Friday, September 24, 2010

secured credit cards

Credit Cards play important role in everyone's life, especially when there is emergency expenses. To those who want to have their weddings, to build their dream homes, purchase new cars, medical bills, and many more to mention. It is not all the time we have cash in hand thus, credit cards are there to save the day. Even there is an interest rate applied for each credit card yet people are after to it, as it is very needed. I admit, I used credit cards and so far I do a good job of controlling myself. I tried to avoid to keep going to the stores not unless if I need the things. I can't dare to be drowned into debts and ruin my credit history. The secured credit cards I used are so far helping big time. You know, I have siblings to send to school and the cash that hubby gives to me every time goes directly to them. I used credit cards for myself and for holidays purposes.

My step son is planning to go back to school and I assumed he needs budget. I don't think he would still depending on his dad's help. He is all grown up and can stand on his own. He can actually apply for one of the student credit cards that has to offer which he can just pick any that suit him. He need not luxurious things for now like what he got and did before when economy was good. Today is different, economy is struggling and must know how to handle his own finances.

I think he would be happy to find these credit card offers online and can apply any time. I want the best for him and that all of his dreams will come true!

Freaked Out!

Oh boy! I freaked out because when I logged in to my blog here I wasn't able to get through. I assumed it must be the password I have changed to my youtube and it is automatically changed in blogspot account as well. Thanks goodness, I still could remember the password though. Whew! What a relief.

I am taking a break right now from teaching my child of the four seasons of the year. So far she got all that! She's inspired when I gave her the award certificate that made through online. She's very happy. Even how tiring it is to put up a time in teaching yet I am happy that my child is learning. I admit, it is not easy to teach though. It is quite challenging and hopefully I can continue this work.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Online Casinos Planet

Hi You Guys,

Have you ever played games at the casino? If you haven't yet then you should check out the online casinos planet where you cand find the most reliable online casinos. I have few friends who love to go up to the mountain where Casino is located in our area just to play their favorite games such as slots, poker, blackjack and many more. I am not sure if they already know about this online casinos yet I would love to share this website to them so they don't need to drive all the way up to the mountain and consume so much gas. There were several times they invited me to go with them and play games yet I don't feel safe at all as it takes hours to drive over there plus on winter time the snows pours non-stop. I thought, to just better play online at the comfort of my own home.

I am also a mom of a five year old daughter and I don't think it is proper to leave my child to anyone just because I want to gamble at the casino where I am a little far away. I admit, I want to win some cash prizes to be able to save more. I could only play slot machine as I am still a first timer, and the slot machine is the only game I knew so far. It is quite exciting to play though, who knows I might win the sum of money I never had before.

Let's take a look together the website which you can play your favorite games, at the

Gathering at home

Yesterday, my friend came over at home for a little gathering. We had so much fun though. It had been a long time I invited few friends over to my house just except these two close friends of mine who is visiting every now and then. I made embutido and tinolang baboy while my friends brought their share such as dried fish, leche flan, pineapple juice, watermelon and more. We pigged out though. After having late lunch we went to the Mall that is closer to our house, at Park Meadows Mall. I bought some stuffs which doesn't cost me that much. We had a good time.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

trade show flooring

Some Malls back home in the Philippines are very huge. As soon as you enter you can see many advertisements on the walls and on the hallways. The trade show flooring was one of it and I admit it caught my eyes easily even until now when I hop at the Mall in our area. It is such a great way for business owner to have this kind of exhibit to get more viewers and customers. It is pretty neat! Sometimes, I thought of running a small store on my own to have myself busy. I have been living over six years in USA yet I haven't been working out of the house. I have stayed home being a mom to my little girl and a wife. So having my own business would be a great idea, offering any kind of accessories, that would happen next year hopefully when my daughter starts going to school.

Plenty of ways to improve business aside from trade show flooring, these are trade show carpet, logo mats, logo canopy, banner and stands, directors chairs, light boxes and many more. Some people are very skeptical to have these kind of displays and tradeshow booths because they thought they are very expensive. If they only take their time and take a look at, they will be surprised how affordable those things needed for their business to grow and successful.

Just got back home

I just got home from my friend's house. We cooked different kind of dishes. I made Lechon Kawali while she did chicken adobo and fried fish. We had a wonderful time indeed at her house. After we ate we watched "Magkapatid" (sisters) and my first time to see the drama. Sharon is always the beauty even she got so big. Her beauty never fades. I thought her and Kristoffer De Leon are a great looking couple. I guess I stayed too long at friend's house. I actually couldn't wait to come home because my daughter and my friend's daughter were fighting almost every five minutes. It was very frustrating. But oh well kids are like that, they fight and make up.

Friday, September 10, 2010


When I got downstairs I saw a box from Direct TV laying by the door. It is for my step-son's package. He has Direct TV on his room while hubby and I use other type of provider. I am not sure if my step son is willing to share with us but he only gave the site where to go in case we want to switch, at He is lucky indeed to get what he wants at such young age. It would be cheaper for us if we will connect to what he has since but as far as I could see hubby doesn't want to bother him. Whatever his decision I will respect as long as it will not take too long to have ours switch soon.

I have just checked at the site and I couldn't believe what they have offered. It's incridible, because it provides more sports, more movies, more local channels, more HD and more 3D. I want to grab this LocalTV-Satellite right now to enjoy tons of shows on TV, especially my daughter who loves to just face on it. There is no day she wouldn't watch shows. It is a better change for her to be able to watch more shows she hadn't seen before. It is our chance because the offers 5 months free for all new comers. It is really an awesome deal that shouldn't miss to grab.

I can't wait to share this Direct TV I have just found to my husband so we can switch the provider as soon as possible this weekend. He sure would love it as he can watch his favorite sports on TV in high defination as it is like watching the game lively and closely. He can decide later to continue the service after grabbing the free months subscription but I believe he will not ever disconnect to Direct TV.

What a news

What a sad news I got from FB friend. Her brother died from terrible murder. I think this brother of hers was the only son and youngest in the family. Whoever killed him would pay. How can a person kill their co-human? I heard her brother's neck was cut and even alsmot fall off. I can't imagine how her brother looks like after the incedent. May he rest in peace. Although I don't know this dead person personally yet he lives in a town where I came from. The sister would come to the Philippines and attend the funeral session of her brother as a last glimpse. I hope the family has enough source of strength to face such difficulty in life.