Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What a nice sunny day!

We have a nice day today in regards of weather. Wow it's indeed sunny and warmy lol! So does this means bye bye winter cool and welcome summer? Yes I know it's spring time but the heck the weather sometimes is still feeling like winter when it gets soooo cold. Just the difference the plants and trees are back to it's beautiful look as it's grown back already. Looking back the weather last winter was just way way way to much! That was the only time I experienced too much snow dropping off on us since I arrived here in US. I don't want to happen again the snow would listen well lol! I guess it's exicted once it comes for once in a while but most of the time pls no way! I would definitely get tired you and it's not gonna fun any longer.
Anyway have to move on my topic. As I have said yesterday that I gonna take Nicole out, yes I did and it was great time for her but me tiring indeed lol! cos I had to chase her away everytime she does the sliding thingy. My gowdy she is not afraid of it though, she just had fun sliding down back and fort. When I would say she has enough she would still love to climb back up and slide again. Anyway will tell some more of it and shared her pics lately after I downloaded.
THanks for taking your time here peeking.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Where is the package now!

Arrrg I have a bad mood today for some thing makes me pissed though! It's awaiting for the package that the FEDex would deliver that until now it is not arrived yet. Well actually the track was here this morning at past 8 am but then there's no delivery for us. kalagot baya! I have pending works here and there just to listen if somesone's gonna come by and drop off the package. They delivered it yesterday morning like 9 am but what the heck they don't even bother to press the door bell so I would know someone's there. Kainis gyud! They just leave some note on our door. I hate some delivery man they will just knock the door which could hardly be heard, to think there is the door bell for them to press on!
For now I keep looking back and forth opening our door just incase they just leave the box outside. Ahh what a goofy morning!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Other Bravenet Journal

Hello Everyone! Good eveningl! Hope everything is fine at your end! Ours here is just fine as usual. I would like to introduce another new Bravenet Journal Blog of mine. If you don't mind add my Blog if there still has enough space at your house lol! Pls click here guys My other Bravenet Journal , see you all!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Knows how to lock and unlock??? my goodness!

My goody! What should I do now my little girl knows how to lock and unlock our door by herself now! Gosh how come she pick it up pretty quickly. Ugh we don't have escape no more from her! It's just like almost everything she can get it right away. I bet she wanted us to buy more locker, hmm will see if she still she can reach it up. Will see!
Now she's playing our main door here in Master's Bedroom, she thought she can get away when she just wanted to walk out the door?! Woweeeweee wooowooo! I told her a while ago to close the door but she's opposing me and responding back NO with the action of her right hand, ugh! maybe she felt she's big enough already?! Hmmm will see little girl if your really can be a naughty all the time lol!
It's so funny though cos she could knock the door just like the adult does hehe. While when she's asking if you are there? it's like this waaaa waaaa waaaa! hahaha! It is so funny little girl indeed! She's started singing Twinke Twinkle Little Star which her twinkle twinkle is kol kol kol naaa staaaaaaaa! She's good in tuning though and in between the pause she has to breath deeply in to sing more lines haha! Especially she's good at the very ending in what you "aaaaaaaare" with prolonged thingy hehe! More things to say but I must end for now. I will tell some more of her silleness to my other new blog. Yes I have another one again. So aabangan nyo guys lol!
I gotta go now bring her out while the sun is still up!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Good morning!

Good morning everyone! Hope your day and ours here will be great and blessed! Here woke up early to see hubby before going to work and lurking around here in pc since he is already gone.
But wheeewwww! Im not really feeling good today as I have my monthly visitor that paid me a visit lol! goody goody it makes me really tired and just wanna stay in bed, got a little headache and my tummy feels funny though! I always feel like this everytime it comes sigh!. Okay move on!
THanks goodness the sun is up so might later I could bring Nicole out if I feel like it. I needed sunlight so my rose-plant would get back to blooming as it is getting wilty bcos of no sunlight yesterday. I put this in my altar. I felt sorry with it though! I guess we human being needed to expose also to sunlight even for sometimes to refresh us back.

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Playground looks so lovely now!

As I took Nicole outside yesterday to the playground I also had fun looking around how does the plants, flowers and trees have grown. It looks so lovely now, greeny and healthy. Looks so fresh and relaxing. I might take pics of them later and compare it from couple months ago which they are totally bald, brown and dry. This afternoon I would bring Nicole again in there since the weather is really nice today. The sun is up and I could feel the summer is just around the corner. I hope it won't go hotter though, ugh I just don't like summer here is just wayyyyyyyyy too HOT! and the funny thing is even it is already 8 pm it's still daylight hehe! I guess I have encountered which I have gone to bed and it was still daylight during summer lol!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just blabbing around!

Im kinda getting sleepy now and so I must have to head to bed real soon. Just kinda tired though maybe bcos my ****** is coming too soon. Im wondering it didn't come yet since it's already 11, it must have come since yesterday. Something delays here. One of the signs is really exhaustion and just wanted to stay in bed and sleep the whole time, well not this time anymore since I just love keep facing on my pc doing something that's fun for me. I never give up till I drop down lol! But Im being good managing my time of going to bed already since last the other night and hope it will long lasts lol!
Tonight Nicole seems very funny. She is like a tape recorder that keeps on repeating whatever she hears from us. Now most of the time she's saying Geeez, What? I don't know, I know!!, good thing without Luiz in it haha! Silly little girl When she'd like to talk she is soooo noisy as if the echo is everywhere, she'll just scream on top of her lungs but when she doesn't want to talk she'll be so quiet and wouldn't like to be bothered as if she has her own world.
Earlier I visited my Frienster page and greeted some of the mothers like me but unfortunately I haven't done all yet. Im still halfway greeting them. I will continue tomorrow hopefully. I had to stop since hubby came home and had to meet him downstairs.
Okay times up and need to think what to do before going to bed.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kinda relaxing!

Now Im relaxing after cooking, eating our brunch most especially do cleaning vacuuming again downstairs. How nice to see them being organized again. Although it was not a lot of hardwork, just bit pieces of things that dropped off on the floor. And now Nicole is taking her nap since a half hour ago which is good thing cos Im going to clean our room again by just arranging stuffs. Just too bad I wasn't able to fix the bed before Nicole has to sleep in it but it's okay I will do it later since it's not that so messed up anyway. On the other hand Im thinking of doing the laundry again which our hamper is getting full again with dirty clothes. I still have those Nicole's clothes in the drier to fold up. And oh yeah before I forget I hope I can do clean the top of the drawer which I supposed to put all Jesus image and saints. I needed to move my altar cos Nicole is destroying my arrangements on our side table. I have to put it the highest I could possibly do so she can't reach them up. Im kinda looking forward of my finish altar soon.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Good morning guys!

My goody early in the morning as Im surfing through to do my tasks in PPP but sadly most of them are all been taken already!My my my!!! I can't believe it! Seems like people were just staying all night long for the opps lol! Whoaaah I couldn't make even one for this hour so bet I will wait for more hours to have an available ones to take. Goodluck to me next time! But I love it though to think a lot of peope love to do their tasks. It's kinda fun for me to think. I couldn't imagine if just all of us gather while doing the tasks.

Anyway Im here now woke up, it's miracle that I type here bcos mostly this hour I just check through and go back to bed since it still so early. I wasn't able to make breakfast for hubby since I woke up late though hehe! So now that Im up so my little one is here beside me too thinking of what to do for her first mess lol! For now she's having fun looking at the disney channel while Ohhh & Ahhh are going on! Oh well it's "Higgly Town Hero" now. Later on we will be heading down for breakfast, seems my tummy is grueling for something or is it just a gassy tummy since our dinner was pizza. Don't know why I have this everytime I eat it and mexican food.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another round story of my little girl

This time Im chatting with my family back home while doing my tasks. Whoaaah sort of multi-tasking and also while listening the Mulan show on Disney Channel. And finally Nicole asked milk already so it means she's going to sleep real soon. Before asking a milk she had to watch tv while sitting on my lap which is tiring cos I have said before she's getting heavier and heavier everytime. My! my little girl is no longer too small. She's way too big this time. Looking at her everyday I asked myself where was my little baby that I used to hold? My how time really flies so fast and now I missed her being a very tiny one that I used to carry everytime I pick up. But now she wants to do things on her own and started talking back at us. Now her new learned words is Poo poo and I don't know. Lately I been wondering why she came up just to count the numbers the 9 and 10 which she used to count from 1-10. I finally figured out cos when we watched tv downstairs the cho cho train lady sang the 9, 10 hehe so that's where she imitated although the lady been counting from 1-10 but it some sort of grouping the numbers when she's singing it so Nicole just pick the last ones hehe!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Tired and Sleepy!

We just got back up to have our dinner. Im totally full and exhausted. We just ordered pizza from Papa John and pigged out together with hot wings while Nicole had her nuggets. Okay as I have said before that I have to vacuum this afternoon and so I was able to do it but gosh it drained me out. And now Im ready to go to bed since Im so sleepy but I have to do my tasks first before heading to bed. I guess I will do just three more then up. I needed badly rest cos I been staying up late in a row. I needed to be vigorous again to be more stronger and braver nyahehehe! where the hell my thoughts going? lol! Nah! I just don't have too much to say for now so my topic is just everywhere as much as I could thin.

Nicole on the other hand is still not asleep yet. She's playing around with her toys. I know she's going to surrender them later and ask for milk. Oh yeah speaking of her I was laughing hard when she asked me some of my buffalo wings. I told her is not good for her since it's spicy but she still keeps asking for it so I had to give her a little. Haha she has a funny reactions they way her voice as if it was the spiciest thing she'd ever tastied, her sounds is like hassssssssh hassssssssssssh! haha! but then she still keep asking for more so I just gave her the bone so she couldn't bite anything on it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Rejected & Approved lol!

My blogspot was rejected in PPP, their reason is my blog hasn't been 90 days yet. It's okay, I have known their requirements before but I just have tried to see if they really approved since I been updating as much as I could. But on the lighter note that blog of mine has been approved with the other site so Im quite happy about that. I guess I should consider other site than focusing to only one which they have opps to offer. The only thing for me now using my other blog is to familiarize how to use the HTML everytime they give me the links since it's quite different in bravejournal. I have tons of opps to take but so far I made only two for this night.

Just facing a lot in pc making my eyes a little blurry. I have to wear my eyeglasses next time cos it woudl surely help. I don't know I just don't like to wear and use it when I do work here in pc since Im a near-sighted but now I have to put it on to help out.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

A week for work again!

Good evening everyone! I hope your day today was great. Ours here is just the same. But the thing is hubby had to go back for work since today is monday, weekdays so Nicole and I have to be home and wait hubby from work. Although sometimes we could go out when there something we see or buy but it's just so different unlike weekends cos the fun would be much longer. I as I have told you I love weekends so much! Unless when hubby retires so he would spend his time with us going around and when time permits tour around the places lol! How nice to dream all about it. Isn't it? But for now I have to deal that hubby is still working and earning for a living.

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

A gloomy saturday!

Good evening everyone? how are you all doing? I hope things are doing well for you. Ours here is just fine same as usual but just except our weather today is not as good as yesterday. It was gloomy for the whole day. I woke up late in like after 1 pm. Took my meal and just stayed at home since hubby's favorite channel was on the NASCAR racing. I was kinda wondering why it held to be this day since it's always be during sunday, but unfortunately they postpone the racing since the rain pouring in so they couldn't make it. They postponed it tomorrow but Im hoping we wouldn't be stuck home bcos of that. Anyway he promise me to take out and do something before the weekdays comes. Gosh I don't wanna be stuck lol!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Hubby is Back home!

Today hubby arrived at noon. But I was kinda sad that I wasn't able to get all his call on my phone since I put the mode as silence. I didn't wanna be bothered since I was still asleep on that time. There are several voicemail of him looking for me and reminding even he was still in Houston Texas. What a poor hubby. I know he was excited on that time for coming back here to have us in his arms. He've missed us a lot just like we miss him so much. Nicole and I used to look out the window when I know he is coming cos he is always calling us that is nearing to our garage but unfortunately we didn't make it when he got home. I should have not missed it though. Hubby didn't get mad or feel bad about it but I know it's still something that we missed about. I would just make up next time. You know when Nicole sees her daddy everytime she's jumping for joy and screaming loudly as Dadda and give him a big hugs and kiss. She's such a sweet little girl.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Did some groceries at Asian Store!

When hubby came home I let him get his rest since he was so tired from his trip. Indeed he got it for long hours of napping. Poor hubby! I know how it feels being a traveler from trip even taking a plane would make us less engertic too. After he took his nap we went all the way down to Asian Store to get my food supplies. I know I didn't need them so much but then since he's asking me if me and Nicole would want to go out so I told him I guess Asian Store lol! I thought we gonna be late but thanks goodness they were still open like almost 7 pm or arrival in there. As usual the owners were kinda close to us especially the lady owner used to play Nicole, she just amazed how big Nicole is now cos the first time we met was when I was still preggy with Nicole and so until now she can see Nicole growing up and never could forget her hehe! I guess one thing she is being close to me and hubby is that she thought we buy a lot of stuffs inside their store but I guess it's not since I don't shop at their store every week anyway lol! I guess I should get what I needed and wanted. She would always say how lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband for me to get what I want. Uh oh! I guess she just said that to make my heart big and to always buy stuffs to their store lol! If that's the case if one of their big costumer Im happy to know about that atleast we help them through buying and they help us out too, just being vice versa.