Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nikon Black Friday Promo

For sure, a lot of people have had gone to the store and bought their special stuffs for themeselves during Black Friday. I, really didn't wake up too early for an early bird shopper, I waited until the afternoon so I will not fight for crowds around me. I was with my great friends and shopped what we need at such a great deals indeed! I know not all people have gone to buy the stuffs they wanted and need for such a hectic schedule and some other reason. Therefore, if you are one of those who haven't shopping yet, especially for your favorite hunting gear, I recommed you to visit this website at where they offer such a big sale of Ultimate Hunter's Package that contains, ProStaff 3-9x40 Riflescope with BDC Reticle, ProStaff Laser Rangefinder, Silent Technology Rangefinder Case, Mastering a Long-range shot with BDC DVD and the $50 NikonProGear Gift Card that you never had gotten before. And not only that, they also expanded their gift card promotion on so many hunting gears. You guys would love to grab that great package deal of Nikon Black Friday Promo with a special presentation from Lee and Tiffany Lakosky which can be seen at their website. So hurry now check their website for you to see how great their deal is. The only place you could save for $144.90. Great indeed!

Lovely Snow for today

I just love to see our surroundings right now because it is all covered with white powdered snow, although that is a real thing that fell off from above LOL! I thought to take photos of it soon while it still lasts. The coldness is just bearable, so I am thankful for that. I love snow but it is not going to be fun when it is around all the time. I also need a break from that, so hoping it will not snow more on the coming days. Maybe on Christmas day? Hmmppp... My fingers are tickling right now to finish my entry to I can go out and enjoy taking snap on that beautiful thing SNOW!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

auto body

To those of you who are looking for a fix auto collision repair experts around your area, you should check into this website at where they have the best auto body shops. The quality of their work is just beyond your expectations. So what are you waiting for, start browsing through their website now for your auto body repair.

This weather making me crazy!

This cold weather is making me crazy. This keeps me staying in bed to keep warm and just sleep all day and just be lazing around. Don't know what to do anymore cause every time I got out of bed my eyes seems closing up for more sleep even it is already too late. And the bad thing is who can watch my daughter if I keep staying in bed? It is hard to fight this sleepiness in my head. I hate winter, why this kind of season exists! Whoaaah this going me nuts now! I better stop talking non-sense here? I don't think it is a non-sense thingy, I just want to vent out my frustrations how I hate this kind of weather.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

She has the initiative!

I can't believe my little piglet is a great help at times. She has an initiative to put a plastic bag in each of our garbage can after we took out dirty loads. She did it since last week but I just kind of ignoring it, but tonight was so cute. She took a plastic bag in the kitchen and brought them back here upstairs and start putting them in. Oh how sweet! I hope she will stay the same as an obedient child even she is kind of naughty sometimes LOL! This time she is helping her daddy to bring those dirty garbage out of the garage because garbage truck will pick it up tomorrow morning.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

tactical pant

My brothers in the Philippines have been asking a tactical pant from me. They love to receive stuffs from USA because of its high quality. It is imported stuff to consider to send it to them. Since it is going to be Christmas soon, I thought to give away as a Christmas present. I know how they love to receive tactical pant each one of them. I am thankful with the where they are offering such a low prices plus the big discount to pay less than its regular price. Really cool! So, if anyone of you who are looking for the tactical pant store check their website now. You will be stunned how great the quality of their pants or clothing that you can never see like those in any other store. It is a great chance to grab some to be able to save purchasing any stuffs at this website. So, If you also would like to join their network, you can add links since this clothing website needs links.

Good morning

It is so cold here in Denver right now.... I miss the warm days though. I have wanted to stay in bed and just have a good time but I have this little piglet to take care of. I gave her breakfast with the foods I cooked last night, the adobo and rice with juice. Now she is happy go lucky little kiddo. Watching Lola and Charlie on Disney Channel. She had wanted to stay downstairs to watch tv but I don't like it in there beacause no one can entertain me might I just fall asleep in there too while Nicole is watching her favorite cartoons. Upstais is I have my computer to keep me wake. She is on my back sitting on my chair.