Wednesday, August 25, 2010


In our master's bedroom we have two big windows. The one by the bed has still curtain on it, and the other one has none. It got naked since my daughter pulled it down and never put back again. My daughter did that when she was small and didn't understand things around. You know babies and toddlers just want to grab anything they can hold on to. I told hubby that I wanted to change the curtains to blinds for window coverings to have it looking more sophisticated. And blinds are easy to clean up unlike curtais need to wash from time to time as it absorbs dusts. Blinds I can just wipe it off with wet cloth, I think. Right now I am browsing through the site of, the UK's number 1 for shutters and blinds. I like the styles and colors of their blinds and the costs are affordable. I need to se aside budget for this and hopefully to get this as soon as possible in two months time.

If I could save enough for our window coverings downstairs will be great. The neighbor beside our house got blind coverings on her windows and I love it, it looks very elegant. Thanks to her for giving a nice idea.

My daughter and I...

My daughter and I just got upstairs from having our late snacks tonight. Hubby told us he made a special treat for us so we went down and checked what was that about. It was actually a orange jelly he put in the wine glasses. It was pretty neat though. At first I thought it was still liquid and skeptical to touch on top of it. However, it was already soft to touch and ready to eat. Nicole and I had fun sharing it with slice bread. That was a special treat indeed and we loved it especially we hold back buying those desserts as we tried to avoid it. We are trying to cut back our diet. Oh boy! Having it tonight was like I haven't had any dessert for ages hahaha. I really hope that will not gain me so much weight.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

dedicated server hosting

I felt bad that my blogging revenue this time is not doing as good as when I started. Because of the economy crisis my little business online is affected big time. I really wish it will come back again soon as I am eager to earn thousand plus dollar per month. Until now I couldn't believe how things have fallen down, seems everything looks expensive and I worry if I spend the way I did before. I slowed down on shopping. Fingers crossed that one day everything will be back to normal so I can have extra to pamper myself most especially to save for emergency expenses. I was thinking I might switch to dedicated server hosting so my website looks better and can attract more viewers, drives more traffic so advertisers would keep giving me more opportunities to write. That's the only way I could think for a better change because the top dedicated server web hosting companies can do a much better job and at affordable price. I will talk to my husband about this soon. We could both browse it at

Therefore you guys who are looking for the place that offers the best dedicated server host at such great price, you should browse through at

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Picked me up at 10 AM

My friend picked me and my daughter up at home at past 10 AM. She called me first while I was still in deep sleep and dreaming weird thing. I had to wake up hurry and brush teeth and change clothes before she arrives at home. I wasn't even able to fix our bed or clean a little. I am embrass when someone gets to visit at home while I haven't clean the house. We made inun-unan, Filipino Spaghetti and tinolang baboy. We had such a great lunch. We actually cooked sphagetti later in the afternoon as we couldn't wait to have our lunch. We had two dishes to serve on the table which were enough to feed our hungry tummy, especially me I hadn't had breakfast . Before we proceed cooking the last dish, we went to post office, my friend had to check a box for the laptop she will be sending to the Philippines next week, store to pick up some good stuffs for our kids and walmart as she was sending money to her family. Then went back home after doing business at the last store. We directly made the spaghetti and unfortunately it didn't turn out the way we want it. The noodles weren't tender enough, a little hard and my friend put too much nestle cream in it. However, I still asked to bring some home it might be good in the morning when it cool in the ref.

We took our dinner before heading back home though. I hurriedly washed the dishes to come home as hubby must had been waiting for me downstairs. I felt a little guilty for coming back home late but I explained to him.

That is my day today!