Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Malaysian Blogger

I have found a great and friendly blog site let me say our co-bloggers like us. She is a Malaysian blogger, a mother like me, got 2 adorable kids. She's looking for linky love from some of you guys and of course Im included already lol! Hope she considers me as I would love to. I have just been to her journal/blog and I just love it cause I can relate as we are the same parent, a mother and I love to share things being as a mom. Her kids gave me smile. Such a cutie indeed. So guys please check out this wonderful new friend I have found. She's looking for new friends. Please welcome her as she is there to welcome us too. I bet she she is referring this name to her daughter as little princess just like my daughter as we used to call her our little own princess. Surely Im going to visit her blog more often and exchange links to her. Once again please welcome her!

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Au said...

hi dauph. i was looking for your shoutbox, i couldnt find it. thanks for leaving a comment about my Mama. she's still alive. she's 84 and still strong.pero naa siya hypertension karon. i really wish she lives forever but know. ayo-ayo diha sa imong raket. maayo pa ka. bye and tc.