right after this so I can also have a good rest and good day when I wake up.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Letters From Santa

I have stumbled to such a cool website that offers a personalized Letters From Santa to be sent to our child. I would surely purchase one for my little girl and let her know Santa is sending her a letter because she is being a good girl all throughout the year. This is really cool indeed. I couldn't imagine whens he receives it she would keep it forever and bear it in her mind that it was one most memorable thing in her life of receiving a letter from dear Santa.

It is so cold!

It is so cold this time because it is snowing outside. I hope it is not so cold when we go downstairs. We didn't use the fireplace anymore since Nicole came into our lives because it is too dangerous since she would just love to open the fireplace and it is very dangerous for her. Hubby have just bout a wall heater to avoid any accidents but I thought wall heater couldn't produce enough heat to make us warm.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Police Gear website needs links

Have you guys are into police gear stuffs please check this website at for you to add links with some of the links and information you have. You also can shop at your favorite police stuffs like shirt, tactical pants, jacket, jumpsuits and many more you can find is at 511 tactical at your service. So guys don't forget the links you can add at their friendly website.

Will be so busy!

I will be so busy today because I have a pile of dirty clothes around sitting in our bathroom. Will also give bath to Nicole and clean the room. I guess I will take a nap or rest this afternoon since I'm not that feeling well. It was so awful to dream such bad thing last night. Anyway have a good day to you all guys!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Credit Cards In Australia

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I hope

Hubby had gone out to send something to my family back home. He just called me that Safeway couldn't process it through their pc that there is something's wrong with the system, he let me know he will drive back to King Sooper to send it there but he already got the cash and bring to the other store. I hope hubby can send it tonight otherwise it would be disappointing because my little bro needed to buy his engineering materials. He's been bugging me to send it yesterday but since we just stayed home all day yesterday because hubby made a contract for something so we didn't get a chance to do it yesterday. I hope it is still not too late though.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Booking a last minute hotel

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Went back downstairs

My little girl right now went back dowstairs to play with her kuya and daddy. I guess she knew well that I'm focusing on my work and just left me alone here! It is not that I don't care with her and don't spend time with her infact I am very good of managing my time between work and family. I love to play with my daughter and takes care of her very well. It is just a good thing that she is into tv and she learned a lot of things. Indeed tv shows is a big influence to her as part of her intelligence. She is indeed smart little girl. She could infact pointing out all of those the things she saw on tv and mentioning by calling ther names with her excitement. People amused her everytime cause she is getting so excited when she sees characters in the store that she had seen on tv. She has a good memorization and a good talker.

Goth Dating

Finding a soulmate, partner in the internet is possible now a days. I know some people couldn't believe it and think that it is ridiculous but for me can possibly looking the partner even how far he/she is but because of computer technology that exist now a days everything is possible since I also been there. I have found my husband through the net. We wrote over a year and met in person and we realized that we were meant to each other. Although sometimes I couldn't believe how techology and the dating website are truely very amazing, to meet our better half to the other side of the world really can happen. If you guys out there looking for a friends, long term relationship and marriage their is website for you to join so you can meet all these Goth singles at with the people who have same interest and common in life that you could find your best match with gals and guys. All you have to do is browse through their page at, upload your photos, you can send wink to a person you like since they have built in feature in their site for you to send the wink sign to let them know you are interested to that person. You can actually do a lot of things in their site since they also have free video chat, can join their forums, world map finder and many things you can do. So guys check out their website now for more information. Find your perfect and best match in this dating site.

Keep Turning it up!

I'm kinda busy right now catching up the time before it hits to 10 pm but how can I make my work faster hence my daughter is keeping the tv turning up? Ugh! I tried to have her use a headphone but it is just working for few minutes after that she gets tired of it and took off hehe! She is pretty smart little girl because I believe she knew that it is one of my trick to not bother me while I'm working something here online.

Mortgage Home Loans by State

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Kind of Disappointed

I'm really kind disappointed of google when they change the PR again to lower. I don't know when this will get stable. I have heard a lot from my co bloggers friends that their PR have also gone down. This would affect extremely to our earn money blogging since this business also depends on the PR rating. Sigh! I hope PPP wouldn't change the PR since it is already marked to their system. Anyway I have to move on now and pray that the PR would stay to what it has been.

Looking for an apartment?

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Thank You Maris!

I'm being tagged by Maris and here are my answers

1. Smart or Globe: Smart. I do used both when I was in PI, smart for prepaid load for my cellphone and Globe for internet broadband connection
2. ABS-CBN or GMA: I been loving to watch GMA because it was fun
3. Penshoppe or Bench: It depends on my mood.
4. Avon or Personal Collection: When I was in PI I love products of Avon especially their undergaments and when I got here I picked the one I like.
5. Sony Ericsson or Nokia cellphone: I haven't have used Ericson but Nokia I did.
6. Tweety Bird or Hello Kitty: Both
7. Sony or JVC TV: JVC. Sony
8. Lee or Guess Jeans: If in terms of jeans I like Lee, the fit is just lookin sexy, Guess and Lee for shirts
9. Sketchers or Merell Shoes: Sketchers
10. Swatch or Rolex watch: If I have tons of money to buy Rolex I would buy one lol!

Thanks Maris for tagging me with this. Although it is quite weird or something to ask this kind of thing but should be done.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Looking For House Plans?

House Plan is very important when building a house so the outcome of the house we build is good and just the want we like to have. My husband and me are planning to build a house for my family back home and he and I have been looking for good and perfect house plan to use for it, we contacted an architect but I guess I could just find it by our own choice from Look at these Log Cabin House Plans, English Cottage House Plans and this Small Ranch House Plans are just absolutely perfect. If only we have enough money to build these kind of plan I would surely grab one of them. Anyway if you guys have been looking for a house plan check their website because they have tons to choose from. By following their plans everyone can get the best and perfect house they ever dream to have. If you have known some friends that are planning to build a nice house let them know about this website so they can get the perfect idea as well.

From napping!

Gosh I woke up with back pain from napping. I hate it so much. How I wish someone can massage me now cause it hurts. I wonder what time Nicole and have gone to bed for napping and how long we took a nap. I guess I shouldn't bother about it, the most important is we were able to take our rest. Nicole is still in bed sleeping. It is just nice to stay in bed with this kind of weather cold.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Online Coupon Site

Christmas is coming and I haven't shop anything for my family yet, anyway I'm not rushing infact I'm so thankful to have found a Coupon Codes for GAP coupons and Disney Coupons from to save money when I go shopping online. This website is really great since they provide hundreds of merchant coupons, every visitor who visit the website can save big bucks of using their coupon codes and easy to navigate to find those coupons very quicky. No hassle and free! I just been there to their site and so far it is a friendly website which it will take us direct to the coupon codes pages that we needed. I for sure going to have lots of fun and save big time when I do shopping.

Had so much fun!

I had so much fun recording any songs that can be found at I thought my several records before have gone. I thought there had something wrong the way I saved but I'm thankfully find today that it already restore tonight on my studio on the site itself. I have been added records in there tonight so far I have made a lot of them already but I haven't share to any yet since I'm still not ready yet. I will soon.

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Disclosure Policy

This policy is valid from 12 November 2007

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.

This blog abides by word of mouth marketing standards. We believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post will be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content.

The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers' own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

This blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content will always be identified.

To get your own policy, go to

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Friday, November 9, 2007

£10,000 loss to cheating husband's

Are you guys out there looking a used car still in a very excellent condition? You can purchase it now at where there is a lady selling a Cheap Jaguar that her husband bought a very nice car. Since she is mad at her husband cheating with other woman she decided to sell it and I guess she wants to move on. It is funny how she did something on the car. She has thrown a paint on it but can be removed cheaply and still in a very good condition, far less being damaged. The car has been registered on her name so she took the advantage to sell it to those whoever wants to buy for the used car and imagine guys you can never buy something like this price because she is just selling it for 50% less than it's worth. A very good deal for the buyer. For more information check this website out now at which they sell New Cars and Used Cars very affordably. Especially to those who live in UK, guys you have come to the right place and right time to pick the best car you ever wanted. Remeber this cheap jaguar is really a good deal to purchase and have the best ride ever!

Here is the Jaguar car, the nice ride one!

Smells good and fresh

I just have done giving a bath to my little girl. She looks so fresh now and look so clean. I just love to smell her though. I hope later she will be taking her nap so I can finish my work also without her bothering me lol! Right at this moment she is watching tv of Charlie and Lola. Everytime the show starts she would laugh so hard as if she giggles a lot. I don't know why she just seems loves lola so much haha. Haaay my little girl is no longer a baby. As I am looking at her now she looks like my little sister vivian.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Give the gift of NYC this holiday with a CityPass

I have been to several states but I haven't been New York yet. As what I have heard from majority that it has such huge buildings which is ours here in our area are just nothing to compare in there and how tons of entertainment in there that's worth to visit for. It keeps bothering in my mind that when do we be able to go there. New York is beautiful even how crowded the city is but I don't care. In my mind that's why it's crowded because a lot of people like to live in there and tourist love to see those spectacular views that the place has to offer. I'm so eager to go to this State someday and hopefully it will be soon. One of the things I consider to do there is Metropolitan Museum of Art and the new Greek and Roman galleries, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Guggenheim Museum and the American Museum of Natural History and many more in my mind. And the thing is how to get in there? For sure we need to have a ticket. I have found such a great deal of tickets for me and my family at as for our New York CityPass. Which they offer tickets to six of the city’s icon attractions in a pocket-sized booklet that we can buy in just a half price. Can you believe that? Instead of fighting to fall in line in the middle of the crowd why not just buying it online, so easy and will the ticket right away. So guys check out their website also if you are interested. This our chance to go to New York with very cheap ticket we can avail. Not only we can have lots of fun in there but to save some money from the tickets to purcahse. Tell you they have everything to offer which you could ever think of. This is the great chance for me to go there especially this kind of season for coming holidays. I want to see a lot of things that I have never experience before. This is one of my dream to go there and I hope my wish would come true someday or soon.

Such an Actress!

Gosh my little girl is such an actress. I know she push her table with things on it and it fell down and what she did she pretend to shake with her forecement lol! I told her not to do that since it doesn't look good. Yeah she would always find a ways for me not to scold her. She is tricky sometimes and knows something to make me calm down or either to scare her. Kids really are kids lol! Mama I need your help!!!! I can' take this anymore lol! Yes I do!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ashop Commerce

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Doing Laundry tonight

I'm doing laundry tonight and so far most of them I already folded. I just don't like seeing clothes scattered anywhere so to the rescue with my help. It is nice to see clean around. Don't you just agree? I also feel glad that I able to help my step son by washing his dirty clothes. I don't want him waiting for me till I get done with ours. Since he is also good to Nicole and keeping him as a sister this is my reward to him that I could do laundry his clothes. He is nice to my kid. UK Payday Loans

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Have fun talking!

I'm just done talking to my friend on the phone and as usual she is really fun to talk with. Talking anything that would come up to our mind, sadness, joy and sorrows, family.. everything! I was too shy to ask to her that I should cut off our conversation since I still have one opp that is waiting for me to get done, so I'm ready now while my little girl is till playing her toys.

Sleep Number Beds

I just like what I have found right at this moment, this website that offers matresses at Since we badly needed to change our bed because our two year old daughter sleeping with us during the night or even the day time it is hard for us especially we only got queen size bed, we need to have a king size this time and I'm proudly happy I have found the website where hubby and I could buy one for us with unbeatable price compare to other store and what I love most of their bed is that it has an air chambers controlled by a digital numeric inflation system which we can adjust the softness and firmness by just simply push the button. WoW really awesome! I can't wait to buy one of this sleep number beds from For sure hubby would love this one too since we have been planning to get one for us. We need more space, comfortable and ajustable bed for the three of us since our little girl wants to sleep in between lol! I need more space. I can't wait to play the feature of the bed itself. I would be feeling in heaven when I get to sleep in that bed. If you guys out there looking one for you take a look at this website the because they provide the best matress yet very affordable prices.

Got a Call!

My instinct is really right that hubby was so busy with the meeting conference. He called me a while ago and let me know he was sorry for being late responding me. I understand, I thought I shouldn't have bothered him since he is also doing his work at his office especially when they need him. Poor him! I guess next time I will be carefu of picking the task before accepting it otherwise I distruct hubby's work. He is very understanding just except when he is too tired that he can't make any and would rather go to sleep.

Garage Flooring

We still have a pretty good garage concrete floor since our house has been built for 3 years yet, so it still kinda looks new but there is nothing wrong if I would like to change it with better new look like the has to offer. When I browsed through their site I just fell inlove with their garage flooring. Absolutely they have the one I just like. I for sure let hubby check this website out so he can decide himself too since garage is one of part that attracts the whole house. If you guys out there needed to change your garage flooring let the car garage help you with that since they also sell tiles to cover the brokern floor and they provide any pattern you need. All you have to do is browse their page and pick the flooring you like best.


Sigh! I been waiting for hubby's response about the task I let him do since I'm having a hard time understanding the one I can't relate. I guess he is so busy with his meeting so I just read over and over the task so I made it. I guess I will let him review my work later to make it sure but I guess I did it right.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Loan your money at

It is always nice to have a help from someone like if we run out of money the is there to help everyone. They can lend money ranging from $200-$1500 and to be paid with checking account upon both side agreements. If you guys need a help please approach this place at because they can provide you with the money you need. All you have to do is apply now, submit your requirements online. If you are kind of scared about your information don't be because they will make it safe for you and confidential. It's them you can trust and rely in terms of borrowing money and keep your record secretly. It is just easy to apply because they don't ask so many documents. So what are you waiting for browse through their page and lend the money you would like to borrow, paydayloanquotes is really awesome because it is a No Fax Payday Loans needed. Just so simple as that then will approve you within minutes and get your money electronically since they will send it there right away. So go ahead and check their website now for more information.

He is kinda busy!

Hubby hasn't home yet so I spend my time doing my tasks online. I just have called him and knowing what he is doing, if he is one they way now to come or still in his office. Indeed he is still there and so busy with work. He said he will leave shortly right after he response all the emails. I kinda miss him though. I guess our house is quite empty since Nicole had fallen asleep and I'm the only one who is moving around. I guess I will just do laundry soon too so it will take up my time aside of doing tasks online.

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Stinky Fish!

I just don't know with our stinky house today for some reason I cook dried fish. Ugh the smells really irritating. Hubby hasn't coming home yet but I know it is going to be too soon since it is almost 6 pm. I don't like how the day changes because it is already dark at 5 pm, really sucks. I missed summer though because I still can see outside brighter until 9 pm. I guess I have to bear this though since this won't last long but three months? hmm!

Holiday Shopping Promotion

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Taking a nap!

Finally Nicole has gone to sleep. She is been fighting it back and now she couldn't stand to it but have to fall asleep. It is good to so I can concentrate on making task online and cleaning around our bedroom. Since she must have feeling fresh it is good for her to take a nap. I hope she won't take a nap that long so she will not staying up too late at night otherwise hubby can't get a good sleep while both me and Nicole would wake up and she is quite noisy sometimes when she is playing, you know kids doesn't know what their doing as long as they have tons of fun and that's all matters to them lol!

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Finally done giving her bath!

I'm finally done giving a bath to my little girl and now she is feeling fresh but still she wants to sit on my lap instead of taking a nap in the afternoon. It is late for her already but I don't know why she doesn't feel any sleepiness yet. She had fun wiping off her board with her wet wipes and now she is watching tv. She is so wise when she wants to sit on my lap because her trick is she would tell me that she cries and wanted a hug and never would let me go any longer lol! - Small Business Accounting

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What's the problem of my YM!

I get frustrated of my yahoo messenger this time because it won't open up on me the window and I couldn't send any messages to my friends who are in my list. Ugh! What happened! Makes me frustrates indeed! I don't know how to fix aside of signing off and log back in but yet still the same. I hope hubby is here to help me so I could send back some offline messages and my cousin has been sending message to me a while ago and it hung and now I just couldn't response back. Sigh! What is the problem of my YM!

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Been calling so many times lately

My golly I have been calling my family back home so many times lately. Today I have called again and it was over 3 hours. I'm kinda impulsive in terms talking to my family back home. I should have chage it though because the bill would kill me. Whoah! Hubby would find it out later that I been calling so many hours. Well, I guess I will just help paying for it lol although he won't bother to say such bad things but I guess I'm too over board of using it. Shame on me lol! Anyway as long as I have fun talking to my family back home which is priceless. It is not everyday I can hear the voices of my family's back home voices so he should understand me lol!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Score Learning Center

To handle a children with very slow improvement is also very depressing and frustrating and while at the same time they are very pitiful. I have encounted to deal with these kind of kids because I once became a teacher of Cathecism during my higschool days and I handled elementary pupils. It was pretty hard because I had to have a very long patience and understanding but I guess that won't last long if we the teacher are getting frustrated since there are lots of them to take care of. I have wished their parents could afford to get a tutors for them so they wil be taught at home and could help improving any of their skills. If this happens to my child I would surely contact an Innovative Tutor from Score Learning Center since they are willing to help kids from age 4 to 14 years old. They will make tutoring fun and easy so kids will feel comfortable. The Score Learning can make my child ahead than others if my child is willing to learn more ahead of time. This is indeed a great help for me and my child. If my child excel in class not only I'm proud of my child but most of all to Score to make my child to be the best one among others.

Be thankful!

I'm getting so sleepy now and thought of heading to bed but I have stay up a bit yet cause I wan't to finish my one task so I will be good to go to bed. While facing on the pc I also txting with my sister back home, she said she is going to architect's house. I hope I get a news from her soon so we can take care of that too. I have been wanting Mama to have a new house built cause I know that makes her happy and that is one of her dream as well. I am hoping that her dream will come true. I am so happy that hubby would build it up for mama and he will provide all the expenses. He such a wonderful guy. God hears all my prayers and I thanked him a million times because I never thought that my wish for mama would come true and some of my wish and dreams in life.

Ultimate Paintball

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Adjusting the time

I'm kinda adjusting the time right now and I felt very sleepy right now but it is still quite early for me. I guess I will need a little time to adjust and I will be fine. On the other hand I just called my family back home giving the 10 numbers to pick up something since it is their allowance week. So hopefully they will withdraw that thing without any problem. As we talking along I have asked if they have found someone who is an architect that would work for foreigner's style kind of house. Nina would look one for today as what she have said. She seems get excited about the news but I told them not to expect too much. Slow but surely lol! I hope I can hear a good things from her soon so we can start to build up the house pretty soon when things going well.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Math Tutors

I would say Math is really hard atleast for me, I guess I'm just being slow to catch up what my teacher have taught me. It would have been easier if I have a Math Tutors from Score Learning Center since they are there to help each kid improving the skills of Mathematics. Since already have a kid I know where to contact them if my child would get a hard time dealing with Math in the future. They will make it more fun and easier to understand. Indeed would be a great help. Score is the best!

Good Nap!

I'm kinda tired today and took a nap after I made one task online after we got home from Nicole's photo shoot at studio. I don't know what time I went to bed for nap but the thing I know is I just woke up at past 6 pm. It was pretty good I had a good rest for the day in that afternoon. I even have missed to call some of my friends because my eyes and body weren't cooperating me anymore. I had to go to bed that was it says lol! Now I woke up and fine!

Friday, November 2, 2007

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Stay up!

My two love of my life had already been gone to bed and I am alone now staying up late making my online tasks. I will be heading to bed soon as well to have my good rest. The weather update says that we are going to have a sunny day tomorrow and hope that would come true otherwise i would be staying in bed for long. It is nice to have a sunny day so the day will also be productive not just staying in bed and sleeping, very boring indeed.

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Thought of!

I have a mojo this time to update all my blogs around especially the one that is sitting around the corner. I thought of making it as a travel blog since I don't have one yet. I thought it is going to be pretty neat if I will put all our trips anywhere in U.S or back home. You know to remember all the happenings when I'm already old and I could read back all the trips I have once. I just like going to a trip cause I don't miss any single photo in a certain place just except if the battery dies on me. Not me I always make sure everything is intact. Everything is ready for my hands and capture lol!

Home Office

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lots of Opps!

Golly I have been making so much opps for today from different blog marketing. It makes me worn out though somehow I'm so thankful for this blessings that comes on my way and I'm hoping for more. I just don't like it when I stay too long on pc cause it would strain my eyes. I have wanted to take my rest but since I still have opps that are waiting to be expired I have to bear a little while. I will stop till I drop lol! I'm also thankful that my little Nicole didn't bother me right now while doing my online tasks.

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Good Nap

Wow I was able to take a nap good for like over 2 hours. It is just that when I woke up I have a back pain. I hate it so much. Maybe this is what you get if you don't do so much change position. I like someone would crack some of my joints or whatever that calls would be so nice. If only my family is here so I can ask them massage most of the time but too bad they are very far away from me. Anyway I'm just glad I was able to take a nap this afternoon. I was just very tired and needed a good sleep.

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My little girl is being funny right now. She put make up on my face to my left and right cheeks. She is very observant whatever I do though. She puts make up on me after hers. I just let her do that since she would cry out loud if I don't give her way. Just for now but not all the time cause it would make a mess to my carpet. I may look like a clown this time though cause what can you expect for a 2 year old little girl putting a make up on my face? I haven't seen yet my face since I didn't check my face in the mirror yet.

iFLOOR Unveils $1,000,000 Flooring Warranty

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It's Another Day!

It's another day and here I am facing on my pc to do my tasks online. I had to wake up early for this and to watch my little Nicole. I am still kind of sleepy right now and wanted to sleep more but I couldn't do that cause I'm afraid what would Nicole do whe no one's watching her. It is scary indeed the last time I saw her she cut her hair with a scissors. So I always watch her this time no matter what. I have to always wide awake when she's awake and playing. I don't want to regret later and blame myself.