Monday, September 29, 2008

collision repair yorba linda

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Where is the sun now?

Oh! Oh! Where is the sun now? It seems hiding behind the clouds. It looks like the weather would change from sunny to gloomy. Oh well, whatever that is going to be I still would enjoy working on the computer and the household chores. I need to finish laundry soon as possible so I can fold them and put them away.

On the other hand my daughter is still enjoying playing her piano from her mommy Mai. Soon I gotta give her bath so she smells fresh.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

reverse phone directory

There has been an annoying call since before I got back here in USA. My husband have told me about that when I was taking vacation in the Philippines. Now, I can hear it everytime and see "unknown or unavailable number that has been calling every morning, noon and night time. We don't answer and don't call it back because we don't know where it is come from. So the connection here upstairs is unplugged by my husband so he can't hear the ring anymore. We both have been wondering where it is come from, but we just don't know how to trace it. Just now, upon searching through the net I have found a great tool on how to find them. It is the reverse phone directory from To look up owner's name and address by searching their city, state, line type, phone carrier, since their number is appearing on phone bill. Now, they will be caught in no time. So if you are also out there who have been annoyed by unwanted callers, search through them now at

Been gone for so long

It has been so long since I made a post in this blog. Yeah, I felt so sorry for this. This blog had been built up with the help of my friend Juliet because I don't know much about blogspot. I know I should keep up this blog but because of a lot of reason, this has become abandon to me. I hope that I will keep coming back for more updates. It is unfair if it is only other blog I can be able to update.

I am not sure of you here knew I have been gone for a vacation, four months vacation back in the Philippines was all great. Now I am back in USA, alive and kicking for more updates. That is also one reason why I couldn't make an update to every of my blog. So I am here again trying to be active. I hope you guys would still keep coming back to read my articles here. Have a great night!