Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Hubby is home now since an hour ago. I knew it since he told me on phone when I called him this afternoon in his office. He volunteered to cook "linat-ang baka". I hope it turn out just the way I wanted. What makes him doing it? Well, when we were inside goldilocks he thought he can make the beef soup we ordered just the way they cooked it. We will see hubby if you really can lol! I guess so since the soup they served weren't a lot of veggies in it, so I guess it's pretty easy for him to cook it.
Nicole is doing pretty good but I gave her tylenol this noon. She was kinda a little hot so I gave her that right away to make the fever go back down. She's been sleeping for 3 hours already might she'll continue sleeping though. I don't bother her to wake her up cause might she will give a fit for not having a good nap.
I went downstairs to check hubby and went back up here since she was still asleep. I don't want her crying looking for me cause no one is by her side. So here I am now facing the pc while watching her sleep. It's a good thing I make an update before Im not too busy with her yet.
Guys good afternoon to you all out there. Enjoy your dinner!

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