Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Yesterday I just have done reading the novel of "Janet Evanovich" I just love the story though and made me fall inlove again. To tell you with the 218 pages I read it for one night and a day. Wow how did I make it? It's very unsual for me to finish reading such pages cos usually I took a more than a week haha. It was a miracle indeed! I guess Nicole just gave me enough time to finish my reading. I hope hubby wasn't disappointed yesterday when we went to Nicole's pedia, while was he was driving I keep reading the novel even until we got inside the clinic but when we had our dinner at Outback he said no readings. you got to talk to me lol! Hehe I thought he wouldn't just care. I guess I had to stop since the light was so dim for me to read. Now Im getting addicted and looking for more novels to read. The title I just done reading is "MANHUNT". Indeed it's a very nice story.

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