Saturday, June 26, 2010

bathroom cabinets, bathroom taps

How nice it would be if we keep updating our bathrooms. It is the second cozy area for me to spend time soaking myself, feeling better after using toilet, where I can beautify and more. I can't imagine without it. My house wouldn't be complete LOL! And for sure I will not live in the house without bathroom. I feel more comfortable and excited upon using bathrooms at malls, restaurants, doctors' clinic and houses I visit when they look great and updated with the new modern style.

Our bathroom cabinets at home are just fine. Not too old as well. We bought the house 7 years ago and cabinets are still looking good. If we have extra money we might go for new model cabinet. For now I feel fine having those around. I have some priorities in life to do first. When things fall into its place then I will grab the chance to update around the house.

Our bathroom taps are still looking fine as well. I can't remember if hubby changed it since we bought the house 7 years ago, when it is also being built. I admit I love changing stuffs around to look more exciting and be proud of it! I know where to get them when I am ready, at that carries huge selection of bathroom vanities and accessories in high quality materials at low costs!

Hope not!

Oh gosh I hope I am not getting any sore throat. It starts aching right now though. There are many kind of virus going around this time. My little girl is a healthy kid but few days ago she was being hit by the fever and slight cough. Thankful she didn't get any sore throat or tonsilitis. She is already recovered and healed. I am not a sickly person and too rare to get any kind of allergies. I make to the point that I clean the house good so nothing can be the caused of sneeze and coughs. Hopefully, this coming days I will clean again. Lately, I couldn't do it as I have some parties to attend. The house is not so messy so it is still okay to live in the house HAHA!

I will drink plenty of water tonight to get rid of achy breaky throat LOL! I am getting so sleepy in here!

Total Health and Well-Being

I just came from the crewfish party and had so much fun with my friends. I got nothing to do after browsing through my Face Book account and my yahoo mail. I was thinking of going straight to bed but when I stumbled into the site of it got my attention and made me stay here longer to know more about it. The Oasis Advanced Wellness was founded by Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP in order to help meet the needs of those looking for natural alternative healt care without using drugs, surgery or even radiation. I think this is really cool site. Honestly, as I arrived here in USA any kind of drug medicine is doctors option to take to be able to recuperate and heal. Sometimes I get scared that every time I feel something drug dosage is the answer. I want to learn something new which is the information that totally educates toward the goal of total health without taking drugs. The Oasis Advanced Wellness is introducing amazing products that works great like the Oregano Oil that content vitamins and minerals, promote digestive health and promote as an anti-microbial. This also used with foods to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

Learn about Bio D-Mulsion, as this will help to the people who are lack of Vitamin D. Their Vitamin D is micro-emulsified to enhance absorption. I honestly need this because I don't get to have sunshine every day as I am very lazy to go out sometimes plus not to mention in winter time the sun is rare to come out strongly. I actually learned a lot tonight! The Oasis Advanced Wellness is worth visiting for!

Crawfish Party

I had fun today. My married couple friends held a crawfish party at her house. My close friend and her husband picked me and Nicole up here at home. I was glad! They actually dropped me back home as well. I owed them much though! Anyway, as I walked into their house I could smell the Filipino foods were served on the table. Jocelyn made plenty for us. I also got to meet another two Filipina. The crawfish came after an hour as Jocelyn's husband cooked it and served it hot. It was my first time to try such seafood and it is good. I thought it only needed salt while boiling it. I got some as take home for my husband. We had fun pigging out different kind of dishes and singing with the new found Filipina. She has a nice voice as well. The rain poured and kids were having fun playing in it. I forgot to bring extra clothes for my daughter. I wasn't really expecting for rain shower.

We came home almost 10 PM. I had wanted Nicole to take a bath but she refused as she's already very tired. I was worried though she might catch cold or something. She just got recovered from fever and cough. Right now she is sleeping. She talked a lot of things to her dad before falling asleep!

That is about my day so far!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

eye glasses

I wouldn't know what to do without eye glasses. Without it I am blind. I couldn't see steps farther away. I wore eye glasses since when I was High School. Although it irritates me when I am working but I couldn't dare to just leave them behind my desk or in any corner of my house. Eye glasses are my bestfriends wherever I go. I am a near-sighted person so whenever I go out I always wear it. Especially here in USA no one can drive if needed some vision correction. Eye glasses are a must otherwise you can't go anywhere. You are like disabled person!

It has been our genetic to have blurry eyes as we grow older. I only hope my daughter wouldn't get the same thing. It looks like she has a bright round eyes. I make sure she eats good foods and sleep good in night time. Sometimes I think about of eye lasik but I need to know more about how I qualify. Honestly, I dread having eyes surgery. For now I will keep wearing my eye glasses. Eye lasik is just my last option. Oh well, my eye glasses had been so good to me and I look gorgeous on it HAHA!

I just want to share to you guys out there, if you are looking for the cheapest yet high quality eye glasses browse through at the site of for they are carrying such a wide selection of eye glasses that fits everyone's style and budget!

Following her own mess

Thanks goodness my daughter is following what I said about putting the coins back in the basket after playing them. She is getting mature though! It is not all the time l follow her mess. I don't care she doesn't clean perfectly, as long as she knows how to follow it. I don't understand why mess is such a headache to see LOL! When I was small my mom use to tell us clean up and I am thankful about it because I have learned. I am always a mama's good follower. I clean, cook, and do laundry back then without using any of those automatic washing machine, high tech rice cooker, stove and more but we survive. Of course these high technologies came out in this modern time help a lot as it is became handy.

And oh I am also good of watching kids LOL!

The Hills Season Finale

Use Blog Title: The Hills Season Finale

This was written by guest blogger Kay Carrion

In order to catch my favorite show, The Hills, I had to go to my friend's house and watch it on her satellite TV from Luckily, she was happy to have company for the fourth season finale. We had both followed this show from beginning to end, and this season finale was all it promised to be.

As always, suspense, drama, and romance filled every corner of the hour long event. This was Lauren's last season, and we all knew that, but we did not expect the introduction of Kristin at the end. That was a total shocker! The wedding, the rumors, the friendships, and the re-introduction of Kristin blew us both away!

Many of the girls on the show were previously on "The O.C.". It has been interesting to see the girls change and grow into the women they are today.

The only major problem with watching the season finale is that I simply cannot wait for the next season to begin. Once again, this season, season five, has been rumored to be the final season of "The Hills". I guess we'll have to wait and see.

New Layout!

I am very happy to find a new layout in here. My old one had been staying for over a year and I didn't know what to replace it not until I have bumped this new one. Isn't it cool to the eyes! I just love it and hopefully the other free hosting site would add more to choose from so the viewers will not get bore easily visiting the page. I really am happy and contented to see my new layout! Layout can do amazing things as it can make the user inspires to update often and visitors to view every day. Don't you just agree? I have this other blog that looks dark, I hope I could find something that is appealing to the eyes. It is a little bit hard to read topics when the cover is dark.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Best Deals on The Best TV

Television plays important role in life as it gives entertainment shows there are to offer locally and internationally. I can't tell how many channels we have here in our cable, if I guess it reached up to 200 plus. I will ask to my husband as soon as he gets home from work. To tell you since I have been working on the internet I don't have much time paying attention to TV not unless when I go to kitchen and eat for I watch what husband's watching. My husband and daughter are the ones who keep watching TV all the time. However, lately I came across some of the shows that interest me very much about these American Pickers and Pawn Stars. They are awesome shows that are entertaining me so much knowing all the histories of the stuffs from old centuries. It is really enjoyable to view the favorite channel that is on the TV and I wouldn't know what else would interest me if these two shows weren't included. I guess I must have continue facing myself on computer and where I get some information in my daily life. As I browsed through online I have stumbled that helps every viewer, as they will show all the list of the local options that best fit for everyone's needs.

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She is taking a nap

My daughter is taking a nap right now while I am facing online. She needed rest as she is not feeling well since last night. She's running a fever. Hope she will feel a lot better soon. I just can't take a nap as well since I have to watch her though. I thought I will just do laundry, I still have some clothes in the dryers waiting. On the other hand hubby just called me awhile ago and said he is on the way home from work. Nicole will miss to see him when he gets home. She's often meeting her daddy at the doorway.

Right now I have to finish laundry before another dirty clothes piles up again! Have a great afternoon everyone!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Carries all lines of insurance

Wherever we are any kind of insurace is a must or else life would be miserable to find a lump sum amount of money to be able to pay the huge bills when things go wrong for house repair, car repair, health medical bills and most especially the life insurance. Right now hubby and I watch this "Deadliest Catch" of crabs in the middle of the ocean. There had been crew died because of the huge wave hit over their ship. It is really heartbreaking to see, how much more to their family who is being left behind? It is the amount for family's protection. Like needing an aunto insurance and haven't gotten yet, you guys should browse through Connecticut auto insurance for they can find you the lowest possible rate auto insurance there is. Their agency is carrying all lines of insurance.

You might want to check their Connecticut annuities offering on their page. This place has been in business for over eleven years by the Paradiso Insurance Agency. If you wonder where it is located? It could find on Standford Springs Connecticut. I actually use to have a neighbor back home who resided in Connecticut with her family since a year ago and this is the perfect insurance agency to introduce to them for their need.

Any kind of insurace to choose from like if they look for Connecticut home insurance at affordable price. Home is a shelter where everyone rest during day and night and when something goes wrong with it especially when any of the calamity hits it is such a huge burden if no enough savings for repair. So what are you waiting for guys take your chance now browsing through the site of ParadisoInsurance.Com

Watching American Pickers and Pawn Stars

Hubby and I are watching this American Pickers on TV. I love it how these two business men looking for antiques with histories in it. It is really amazing how they could identify things from olden times and its history. It drives my interests while listening to them. I understand now how some of the restaurants here are built-looking antiques because it's the history that's highly valuable to the new generation feel the comfort from olden people who used it. If they say about antiques there are tons back home LOL! Later on we will be watching Pawn Stars and it is another kind of show that gets my attention and know all the history being brought to their shop to sell or to pawn. Most of the stuffs are being sold! I said to my husband he should have kept those memorable stuffs at the garage before to have them here and make money out of it LOL!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Safety and Pools This Summer

This guest post written by my friend Erika Sturdivant

If you have ever had a swimming pool you may be well aware of the dangers there can be that accompany the pool. Swimming pools can be a great deal of fun but they also carry a great deal of responsibility especially if you are the one who owns the pool. For the sake of your own children it is of utmost importance that an adult, supervisor or lifeguard is always watching the children like a hawk while they are in the pool swimming around. No matter if they are outside for five minutes or five hours they should not be for one second left unattended in the water. Anything can happen while they are swimming and someone always needs to be there to make sure that everyone is safe. It is also important to have a home security alarm installed as part of one of the ADT security packages in Reno on the gate that is on the fence surrounding the pool. If you do not already have a gate with a fence you need to get one by law. The security alarm on the gate stands as an extra measure to notify you and the police in case a little tot from the neighbors house comes wandering over and decides to push it open and take a swim on their own. This alarm will prevent any possibly fatal accidents.

I can't complain!

Boy! These two love of my life are wearing me out! It is Father's Day and I think my husband is taking advange of it by getting up the bed without fixing it thereafter LOL! And my daughter that made my husband became a father did such a big mess LOL! I just can't complain HAHA! I love these two so much and I don't care how wear out I am going to be. Loving family is unselfish act!

Until now, I am still very thankful for having my husband in my life. He is there to support me, despite of the problem I am going through right now, he is there to lend his helping hand. Without him I wouldn't know what to do! I love you baby with all my heart and soul! I know everything will be done in no time. Thanks always! Happy Father's Day!

affordable life insurance

Back then that I don't know about any insurances there are to offer I just didn't mind to it and I thought why would I care? I realized how much any kind of insurances play vital role in our lives. I know no one would think about death or any major injuries to happen but life is unpredictable and it is beyond our control when things happen. I am still knocking on the wood that no harmful things would happen to me and to my families. It is indeed dreadful to think about that but we must face reality things happen any time. Since I have a daughter of my own, I am thinking of her future, her protection in case of emergency. To every family I introduce this accident and illness insurance is a great chance to grab because we never know our future. It is better to be secured having accident insurance so in case of emergency we will no longer worry where to get the huge sum of money to pay medical bills and such.

Other thing a must have is cheap funeral insurance as we don't want our kids to be burdened for funeral expenses. You know what? Back then I used to get scared when I talk about this issue but as I get older I understand how things work. We don't own our lives, even how much we take extra careful, what about others who don't care willing to take high risk? It is already too much of losing someone but adding problem where to get money for expenses are frustrating.

I have actually found a place that offers the very affordable life insurance at They provide a wide range of personal insurance products, a life insurance package by adding a range of option covers that includes for your children, serious illness and permanent disability and any accident may occurs. So many options you can avail, all you have to do is browse through their page especially to all Austrilian residents.

Celebrated Father's Day at...

We celebrated Father's Day yesterday at Mexican Restaurant. I know it was kind of a little early to celebrate which is the day before Father's Day. I felt bad for I haven't gotten anything for hubby as a present even he really doesn't care about it. Giving him something is still can make a difference, to make his day brighter. Right now, I want him to just do anything he wants as it is HIS DAY. This morning he made breakfast four our daughter and for himself and they watched show together as a father and daughter bonding. It was really cute. My husband just loves his family so much and that is what I am very proud of him. It is the biggest blessing in his life and could never trade in with anything.

I wanted to greet him more here on my blog. Happy Father's To You my beloved husband! You are the best dad in the world!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

sports betting

I am a stay at home mom and sometimes I just feel isolated and how much I wanted to go out. I even whine to my husband that I need to drive soon so I can just kick the gas pedal and go everywhere I want to go to entertain myself. However, I felt great after stumbling this sports betting online where I can do fun thing such as betting to my favorite sports. It is not only I could win prizes by betting but meeting new friends online. Especially now that I need to save more money, who knows through betting that is how I could earn and save more. Not only I can bet to my favorite sports but also I can play poker and casino online although I don't know much about these games. However, I don't need to worry that much since the staffs are there to help and guide all the time.

I have known some friends who love to go to the mountain to just play at the Casino place. I must introduce this site to them so they don't need to drive up to many miles away from their houses. This saves time and energy as they will just sit at the comfort of their own house to bet and play online. It is just easy to join by signing up and deposit enough cash to be able to bet and win! This actually excites me though, in fact I already signed up and soon I will play! I have something to hook again this coming days LOL! You guys out there should join and enjoy life!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In her dream

My daughter woke up, cried and was looking for me. She must have dreamed something again. It is weird how the things came back to her sleep and dream on the day we do especially to the things that I opposed and she would cry. It took her awhile to cry, hubby and I let her cried out as she needed to because even how much we comforted she still kept crying. I laid her down in bed with me and rubbed her tummy until she fell asleep. Last night she also woke up and cried.. in the morning I asked her why she cried in her dream.. she said her friend smacked her. Poor little girl. I told her it is okay, it was just only a dream and it didn't happen.


A fun day!

I am so tired right now from strolling at the Mall, visiting at the Park, got home then went to my friend's house. I told to my husband I am tired and he said that I must be since I was out since 1 PM and got home at 9 PM.

At the Mall my friend looking at the stores that are hiring. I guess she wanted to go back to work again after her one month and a half vacation back home. I assumed she got tired staying at home as she used to work before taking a vacation. After strolling at the Mall for over two hours we decided to go to the Park to let our kids play. I wasn't really willing but I just had to nod when my friend said about the Park. The reason is I didn't want my daughter exposed under the heat of the sun as she already had burn on her cheeks and nose. The sun was too much to bear. My daughter cried as she wanted to play but I told her she should wait until the sun would go down. I let her lose after five minutes of waiting as the sun suddendy shut down, then went back after few minutes. Oh well I just let her play but made sure she wasn't facing at the sun. Then drove home to get dried fish, rice and other stuffs as we thought to cook at my friend's house.

Yes, I had dinner at my friend's house. We grilled pork chop, chicken adobo, and fried fish. We indeed had a good dinner and watched one movie and one drama of Maala Ala Mo Kaya.

After the drama was over my friend took me back home. Now I am here at home updating.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


She answered it all!

I am kind of a little sad right now because the homework that my obgyn gave me yesterday was already filled up by my daughter. Yeah she wrote anything on it like answering all the questions in the blank. She didn't understand but she just had fun writing anything on each question. I called hubby right away to let him know and if he could do something about it like print out new pages. I was worried that what's written on the blank will be copied on the new papers. But I am glad that hubby will take care of it, meaning there is a way out. My daughter was asking sorry while crying. I understood and I couldn't stay too long to be mad at her. She was worried I was mad at her. Poor little girl. I reminded her to not touch things don't look familiar to her. Ask me first before do anything else to it. She nod and back to being a happy toddler. Right now, she is ripping papers off. She is like a shredder lol! What makes it more fun to her is she puts pieces of paper in a dry flower base and pour out in the trash. What a shallow happiness lol! I love her so much!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

email host

Last night I asked my husband if he still can renew my other old website but unfortunately it was already taken. I should have renewed it back then. Because of too many website to handle I forgot to check it. This time I always make sure all of my sites are always being checked before expirations. I don't want to regret again. However, I might get another webhosting provider that also offers email host since I need this for my little business. Yes, I have found it right now at the which is the WebHostingPad the Best Email Web Hosting Provider of 2010. In fact it has won numerous awards and recognition for the continued efforts to provide top quality service to all customers.

Finding a reliable one is hard to find, so if you are also looking for dependable Web Hosting Provider you shouldn't go further because is the right place to browse through. I actually wanted to avail sooner for my brothers and sisters, friends and relatives so they could start a little business online. I am glad I stumbled this site and check through it. I couldn't find a better place than at the

So guys what are you waiting for check out the page now!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Splintered Finger

Last night as I was arranging stuffs underneat the sink my second finger on the right splintered. It really hurts! I thought the piece of wood under the skin wouldn't come out anymore as it was really kind of deep plus I couldn't see the tip to grab. What I did is pressed it so hard many times and with the help of my husband. He picked it with the tweezer. It is a little infected right now but it isn't too big and bad. I didn't bother to put alcohol last night as I thought it looked okay. Hubby was right and I should have listend to him. I still could imagine the feeling of pain when the piece of wood is coming out. I didn't care the pain at all as long as it would come out. What a relief to have that pulled out!