Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Moving Company!

I know moving is really a hassle, stressful and exhausting thingy but if you guys have a help from this moving company things will get things easier for you. I know how hard is to be in the situation of moving because I encountered to that although it was just only temporarily when hubby sent out to New Orleans from Denver. Hubby should asked him from them during that time so we can save a lot of money instead of leaving things behind. A lesson to learn.

Got Headache!

Nicole and I just got done with out dinner. We had rice, fish escabeche and pinakbet. I also had to eat cause I got headache must be because I ate a bit this brunch and also the lightning gives me headaches. How does it happened? I don't know maybe because I was so scared the noise of lightning. It was really aweful and later I am going to take tylenol. I'm just glad that Nicole didn't get scared for the thunder and lightning noises.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

One of the most thing I dreamed of is going to Paris. I guess everyone is dreaming to visit this place. For me I just couldn't wait to see the Eifel Tower and take a lot of pictures in there with my family and for some place else to visit that I could have lots of fun. I have heard lots of people that it's really expensive of going there and that needed to prepare financially. Especially if we don't have family, relatives or friends that we could stay. The only choice is having a hotel accomodation. So thinking about that could be too hard in the pocket for some. But you should know guys that there are some cheap hotels you can stay but of course a beautiful hotel and popular ones. This Hotels in Paris which I have found is just way affordable so you shouldn't get so worried to where you stay at because the is there for you help you out which could meet your needs.

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I'm so happy to have found this website because this would help me a lot and to hubby when we have our hotel reservation when it is our turn to go Paris. Instead of spending so much money on hotel I could spend the savings to shopping. It is really nice to shop while on vacation, anything I could bump of I can buy with the money that we gonna save. So if you guys haven't found any good deal hotels yet don't look no farther check this out the ParisHotel for your reservation. You have come to right place.

Nice weekend!

Last night I got done watching "Devil Beside You" a Taiwanese drama. Pretty awesome! I love it. I just love the gal and guy love team since they made a very good looking couple. Anyway I stayed up late to watch it and got to bed like 2 am. I woke up too late at noon. I felt so relax because hubby was there to help me out watching Nicole over while I was still asleep. Nicole did a good job by not disturbing me. She was just playing and entertaining her dad while facing on the pc. Hubby was so good telling me if I would like to sleep more just stay in bed. I am so thankful for that since that's the only time I could lend his time every weekends. I told him I have to get up and go out. Continue things to be done.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Boat Angel

Are you there guys having trouble with your stuffs like boat in there at your property just like sitting in the corner that makes you confused how you are going to do with it? If you haven't known to do with it, how about donating your boat? Even it is not running anymore but Boat Angel can do something about that for you. By donating your boat, you can help a lot of needy people who are less fortunate around in USA. Not only you could help to others but they can help you too since you can receive a deductible tax. Don't you think it is a great idea? So guys if you are thinking of donating your boat, is there for you all the time to pick your boat for Boat Donations. Boat Angel accepts boats and yachts from partner charities from across America. They are very selective about the charities that they serve. You choose the Charity you want to benefit from your old yacht, boat or trailer. So what are you waiting for Donate your boat now for the people who needed your help with the Donate My Boat is a saviour and angel to less fortunate. God Bless Your Heart! If you have known some friends or your relatives that have a boat that is not running anymore. Let them know about this Boat Angel who are there to help there boats for them.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Busy WEEK!

Golly it is been so long of last post. I was just kinda busy at my end and didn't get any chance to update. What I have thought is roming around to all you guys and visiting to let you know I am still here even I don't update that much. This week has just been so busy for me since it's going to be my daughter's 2nd birthday. I hope this going to be blast since we prepared for it and hoping for the expectant to come on Nicole's party at the park. Her birthday will be tomorrow, August 16, 2007 but we postponed her birthday party on Sunday so our friends can come over cause that's their only available time so we all managed the time.

This is all for now guys. I just couldn't say more now because I am still so busy with my daughter. I will put her to sleep as her nap time. I just gave her bath and right after this gonan give her bottle of milk so she will be going to sleep and me at the same time will do the house works.

Thank you everyone for always dropping by here. I will pay a visit to each one of you soon.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Car Donation

I was so touch when I got here in USA because there is a bottle or small container in some various restaurant for donation even just a single dime or dollar. Just thinking of even a dollar per person can help thousands of people. God Bless their heart for donating heartily and thinking other people's lives to live better from hardship. I saw few people around here in our area and I felt really sorry for them. It breaks my heart because it's not easy to be like their situation. Nevertheless to say it's nice to donate something so they could have foods to eat everyday and some other things they are needed in life.

To all of you out there have big hearts, thinking of donating your stuffs to charity especially your car please contact this place at with their telephone number at 1-800-227-2643 with Car Donation in Los Angeles. They are serving partner charities across America helping the orphans, single mothers, teen and adult rehab, prison reform, educational materials, and homeless. Please contact them as they will pick your car up anytime. With this Donate My Car in Los Angeles we could save a lot of hunger, homeless people everywhere in USA. So guys please start browsing their website now and donate your car in L.A. Car Donation.

Staying Up!

It is already so late here but I still stay up. Well, I took a long nap this afternoon that's why my eyes of mine are still wide awake. So what I did is just making my tasks that haven't done yet but I can't do all of them tonight since there are still some few have left. I needed to go to bed soon so I can get my rest as well. Nicole had been gone sleeping for a half an hour already. She didn't go to sleep early because we took the nap together. The weather here in Denver is cool that's why it's nice to stay in bed and snuggle.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Phelios games

Have you guys been bored lately and wanted to play games online? You should check out this website for any kind of game you can play. I just been to their website and my! There are tons of game you can choose from. You surely not gonna run out of anything from their games such as mac games where you can see different kind of games you want to play. So guys what are you waiting for visit their webiste now at for mac games and also rpg games. The place you can ever get the games you ever wanted. Enjoy!

Had So much FUN!

I finally was able to upload the photos from my friend son's birthday party. Nicole just had a good time playing anywhere in the corner lol! Baloons and balls were her favorite. She didn't pay any attention to foods even I fed her. She turned her head and just went playing. She is very sociable type and just would sit together with kids and also running around. Hiding and Seeking. She never wanted to stop playing and just wanted to stay.
Here are some of her pics:
This picture she was looking for me and telling the little boy the other attendant of party that I am her mama. Look at her expressions sooo cute indeed! With baloons in her hand.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

More pictures sulod sa palanggana. She looks just like a model in here. Had so much fun.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

James and Nicole playing together with the baloons. Dako kaayo ngisi ako anak oi!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


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Silly Girl

My little girl is silly for some reason everytime she sees the butt cream, butt wipes and lotion she will then look around rolling her eyes on me if I am watching her. If she sees that I am not eyeing on her she will reach any one of those then hide anywhere in the corner like going to the other side of the bed which I could hardly see her, going to back of her crib, to the bathroom, behind the chair. I caught her so many times. She is so wise for doing such thing to hide somewhere when she is doing something which is against me and her daddy. She is silly and so cute. When I asked her what is she doing she will then explain on top of her lungs into chinese words lol! with the motion of her hands too. And the most funny thing with her expression this is time when she cover's her mouth with her hand say "Oh No" hehe so really cute as if a big girl.

Nursing Bras

During my time of breastfeeding my baby I was lucky enough to have all things needed especially I was Ceasarian. To tell you without things you needed like breast bump and it's accessories, nursing pillows, nursing bras and many more are just hard to keep up with lactation. All new mothers really needed all these things espcially nursing bras, it was a such a great help for me. To all moms out there who are expected and already a mom out there that haven't shopping yet for youself please browse through at for all your needs. One of the best shopping online store. So go ahead start browsing NOW!


What an early morning for me to wake up at 8:00 am? I just stayed up last night downloading and uploading photos as much as I could. There are stil lots of them to be uploaded and hoping to do them soon. My Nicole woke up earlier than me and I just felt someone is calling and touching me when I opened my eyes there she was holding some biscuit inside the zip lock but she did eat some already since I could see it in her mouth hahaha! So cute. She didn't let me sleep more. Do you know what she did? She opened my eyes, grab my hair and anything she could think of just to stay wake up and get up hehe. She is really funny and so cute. I asked her if she want to have milk to I made one of her in her sippy and she's done. I love it when she says "thank you" very polite little girl. After giving her a milk I checked emails and webcam if hubby is still on hehe. Yes I viewed him all night long. That's how I missed him or each other lol!

Skincare-MD AUGUST 2007

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So Tired

I was so tired and fell asleep in bed. When I woke up my back hurts, this must be from working so hard last night doing the laundry. I haven't had my lunch yet but sooner I gonna go downstairs.

Oh yeah I would like to apologize for you out there guys that I haven't responding you yet because I was too busy lately and I didn't feel good too but my offline messages will pop up right on to your window when I get a chance.

On the other hand hubby just called me a while ago that the plane has already landed and he is on the way to get his luggage in luggage section. He's gonna call me again when he is on the way to the hotel at Hilton to where he is gonna stay. I am thankful that they arrived safe and sound.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Weather Widget

It's been part me of knowing how's and what's the weather each day. And now I am grateful to find a weather widget for my blog and I will put it up above my blog as soon as I finished writting this. I love it the fact that I could easily track up the weather everyday that stop me looking at the other webiste which is very hassle because I needed to do things before I can see the weather update. So guys please check this website out to Get your free weather widget and personalize your blog. Just so easy generate your code and it's ready to attach on your blog for weather update. It would be nice to share this to all of your friends out there too and let them know about this weather widget. Have fun guys!

So Tired

I was so tired and fell asleep in bed. When I woke up my back hurts, this must be from working so hard last night doing the laundry. I haven't had my lunch yet but sooner I gonna go downstairs.

Oh yeah I would like to apologize for you out there guys that I haven't responding you yet because I was too busy lately and I didn't feel good too but my offline messages will pop up right on to your window when I get a chance.

On the other hand hubby just called me a while ago that the plane has already landed and he is on the way to get his luggage in luggage section. He's gonna call me again when he is on the way to the hotel at Hilton to where he is gonna stay. I am thankful that they arrive safe and

Sunday, August 5, 2007

David Weitzman - Cosmic jewelry artist

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Saturday Event

We were too busy today. We went to my friend's birthday party for his son, the 2 years old buddy. It was a sadden decision we go there since my friend was waiting for me. It was too hard to say that we can't attend the party since it's already late. In the morning hubby forgot about it which Im not sure though since he said I didn't tell him that there had party is going to attend. I understand him also because he was too busy that morning, it was his son's 18th birthday as well and they went shopping for the gifts. Which for sure his mind was pretty occupied especially they went back to the store couple of times because the item they got inside the box were broken. When he got home he was too tired and have wanted to take a nap. I told him if he really can't go but he changed his mind to go and take his bath first but you know he wasn't in the good mood to really go. My mind thought that maybe I shouldn't just go since it's already late and I didn't bother to prepare since I don't feel good that hubby wasn't feeling good at all. When hubby got out of the bathroom he was asking me if I was ready. I was in the middle of confusion so I just called my friend that we gonna be late so she responded it's okay and she will wait. I changed Nicole's clothes, me and for hubby. We left our driveway at past 3:35 pm. I thought of calling Mai for the second time if she can make it but I just didn't bother her since she was too busy with the two guys mowing their loan. So hubby and I went straight. Our planned was just to drop by the gift but since it is not a nice idea so we just stayed instead. The place wasn't that so far but when we got there some people were there already. I was so happy that Jocelyn and her husband were so understanding. The food was great. Most of their visitors were white americans and mexicans lots of kids so Nicole had lots of fun too. Nicole didn't eat because she was so excited to play. We stayed there for 2 hours. When I see outside was gloomy I told my friend that it's about time to go home because I had wanted to go to Saloon as well. So we went off at past 6:00 pm. When we got to Saloon I was too sad cause they were going to close already. I didn't like the idea since this place is pretty far from our house but hubby is willing to drive me there. I just felt bad since I wasn't able to make my hair done because we were late. I just couldn't find the better place for me to have my hair done other than that saloon run by mexican people. I hope there have one closer to our area. I just couldn't wait to have my hair done cause my hair is dry and frizzy. I needed to do something with it. Anyway I will just take more time to flip over the pages of hair magazine what kind of style I really want so there will be no regrets later. This saloon is really great. I would not just mind even how far it is as long as they can do something.

On the way back home the rain poured so we just went straight home and now hubby took his nap.

This is all my news today and hope you guys had a great time spending your time with your family. Take care and God Bless!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

American Fantasy Football League

Are you out there guys looking for a place to form a fantasy football team? You shouldn't miss the website I am going to share with you all because you this website would pay out hug prizes you never had before when you form a fantasy football team. So start browsing this website now and Join the game for you can win a big cash up to $100,000 for grand prize championship. So don't loo no further than because huge array you can ever get of joining this American Fantasy Football League. Isn't this amazing site? You could only not having fun with the game but can also get a cash you have been wanted for. The great opportunity that shouldn't be missed out.


My little girl is up now and she is by the window looking out waiting for her daddy. Yeah she loves her daddy so much and always looking forward every afternoon seeing Him outside coming in the garage. She is that sweet to her daddy. The sweetest thing as what hubby commented. Yes she is. She is both mommy and daddy's little girl. When me and hubby sitting each side she will come to us and be in between. She makes him feel happy everytime hubby comes home because she's always there waiting for him by the window or by the kitchen door she always open it up for her daddy to come home. I dreamed this when I was still preggy and told hubby that there must be a little thing that would wait for him to come home every afternoon. It's just so cute and still can't believe it is really happening since Nicole was born.

Better Living With Hypnosis

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Unwanted Suitor

Why did I came up with this topic? Well it has something to do with the korean I watched the last time. There is this guy who looked alike with the unwanted suitor I had before. But this actor in korean drama is just way too handsome, it is just they have similarities on their face, eyebrows and eyes and mouth. Looking at this guy in the drama it reminds me of him.

Way back then this guy is just our neighbor. He always visiting to our house talking to my mama and everyone else of my siblings including me some times. I didn't know that he wanted to curting me. I didn't like the idea he likes me since I don't like him to be because he is always drinking alcohol and smoking. Yikes! No way! When I knew he likes me I tried to avoid him especially when he visit to our house. My golly! It was the worst nightmare I've ever had. I always scared of him because he is not going back to their home not until he can see me. I tried to hide so many times and he will just only wait my appearance even how late in the evening it is. I was like crazy before that everytime I gotta hide it's like Im panicking and don't know what to do seems I couldn't find the place I could hide even inside my room it's like it's not a safe place for me anymore hehe! One time when me and my sister came home from the other town he was already waiting in our terris so what I did I had to turned going to the back of our house I fell on the mud and was so dirty because I was panicking on that time again. I dodn't know why I hate to see him really as if he is a bad guy for me. To tell you everytime my family sees me panicking they will laugh so hard and they will tease me and I tease this guy back to them that this guy don't have crush on me but to them just to make me less fear. Before I step in to our yard I would always asks my siblings if he still there waiting otherwise I would just stay at my aunt's house lol! I even asked to God that time why me? lots of girls out there why he bumped on me I don't like him hehe! Yikes he even got jealous when someone is calling me on the phone. Who is he? my boyfriend? yikes! He would always bring something for my family so they would like him, but he is so wrong because they don't like him too. He should look for a girl that fits him not me. My sister would laugh at me everytime I hide under with so many blankets. When I think back of falling in the mud because of him it makes me mad. Since then our friendship got broken because of his intentions.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


It's been a long time hubby and I haven't been to theater to watch any movies because of our little girl who is still too young to bring in the theater worrying might she will disturb a lot of people while the movie is on, but I have found this comedy movie Superbad which is pretty funny. I just had watched the video trailer at youtube the Superbad. I had a hard laugh watching at these three guys being silly. The other one is using a fake Identification McLovin hehe. You should take a peep with these 5 video clips of Superbad at youtube because for sure it's gonna give you have lots of fun by watching it. And guys please don't forget to check this website out at for your favorite ringtones and downloadables wallpapers and buddy icons. This is one of the superb comedy movie I've ever saw in video clips. I would tell hubby about this since he loves comedy movies. We might be looking for a baby sitter to watch our daughter for couple hours, so we may be alone to watch this comedy movie or bring her since this is comedy cause for sure people would be laughing and wouldn't mind the noise of a little child and to tell you my daughter already can appreciate some of comedy show haha, so why not just bringing her. This is going to be so fun to watch. Guys you shouldn't miss this movie this is highly recommended to you all. This would be more blastful if you gonna bring your friends with you. So don't foget the show will be on August 17 on theater. So don't miss out! Have a great time!