Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Getting Antsy

Contribution by Kennith Griffin

What is it about having a child that makes you so protective? I mean, people had been telling me for years that my whole outlook would change once Jeremy came along but I totally didn’t believe them, but as it turns out, they were right all along! I feel like a totally new person now and I know my husband feels the same way. It’s so worrysome trying to keep the baby safe and not get obsessive about it – I know he wouldn’t want that! We recently had a system installed which helps me sleep better at night and we got him the safest stroller I could find on the market. Of course, we’re making all his own baby food to avoid pesticides and preservatives and most of his clothes are made out of organic cotton cotton. I know I’m going a little overboard but I’m just really thankful I’ve had this opportunity. I know many people who want babies and can’t have them so I’m glad it’s my turn!

Having Fun Playing

Two kids are having fun playing with each other. Good thing my friend's daughter is here to be my daughter's playmate. She has been asking for a little sis or bro but until now I still can't have it. Only God knows when he will provide it for us. I will wait until the end :). Anyway, no rush! Especially, we have some other things to solve. Everything must be planned ahead, not just having it because we want it. For now that my daughter is still staying at home, she can have fun with her friend. Soon, she will go to school every day and for sure she will have more fun than at home. She will meet new classmates and friends. I can only imagine how enjoyable her time at school on August.

So Stuffed

Oh gosh I am so full right now. I ate more than I should have taken. I ruined my diet tonight. I felt so bad about it. I need to dance for few minutes to get rid of the unwanted weight even for a pound. I just couldn't say no to Filipino foods that I got during halloween parties. My friends made so much food and they have me brought some and that's what I have been munching since yesterday.