Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Costumes and Jewelries!

It is already Thursday and yet I haven’t gotten a Halloween costume for my daughter. I guess you can’t expect much to a mom who doesn’t know how to drive yet. It has been putting off sometimes now and hoping there is still some good Halloween Costume at our favorite store for my four year old daughter. On the other thing for us Adult my friend asked me why not wear our own costumes as well (mothers) so it would be more fun to celebrate this coming Sunday. I thought that was such a great idea. I really haven’t wearing a Halloween Costume since I came here in USA. I wanted to try that too. Since hubby will be late for tonight I guess we don’t have time to go to the Store since the weather is bad. Snow is everywhere. It is better to check Toddler Halloween Costumes and Adult Halloween Costumes online at They offer such a wide selections any kind of costumes there are in the net. And I even couldn’t believe I would be saving huge amount upon purchasing some. I can’t wait for my looks this year and for my daughter. She wanted to be Princess again.

Aside of Celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming. What do I want these coming holidays? Guess what, it is Jewelries. It has been a long time since bought some. I love wearing them and despite of economy crisis I still could get my favorite style at at such affordable price that is really unbelievable. All shoppers could get jewelries for up to 81%. Can you imagine that? So guys, check out also if you are into jewelries. Enjoy the huge saving right at this moment!

Father and Daughter Bonding!!!

Before I don’t like so much Hannah Montana Show since I just don’t like her although I like her songs. If not because of my daughter I would have not watch any single of her show on Disney but in the long run I am loving her show and herself as well, especially she and her dad bonding. They are so sweet together. I know how Billy Ray is so proud of her eldest daughter that is very talented and gifted. I can relate their situation to my husband and daughter when they spend together. So cute and priceless!