Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Almost Married

Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

My fiance and I were discussing going on a cruise one night before going on a bowling date. We set our home security alarm (adt Albany information) before we set out and the rest is history- we knew we needed to go a cruise and fast! We chose to leave out of New York and head down to the Bahamas. I was so excited I could barely stand it! We had a romantic room with an ocean view and we spent our daysby the water or in a spa and our nights dancing and dinging. How can you not love a cruise? It was like pre - honeymoon and I could not have been happier. When we got to Nassau, we went snorkeling and took a sunset cruise. The whole experience was perfection, we even considered eloping and having the captain marry us. But, I knew my mom would kill me! Instead we got dressed for the formal night and we had a blast just being with each other wandering the ship and kissing in dark corners like teenagers. Neither of us had a vacation in a long time, so, it was a great experience to have to take a break from winter and real life. I hope we go on a cruise again very soon, even a weekend cruise to nowhere would be quite a getaway too!

What a nice day

What a nice day today though, although it is a little bit chilly but bearable. I hope this kind of weather will stay for good. So many good things to enjoy outside, let the kids play at the playground, jogging, checking new blossoming flowers and trees, breath fresh air and so many more. Life is meant to enjoy no matter what how it can be tough at times.