Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Parents

Guest post written by Derick Burks

My parents are so hard headed but I’ve been pretty insistent upon them
learning some new tech skills. They didn’t want me to but I’ve been looking into
Boise wireless internet providers to get them home internet and I’ve already had a
home security alarm installed – a digital system – in their home. I got them a
cellphone to share and though it took a whole Saturday I taught them how to use
it and I keep telling mom I’m going to start sending her emails rather than
calling her. They’re just really resistant to new technology which I just don’t
understand since they’ve got me willing to help them learn what they need to
stay abreast of what’s going on. They’re not that old so they need to know some
stuff to really stay current and I just feel better about them being more connectedsince
they live all the way out on the farm. I don’t know much about technology, just
some everyday stuff, but it’s nice to pass it along to them.

Nice Day

Soon, I will be preparing for work again. It is going to be three more hours and will be busy once again. I woke up at noon time and had a slice of Ube Loaf Bread I got from Asian Store. It is my favorite from Goldilocks. I will have it too as my snacks later at work.

It looks like we are having a sunny day, which is good! It says we are in 50's. Yesterday was in 61 degrees F. It feels like Spring, well new season is coming anyway and I can't wait for it. Hopefully, there will be no bad storm coming in our area. I remembered back then blizzard hit April, so hoping the weather will stay like this.

Woke up at noon

I woke up at noon time and it is really good. I love to sleep long, especially I have been working hard last week. My body was telling me to take my rest and that's just what I did. I feel much better now.

Yesterday was our dental appointment. I would have liked to just stay home to continue my rest but what can I do, I just couldn't change the schedule. After that we headed to Asian Store and got some goodies and hubby treated me to Filipino foods at Sunburst Grill. I loved it! We came home happy and contented.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Army Moves

Contribution by Kennith Griffin

My husband is in the Army so we have lived in a few different states. I think I’m the perfect fit for an Army wife since every time we move I see it as a fun adventure. When we first got married we lived in Washington, DC. We loved living there since it was our first time away from home. We felt so independent and grown up. Then the Army sent us to Hawaii, which was also pretty awesome. We loved the weather there and made some really great friends. Now we live in Texas, which is also a pretty nice place to live. Coming from Hawaii, Texas is quite a shock. One of the things that shocked us about moving here was that we learned we could choose our texas electricity providers. Other things that have caught us off guard are the heat and lack of rain. It’s so crazy that we’ve been here all summer and it hasn’t rained yet! It might take us a while to adjust but I’m sure we’ll get used to it eventually. When you have lived in as many places as we have you don’t have much of a choice.

Cold day

It feels very cold in my house right now. I forgot to turn on the other heater. The reason why my back is aching right now. I tried to get my nap downstairs but the backpain kept me awake, so I just got up instead and browse through online. I am planning to continue taking my nap here upstairs after updating my blog. The bed is still mess and I think I will just leave it that way for now since I will be climbing into it soon.

My daughter will be here soon from school. Hubby is on the way to pick her up. I miss her though. I can't wait to her news from school.. lol! Later, I am going to work.