Friday, April 20, 2007

GoOd NiGht!

Good night to you all! Sweet Dreams! See yah all tomorrow! Take care and God Bless!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's all arranged!

I finally arranged the friendslist into it's category. With the help of Juliet Boynton reminding me about that, I would have been so lazy to do it. Thanks Jul you lift me up from lazy butt lol! So guys pls check your name nalang basin malibog mo diha. It's all arranged. Although Im not sure yet if all the links been added already I have to check them twice. All the blogspots are in the Links and bravejournal groups in the Friends. So what's up to me tonight? I guess I will post it in the next entry! For now my cough is attacking me again.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My baby girl is into singing!

Talking about Nicole playing piano. I finally recognize that she has the potential of into singing. I didn't see that much when she was way too small though but now at her age at in her 20's months old she's getting more into it. I couldn't believe such little one playing her piano singing along with it while she press any keys. It's like during my choir time practicing that needs to hit the pitch. She always do it even though it's not perfect yet. She sings a lot every now and then and she's in a right tune though just except she needed to say the whole lyrics clearly but it's okay. Before I really never expect that she would get to be into singing cos I know it's not all the kid could get the talent from their parents, although when I was preggy I was dreaming to have a child who will get my talent as a singer and could develop it since I didn't improve it that much meaning doesn't exposing too much bcos of lack of time so thought I hope I could just pass this to my child. As the time goes by I could see Nicole singing a lot while watching tv and do you know she made her own song? Her first song was "Mama Mama Dadda" We were really shock how did she make it. Then not too long ago she made another one "Tada Tada" with her own version. We really couldn't believe it such young age she could make her own songs. She actually sings them constantly. There are some songs I taught her as "My love dadda my love my love dadda" which we substitute the words from "My love ballon" from watching disney channel. Anyway a lot more to say. All I can say is Im so flattered that she loves singing just like me and she really could actually sing well as I can see she has that voice. I do hope she would develop it when time comes. I always be here for her anytime she wants to expose it, I don't want to happen that being lack of support that was the hindrance of not being exposed. I still believe that parents and family is our biggest fan. I was lack of support from my mama cos I was too shy too not until I was in highschool and in college. Hubby and I were talking might we would send her to school for singing lesson to improve anything that's needed.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Rain rain!!

My gawwwd! It's lightning here and raining a hail. It scares the heck out me though, cos it's just rare that weather would come like this. Uggh what an unpredictable weather cos this morning it was sunny then it suddenly getting cloudy! I guess I would be happier rather than having snow lol! Hmm might you wonder why I always come up with the snow? will maybe bcos it always remembered since we had too much this year and I don't want it anymore lol! Well I could just get away with it if we move to a tropical place but unfortunately not lol! Although I love here in denver one of the nicest place to see! It's just the snow that bothers a lot when it's too much!
Okay now the raining is stop, thanks goodness that means the lightning is stopping too!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

My Morning!

Uggghhh Im still quite sleepy here but I had to get up before hubby goes to work. Instead of going back to bed Im checking on my pc and do some tasks over here. So far they give some opps to take. Even Im still dizzy here but I have to work for it otherwise it would be taken away from me lol!
On the other hand while typing Nicole is on my lap while playing my cell phone. She calls someboday with her own type of numbers as she could anyting to press in it. There are times she would call somebody anywhere and we would just surprised they call us back. What a shame lol! She keep on saying Hi then bye! The thing that worries me might she would call the number in PI and that cost me big time if I wouldn't know it by using cell phone. I know I should not let her play with it but what can I do she really would find a away to play it for a while then give it back to me. Maybe she know that I gonan let her work if ever we can't afford to pay the bill lol! Hahaha!
Okay gotta go guys before I would say anything under the moon here lol!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Just talking anything under the sun!

Today we were able to send the m***y to the philippines in Safeway Store. Usually their western union close at 8 pm but I guess we arrived at the right time, ugh otherwise we would go to the other stre the King Sooper on way back. Whe we've done with it hubby asked me if we gonna do some groceries but I thought I don't have any interest to go around and walking every aisle. So we just got out and asked me what I would like to eat. He would wanted me to go anywhere I would like, in my mind I would like to have some veggies though but where the heck we get it, so the options going to Panda Express but then I saw the Qdoba so I'd rather have it, I don't want chinese foods for now since we got pinoy foods yesterday. At the resto I met a pinay I thought she was a hispanic since most of people there were. Good thing she greeted me and asked me first if I was filipina. Yes indeed Im proud to be one lol! Hm Im wondering if she doesn't want me to call her as ate since I called her that way. It's just part of me that I'd like to respect a person when I see she's/his older than me. I bet I gonna ask her later. We had a little chit chat and exchange phone numbers. Hm she's quite nice although I have to get to know more of her. Im just thankful that I meet some pinay here the more I lived here. Before I thought there not much pinays around our area although it's not much as the other states but atleast there are some and also who are willing to be friended and hind maarte! Anyway I love to see kababayan though, it makes me happy but Im still kinda picky when I can see anything I don't like lol!
After that we went to Dairy Queen to have some refreshments lol! I got an ice cream and hubby got his shakes. Nicole on the other hand just share what we have got since I got big cup and so does hubby.
Okay gotta go cos Im chatting with my family back home this time

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Refreshing Halo-Halo!

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Today was great. We drove down to Filipino Store the "Manila To Go" to get some foods for my cravings. I was thankful that at 4 pm their serve was still good. I pigged out there and bring some more for home. And one great thing to enjoy was having "Halo-Halo Especial" it was indeed yummy and had a good time. It was refreshing after all and even wanting to have some more after a big cup of it lol! I told hubby to bring me every week he can since the weather will be getting too hot lol!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Back to watch telenovela

Good evening everyone! How's things going for you? Ours here is fine. Im just kinda a bit busy for doing some stuffs around here at home and watching back to korean tele-novela. I had to track back again what's new and I found some interesting lately which my friend sent the link to me. Yes indeed Im hooked up again with this drama with a little bit combination of comedy. It's kinda refreshing my mind though enjoying every part of the show. Im one fanatic of Lee Dah Hee (spell). She is really cute beautiful lady and good of handling a drama and comedy show. Her latest show is "Hello Miss" which Im still on the part 2 yet. Okay I won't talk to much about it since I still have things to do lol!
This afternoon I brought Nicole out again to have some fun in the playground and same as usual she did the slide thingy. Thanks goodness didn't do that much though since I keep on teasing her that I must have to go and she will be left all alone but seems she still didn't listen to me cos she's wanting more but instead doing more on slide she just made climbing up and down the stairway. I just gave her enough of just what I thought and got back inside.