Monday, July 9, 2007

Sneaky littel girl!

Before I forgot I want to post of Nicole pix. She is a sneaky little girl. She went to her kuya's room and climbed up to bed and that's what she did. Engrossed with her kuya's laptop. Matthew should have lock his door before stepping out. This is not only what Nicole did today. She went in there first and gotten a staples. She brought a box in our bedroom and she opened it up. She is really good of opening boxes though, even like tags. Gosh I even can't do it at times. It seems she is stronger than me lol! What a girl again! Anyway, when I picked her up she didn't want to and just stayed in her kuyas room. I couldn't reach her up cos the bed was too big king size. Too big for one person lol! So I woke up hubby and let him know. So he went away to pick nicole up. At first she was shaking her head but daddy didn't let gets her way. She got scared when he dad start raising the voice haha! So then she get off of bed. But before going out of bedroom she looked around and wondering his kuyas stuffs on the wall, floor and each corner lol! She was laughing so hard. I bet in her mid was wondering something like why kuya didn't fix his things around lol! It looks different in our bedroom lol! I bet that's why she laughed so hard about, although it was not a big mess. Finally she got out and and went back to our room. It's not all the time she goes there in her kuyas room, just today she wanted to see things around and bring it back here in our bedroom lol! You know kids it's one of their fun.
There are her pics. I thought she looks so cute in her position. As if like a big girl. I would keep this pictures away so when she grows older I would show these to her so she will know how naughty she was haha! Caught in the act by mommy!

She is just sooo adorable little girl! Even though how hard to deal with her sometimes for being so curious into everything but she makes our day! Until now we still ask how come we have such a daughter like her! How much have we been so blessed!
One thing we laughed about her this afternoon was when her daddy read her princess collection book. While hubby kept going on and on Nicole kinda wanted to grab the book away from her daddy cos she wanted to do it by herself. While daddy keep on reading do you know what did she answer to her daddy? "I know dadday" We were shocked by her answer. As if she knew already the fairy tale stories in the books? Gosh what a girl. Her daddy just hugged her and amused of what she answered. I guess she was being silly this afternoon and hyper. Okay to let you know what story her daddy read her about was about Aladin. And hubby keep on pointing his finger to in the image picture of tiger and saying the name that this is Rajah who protect Princess jasmine but then Nicole just wanted to grab the book and so instead listening all the way, she answered "I know Dadday" haha it was really funny to hear. Gosh she is just so cute.

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