Thursday, July 19, 2007

Looking forward

Im looking forward to go back to LA though since I would like to explore one more day before heading back to Colorado. Hubby said our flight will be on saturday but I asked him if he can change the flight since I would still love to go around in LA. He said he will try that out and Im hoping there is still a chance. Even until now I still couldn't believe I was able to drive by at the Beverly Hills were popular actors and actress lived there and also in Hollywood. It's like a dream came true to me. It's like was I just only dreaming?! Pinch me! pinch me! but please not that so hard lol! I told hubby to go back there since I would like him to take some photos of me that area because I only just taking the pictures of the views without me since hubby was driving so I only took care of it. I would like to have a picture with it. You must understand what I feel though lol!

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