Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Good Girl

Nicole is such a nice and very good girl. Every time I pretend to cry like a real cry, she would then run to the bathroom or some where, where the tissue is, so she can wipe my tears haha. She would then tell me "Don't cry mama, that is not good" She is so sweet indeed. She doesn't want anyone of us will be hurt. She is just so cute and can never get enough. Sometimes, my mind run wildly what if the she has her twin sister, it would have been more fun, more headaches haha. Yeah, there is a chance for me to conceive twins since my husband has a twin-relatives. I love twins but it is also hard to control and manage them yet they are so fun to be with.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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Shows she loves!

Nicole is having fun watching her Lola and Charlie again. Her eyes are just glued closely to the tv. She loves it so much. Most of Disney Channels' show she loves all it all. As if she would never trade it with any other Channel out there. She fell inlove how Lola has her own big brother that just a little older who takes care and loves lola all time. Poor child of mine, I know how she is longing to have an older brother that would do the same way too. Her older brother is just way too big already and don't play all the time.