Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Allan's World

You may wonder who's this guy Im going to talk about. I bumped to his Journal and he is into sports and although he loves music as well. Browsing through his blog he talks a lot more about sports. His entries are quite interesting and have wanted me to read more or visit his sites since he gives more informations about all this thing. I've never such an avid reader of sports although I love to play volleyball and tennnis lol!. So guys if you are into sports too and music you should check his website Now! He is quite kinda cool guy and his blog's name is Allan's World which his real name is Allan Cheng. I bet he is a chinese living in Canada. He is our good fellow postie. May he keep is journal up!

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achengy said...

Haha nobody seems to get my ethnic background correct. My parents were born in Cambodia and they came to Canada after fleeing Pol Pot. It's the name that throws everybody off but cheers and thanks for the post!